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  1. Well it's day 4 of 17 and another great day of action MEDEL STANDINGS 1. NOR 7 2.NED 4 3 USA 4 4.CAN 4 5. RUS 4 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi time Alpine Skiing Women's Super Combined Downhill 11:00 Women's super Combined Slalom 15:00 MEDEL Biathlon Men's 12.5k pursuit 19:00 MEDEL Curling is back ! Men's Round robin session 1 DEN V CHN GER V CAN SUI V SWE RUS V GBR Already under way Women's Round Robin session 1 CHN V CAN SUI V USA RUS V DEN SWE V GBR 14:00 Men's Round Robin session 2 SWE V GBR CAN V SUI USA V NOR DEN V RUS 19:00 Freestyle Skiing Men's Moguls Qualif 1 18:00 Men's Moguls Qualif 2 19:50 Men's Moguls Final 1 22:00 Men's Moguls Final 2 22:35 Men's Moguls Final 3 23:10 MEDEL Ice Hockey Women's Group A USA V SUI 14:00 FIN V CAN 19:00 Luge Women's Single Run 1 18:45 Run 2 20:20 Short Track !! Men's 1500m Heats 13:45 Ladies 500m Heats 14:27 Men's 1500 Semifinal 15:04 Ladies 3000m Relay Semifinal 15:35 Men's 1500m Finals MEDEL 18:05 Speed Skating Men's 500m Race 1 of 2 17:00 Men's 500m Race 2 18:55 MEDEL As always Discuss and Enjoy the Games
  2. For the cord cutters it matters can't believe they think they should get everything for free
  3. If you want a laugh go to the NBC Olympics twitter page press all tweets and scroll down it's really funny
  4. No medel for him either shouldn't the good guys go last
  5. Aksel gets 3rd wow that's the olympics
  6. Not true they are underway Also yes Bode is 15 out of 50 Svindel is 18 There on 9
  7. Wow what a great 1st day Current Medel Count 1.NOR 4 2.CAN + NED 3 4.USA 2 5 AUS+SWE 1 sliver 6.CZE 1 bronze Schedule Sochi time Alpine Skiing Men's downhill MEDEL 11:00 Biathlon Women's 7.5km sprint 18:30 Cross Country Men skiathlon 15km classic+free 14:00 Figure skating Team Men's free skating 19:00 Team Ladies free skate 20:05 Team Ice Dance Free Dance 21:10 LAST EVENT FOR MEDEL Ice Hockey Women's Group B SWE JPN 12:00 RUS GER 17:00 Luge Men singles run 3 18:30 Men's single run 4 MEDEL 20:30 Ski Jumping Men's Normal hill 1st round 21:30 Final Round MEDEL 22:35 Snowboard Ladies Slopestyle semifinal 10:30 FInal MEDEL 13:15 Speed Skating Ladies 3000m 15:30 Discuss
  8. CURRENT RESULTS SPOILERS (maybe) USA 3 FIN 1 Men slopestyle finals 1 Kostenberg USA 2. Sandbech NOR 3. Mcmorris CAN Ladies Skiathlon 1. Bjoergen NOR 2. Kalla SWE 3. Weng NOR
  9. Hello friends I have just come back from a basketball game and currently watching the OC but here is the 1st day schedule All times Sochi SnowBoard 9:30 (already started) Men slopestyle Semi Finals Ice Hockey 12:00 Women's Prelim. Round - Group A USA vs Finland​Snowboard 12:45 Men Slope style FINAL (1st medal) Cross Country 14:00 Ladies Skiathlon 7.5 km classic and free MEDEL Speed Skating 15:30 Men's 5000m Hockey women's CAN vs sui Freestyle sking 18:00 Ladies Moguls qualif 2 Biathlon 18:30 Men sprint 10k Medel Fiqure Skating 18:30 Team ice dance short Luge Men single run 1 18:30 Figure skating 20:10 Team ladies short Ski Jumping 20:30 men normal hill qualif round More to be posted later Discuss
  10. FINAL RESULTS DAY MINUS 1 Men's Slopestyle QualificationSandbech Piiroinen Toutant Nicholls Parrot Tonteri Thorgen Braaten To the final Ladies' Slopestyle QualificationDerungs Bright Obrien Rukajarvi Gassar Anderson Koenz Shorr to the final Ladies' Moguls Qualification 1Kearney The 3 Dufour sisters Outtrim Laffont Galysheva Uemura Robichaud Rakhimova to the final Team Standings Russia Canada China Japan Germany France USA Italy Ukraine UK
  11. Poor Bob Costas has a pink eye from the water
  12. Well sadly I must go to bed we'll watch rest on NBC primetime tomorrow Keep the thread going see you in the coming days GO USA
  13. Sure I'll be honest I not a big fan of Resse but her Oscar Performance of Walk The Line was amazing. She made the character likable and played her well
  14. If your somehow into Men's Downhill Training that is starting in 12 min NBC and CBC should have a live stream
  15. Yes The men's will be on for quite a while There in run 2 of the 1st heat
  16. Try using a VPN Also I feel bad for the snowboarders who don't make it. Do they get to stay the rest of the games if they want to?
  17. http://tenplay.com.au/sport/sochi-2014/how-to-watch
  18. My stream is Excellent Not one buffering at all. It's funny because it's the OBS broadcast but you can clearly hear the NBC and Russian broadcasters in the background. There is a 30 min free stream but of course you should save it for your favorite event
  19. Coverage On NBCOlympics.com has started Excited! Billy Morgan has started The 2014 Winter Olympics are under way !!!
  20. Today's Schedule All times Sochi Snowboard 10:00 Men Slopestyle Qualification 14:00 Ladies Slopestyle Qualification Freestyle Skiing 18:00 Ladies Moguls Qualification Figure Skating 19:30 Team Men's Short Program 21:10 Team Pairs Short Program USA NBC 8pm Canadian 6am CBC UK Red Button? Discuss Here
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