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  1. Day 6 MEDAL COUNT 1.RUS 34 2.GER 4 3.UKR 11 4.AUS 4 5.JPN 5 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Women's Slalom 1st Run underway 2nd Run MEDALS 12:00 Cross Country Skiing Only the finals I'm putting on Men's 1km Sprint Final Sitting 13:48 Women's 13:57 Standing Men's 14:06 Women 14:15 Visually Impaired Men's 14:24 Women 14:33 Ice Sledge Hockey Classification (5 to 8) ITA V SWE 16:00 CZE V KOR 20:00 Wheelchair Curling Session 9 underway Session 10 CHN V FIN SWE V USA NOR V RUS 15:30
  2. Day 5 MEDAL COUNT 1.RUS 24 2.GER 3 3.UKR 7 4.AUS 4 5.JPN 5 8.CAN 6 9.GBR 3 12.USA 7 (no gold) TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Everything RESCHEDULED why?? Biathlon ALL MEDAL EVENTS Women's 10km Sitting 10:00 Men's 12.5km Sitting 10:48 Women's 10km Standing 13:00 Men's 12.5km Standing 13:20 Women's 10km Visually Impaired 14:30 Men's 12.5km Visually Impaired 14:45 Ice Sledge Hockey Group B KOR V ITA 9:30 USA V RUS 16:30 Group A NOR V SWE 13:00 CAN V CZE 20:00 Wheelchair Curling Round Robin Session 7 RUS V SWE GBR V FIN KOR V SVK 9:30 Round Robin Session 8 NOR V GBR SWE V SVK CHN V CAN USA V FIN 15:30
  3. Day 4 MEDAL COUNT 1.RUS 17 2.UKR 6 3.JPN 5 4.AUS 3 5.SVK 3 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing ALL MEDAL EVENTS Women's Super G Visually Impaired 10:00 Standing 10:20 Sitting 10:55 Cross Country Skiing ALL MEDAL EVENTS Men's 20km Classic Standing 10:00 Visually Impaired 11:00 Women's 15km Classic Standing 12:55 Visually Impaired 13:20 Wheelchair Curling Round Robin Session 5 KOR V RUS FIN V NOR USA V CAN CHN V SWE 9:30 Round Robin Session 6 SVK V GBR KOR V CHN CAN V NOR RUS V USA 15:30
  4. For those of you interested the Rio 2016 Volunteer Process has been released 70,000 people are needed You Must be 18 by May 2016 Have completed Middle School Education Must Be available for Entire games and selection process Benefits Food during Workdays Transportation Online Language Courses Full Uniform Exclusive Gifts Exclusive Training Sessions Certificate of Participation (ha) You Must pay for your airfare AND Accommodation (too bad) Timeline August 2014 Registation Begins 2014 Value and Language Test 2015 Face to Face and group Interviews (so you likely might have to go to Brazil for this) Live Training and E training Test Events 2016 Approval in selection Process There you go anyone planning to apply
  5. Day 3 MEDAL COUNT 1.RUS 12 (dang) 2.GER 2 3.UKR 5 4.SVK 2 5.JPN 3 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing ALL MEDAL EVENTS Men's Super G underway Cross Country Skiing ALL MEDAL EVENTS Men's 15km Sitting 11:00 Women's 12km Sitting 13:30 Ice Sledge Hockey Group A CZE V SWE under way CAN V NOR 14:00 Group B USA V KOR 17:30 RUS V ITA 21:00 Wheelchair Curling Round Robin Session 3 underway Round Robin Session 4 CAN V SWE FIN V SVK GBR V KOR 16:30
  6. Alright guys Here's how it works There is 8 days in the paralympics 5 Sports Alpine Skiing Biathlon Cross Country Skiing Ice Sledge Hockey Wheelchair Curling TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing ALL MEDAL EVENTS Women's Downhill- Visually Impaired 10:00 Standing 10:15 Sitting 10:35 Men's Downhill- Visually Impaired 10:50 Standing 11:10 Sitting 11:50 Biathlon ALL MEDAL EVENTS Women's 6km- Sitting 10:00 Standing 12:00 Visually Impaired 13:05 Men's 7.5km Sitting 10:25 Standing 12:15 Visually Impaired 13:44 Ice Sledge Hockey Prelim Group A CZE V NOR 9:30 CAN V SWE 13:00 Group B USA V ITA 16:30 RUS V KOR 20:00 Wheelchair Curling Round Robin Session 1 KOR V NOR CAN V GBR SVK V USA RUS V CHN 9:30 Round Robin Session 2 NOR V CHN SWE V FIN USA V KOR CAN V RUS 15:30 Last but not least Prayers to MH370 Hopefully they will be found
  7. Opening Ceremony about to start Too bad I'm leaving for school but I got it DVRed. Never watched a Paralympics so I'm exicited
  8. I am from and still live in San Francisco Yes many people live in San Francisco that work with tech and they take shuttles to get there a big controversy here as they use Public Bus Stops. Sillcon Valley and San Jose are2 both located in Santa Clara County and is NOT a suburb of San Francisco Then I look back on this Thread and realize your also from here but that's my opinion on this matter I also will say much to much my dismay I don't think we Could Do it. Too many people we call Nimby's that would oppose it and cry and scream
  9. http://www.rio2016.org/en/news/news/work-starts-on-rio-2016-olympic-velodrome Another Rio 2016 competition venue has begun to shape. This month work started at the Olympic Park in Barra da Tijuca on the Rio Olympic Velodrome, which will host track cycling events at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in two years' time. The first phase of work includes preparing the construction site and laying the foundations. The venue is scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2015. The start of work means the velodrome follows into construction the Olympic Halls and the Olympic Tennis Centre, which are also in the Olympic Park, and the Olympic Golf Course, which is nearby, still within the Barra zone. The velodrome will become a crucial part of the main sporting legacy of the Rio 2016 Games - Brazil's first Olympic Training Centre. Together with the three Olympic Halls, tennis centre and Maria Lenk Aquatic Park, the velodrome will form the most modern base for the training and accommodation of high-performance athletes in South America, as well as enabling Rio to host top-level sports events for many years to come. With 5,000 permanent seats and 800 temporary seats, the velodrome has been designed with accessibility in mind, to be welcoming for people with a disability. The project will obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which promotes sustainability in construction. This year, work will start on two more Rio 2016 competition venues: the Olympic Aquatics Stadium and Olympic Hall 4, the latter of which will host handball during the Olympic Games and goalball in the Paralympic Games, and then be dismantled and its parts used in the construction of four public schools. There will also be important advances in infrastructure works this year, with the inauguration of the Transcarioca Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, a 39km corridor that will link Barra with Rio International Airport, and the start of work on the Light Rail Transit (LRT) network that will connect Rio's main bus station with the domestic airport, revitalised port area and the historic city centre. Some other new news http://www.rio2016.org/en/news/news/the-carioca-carnival-will-make-way-for-sport-at-the-sambodromo-during-the-rio-2016-games http://www.rio2016.org/en/news/news/argentina-will-vie-for-unprecedented-gold-in-hockey-at-the-rio-2016-games-albeit-without-s http://www.rio2016.org/en/news/news/brazil-has-best-fans-in-the-world-says-new-zealand-rugby-captain-as-sevens-event-gives-tas
  10. We are 892 days till Rio 2016 and 925 to the Paralympic Games. Use this Thread for General Discussion on the Road to Rio
  11. O Sorry on there website here http://www.rio2016.org/en/the-games/olympic/event Under tickets it says 7 million tickets 3.8 million tickets will be under 30 bucks to popular competitions such as Athletics, Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming, and Volleyball Our Goal is to achieve full stadiums and foster greatest celebration of the sport. Also it says 2 million tickets will be less than 20 USD
  12. Nothing it's going to be a while until you get news about tickets there going to be cheap though
  13. NBC will have an unprecedented 52 hours of coverage including 27 hours of LIVE coverage The opening ceremony will be LIVE on NBCSN at 11am ET with a replay on NBC the next day at 1pm
  14. Good job to Canada on their win have to wait ill 800 pst to watch Closing Ceremonies Thanks NBC So the Paralympics start on March 7th what are you excited for
  15. Meanwhile America sleeps I don't think anyone is going to wake up except hockey fans plus there rebroadcasting it at 10am so no point really to stay up till 3:30am
  16. Yes I'll start a Paralympics Thread on Monday NBC is finally going to have 52 hours of coverage
  17. NBC will rebroadcast whole game including pre game show at 10am
  18. Here is a separate thread for the game I think i'm choosing Canada to win this one
  19. Well hard to believe this is the last day of the games. Just like to say first Thank You for welcoming me on the forum and I will definitely be back occasionally to give my thoughts on Olympics Bids and other topics. MEDAL COUNT 1.RUS 29 11 Gold 2.USA 27 3.NOR 26 11 Gold 4.CAN 24 5.NED 24 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Cross Country Men's 50km Mass Start Free MEDAL 11:00 Bobsleigh Four man Heat 3 13:30 Heat 4 MEDAL 15:00 Ice Hockey Men's Gold Medal Game SWE V CAN MEDAL 16:00 Closing Ceremony 20:00 Enjoy the final day of the 22th Olympic Winter Games!
  20. Welcome to the final weekend of the games and what a games it's been and yes even with USA's Hockey lost I will continue to watch MEDAL COUNT 1.USA 27 2.RUS 26 3.CAN 24 4.NOR 22 10 Gold 5.NED 22 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Men's Slalom Run 1 16:45 Run 2 MEDAL 20:15 Biathlon Men's Relay 4by 7.5km MEDAL 18:30 Bobsleigh Four Man Heat 1 20:30 Heat 2 22:00 Ice Hockey Men's Bronze Medal Game USA V FIN 19:00 Snowboard Parallel Slalom Qualif underway 1/8 Finals Ladies 13:15 Men 13:27 Quarterfinals Ladies 14:03 Men's 14:09 Semifinals Ladies 14:30 Men's 14:33 Finals MEDALS Ladies 14:46 Men's 14:50 Speed Skating Ladies Team Pursuit Semifinals 17:30 Men's Team Pursuit Finals MEDAL 17:51 Ladies Team Pursuit Finals MEDAL 18:14 Have a great day Discuss
  21. Well it's hard to believe we're in the last 3 days of these Olympics . I am a little disappointed by USA's lost to Canada but if we lose tomorrow I'll probably quit watching the rest of the games MEDAL COUNT 1.USA 25 2.RUS 23 3.NED 22 4.NOR 21 10 gold 5.CAN 20 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Women's Slalom Run 1 16:45 Run 2 MEDAL 20:15 Biathlon Women's 4 by 6km Relay MEDAL 18:30 Curling Men's Bronze Medal Game CHN V SWE 12:30 Men's Gold Medal Game MEDAL 17:30 Freestyle Skiing Ladies Ski Cross Seeding 11:45 1/8 Finals 13:30 Quarterfinals 14:05 Semifinal 14:25 Final MEDAL 14:41 Ice Hockey Men's Playoffs Semifinals SWE V FIN 16:00 USA V CAN 21:00 Short Track Men's 500m Quarterfinals 20:30 Ladies 1000m Quarterfinals 20:44 Men's 500m Semifinals 21:13 Ladies 1000m Semifinals 21:21 Men's 500m Finals MEDAL 21:43 Ladies 1000m Finals MEDAL 21:53 Men's 5000m Relay Final MEDAL 22:18 Speed Skating Men's Team Pursuit Quarterfinals 17:30 Ladies Team Pursuit Quarterfinals 18:23 Men's Team Pursuit Semifinals 19:13 Enjoy the Games GO USA BEAT CANADA
  22. Only saw the end's of Kim's performance and resulting reaction was there a fix I think so
  23. Not many sports today but many BIG high profiled events MEDAL COUNT 1.USA !! 23 2.RUS 22 3.NED 22 4.NOR 20 5.CAN 18 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Curling Women's Bronze Medal Game GBR V SUI 12:30 Women's Gold Medal Game MEDAL SWE V CAN 17:30 Figure Skating Ladies Free Skating MEDAL 19:00 Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Cross Seeding 11:45 1/8 Final 13:30 Quarterfinals 14:05 Semifinals 14:25 Finals MEDAL 14:41 Ladies Ski Halfpipe Qualif 18:30 Final MEDAL 21:30 Ice Hockey Women's Bronze Medal Game SUI V SWE Women's Gold Medal Game MEDAL CAN V USA 21:00 Nordic Combined Team Gundersen LH/ 4 by 5km Competition Round 12:00 Cross Country MEDAL 15:30 Enjoy the Day
  24. We are now in the home stretch of the olympics and we have the big hockey quarterfinals today featuring Team USA, Canada, and Russia MEDAL COUNT 1.NED 20 2.USA 20 3.RUS 19 4.NOR 18 5.CAN 17 TODAY'S SCHEDULE Sochi Time Alpine Skiing Men's Giant Slalom Run 1 11:00 Run 2 MEDAL 14:30 Biathlon 2 by 6km Women + 2 by 7.5km Men's Mixed Relay MEDAL 18:30 Bobsleigh Women's Heat 3 20:15 Heat 4 MEDAL 21:25 Cross Country Ladies Team Sprint Classic Semifinals 13:15 Men's Team Sprint Classic Semifinals 14:05 Ladies Final MEDAL 15:45 Men's Final MEDAL 16:15 Curling Women's Semifinal GBR V CAN 14:00 SWE V SUI 14:00 Men's Semifinal SWE V GBR CAN V CHN 19:00 Figure Skating Ladies Short Program 19:00 Ice Hockey Men's Playoffs Quarterfinals SWE V SLO 12:00 FIN V RUS 16:30 CAN V LAT USA V CZE 21:00 Snowboard Big Day Ladies and Men's Giant Slalom Qualif Underway 1/8 Finals Ladies 13:00 Men's 13:12 Quarterfinal Ladies 13:48 Men's 13:54 Semifinals Ladies 14:15 Men's 14:18 Finals MEDAL Ladies 14:31 Men's 14:45 Speed Skating Ladies 5000m MEDAL 17:30 Enjoy the day and GO USA
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