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  1. Welcome right now we're not too focused on planning mostly because you can't buy air or events tickets. Danny can help you with planning but I can answer question 1 1.There are many flights to Rio and Sao Paulo from Texas. I know there is United from Houston and American from Dallas. You could also go to Miami too.I think Danny said it's cheaper if you DON'T go non stop 2.I don't know maybe you could work for OBS. Anyone know if he could
  2. Finally saw when they play the highlights on CBC todays it's from 4 to 6 EST right now
  3. There is a long article devoted to the topic above on ESPN.com it and the comments is a must read
  4. Been in Toronto a few days no mention of the games when I've watched CBC. What am I missing?
  5. I have a idea but I'm not sure if a lot of people are interested. Basically you take the role of a olympic broadcaster and plan how to cover the games. So you decide stuff like what event is on what channel, who will be the annnouncers, etc. What do you guys think?
  6. Where can one watch in the United States of Murica Sorry should have looked at the broadcasting thread
  7. I'll be out of town for the next couple of weeks so see you guys later Hope you guys enjoy the final Go Germany

  8. Like I said before when the BPL was on free chinese TV there were 300-500 million viewers but then they sold the rights to pay tv Like I said before when the BPL was on free chinese TV there were 300-500 million viewers but then they sold the rights to pay tv
  9. No Howard OR Ochoa for golden glove? That's lame all the argentina guy did was save two terrible PK shots. Neuer sat on his ass all day the whole time. Terrible finalists
  10. Damn I really thought Mark Geiger would get it
  11. What if they suddenly announce they are going to use Candlestick Park. It's possible but does it meet IOC requirements? The basis is they keep pushing back the demolition date so maybe there trying to figure something out
  12. I said this earlier the 2010 Olympics Gold Medal Hockey Final was very devastating because after they tied it I thought they would win. Domestically when the 49ers lost their playoff games the past few yrs it was sad but easy to get over because their was always next season. Summer Olympics related it was sad when the USA lost and Michael Phelps did not get another gold medal etc. Like I've said before I went on a cruise the 2nd week of the olympics and never watched any part of that week nor have I watched the Closing Ceremony so that year was not very special to me (Sorry I enjoyed the small parts I watched). It did suck to not watch it
  13. 3rd highest Men's WC game ever in viewership for ESPN 10.77 million I don't think that's the 3rd highest though has to be a few more higher than that number of course you must account for those watching in pubs
  14. Well I don't know if anything can be better than yesterday's match but hopefully we have a competitive match today Netherlands vs Argentina Arena de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil 17:00 HEAD TO HEAD: NED 4-3-1 GOALS: NED 13-6 OFFICIALS: Referee: Cuneyt CAKIR TUR AR1: Bahattin Duran TUR AR 2: Tarik Ongun TUR 4th: Jonas Eriksson SWE
  15. No they just have TV's that you can change to the channel you want
  16. I was in the dentist office and they showed the interview with David Luiz it was very sad he kept saying sorry
  17. Spend hundreds maybe thousands to go to the game why would you leave and waste money you can walk around get food etc That's what I do when I'm at a blowout
  18. O wow there was a thunderstorm in Rio so they power in the ESPN studio is mostly out so they have to broadcast from the Men in Blazers Panic Room only 2 people can fit no reaction from Ballack or Sliva
  19. Can't wait for halftime to see the reaction of Ballack and sliva the german and Brazilian analysts
  20. The only time I think I've could possibly feel the way Brazil is the 2010 Olympic Hockey Final against Canada I was devastated
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