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  1. Why is China invited when they are going to get smashed while a central america team or USA is not makes no sense
  2. Well I'm happy you and others like it and I will give it a try watching online this year and I understand now most don't think it's super important
  3. That's what I been saying the whole time I love it to happen but it's not happening we talked about this in USA 2014 Glad we 're on the same page I meant 2024
  4. Yes the community will be better and it likely won't be a problem likely but right now it's bad how do you think they'll slove that wink wink. Also my question for you is what would the legacy be for that s Sorry it's my phone last word was stadium
  5. Sorry I was responding to the fact that it's the 2nd most important sporting event like the olympics. It seems to me this is something that is hosted and dominated by countries in the former british commonwealth hencr why USA is invited. So maybe other countries are there do you think anyone dominates other than UK, CAN, and AUS
  6. I'm not saying that its a stupid event I'm just responding to the comment
  7. So when will the IOC give out the awards for broadcasting to NBC lol
  8. How come Rogge could not run for another term as president while that Juan Pablo guy was president for 29 yrs
  9. There should not be any events on that site because while it will be new housing I would not go there because that area is the ghetto
  10. Yep never heard of it until I came on here no one in America could care less doubt it's even broadcasted here
  11. Opps did'nt even read the article plus it was still March 31 where i am. Well played GB
  12. They don't need to worry Europe won't accept a winter world cup and US rightsholders will also object
  13. The only real Vietnamese I had was PHO. I never found any Vietnamese sandwich or like rice plate that we have in SF. Maybe all that is in the south. The best food I had was on the cruise in Halong Bay my god that chef was good It's a nice country but they make it seem Ho Chi Ming is still the leader never any mention to who is the current president
  14. Speaking of which what channel in the US shows the Pan Am Games? Anyone know
  15. Yeah I was in Hong Kong in the summer The PLA are where the british army used to stay and they are not allowed to leave the buliding only time they were used was for a protest a few yrs ago
  16. If they can host Super Bowl (lights were turned of on purpose), Wreslemania, Final 4, NBA All Star Game and not have problems they can host this
  17. Sorry for the mess up on my phone I don't dispute China is bigger than tbe lower 48 but with Alaska US is bigger
  18. New to this thread when are they picking the host and is the USA in the running Sorry if this was answered before
  19. China is the largest country on earth? Even the US is bigger or did you mean in terms of population
  20. Ok so maybe you give them both and don't go back till 2060 to 2080 if the US or the Olympics even still exist
  21. Hanoi hosting Asian Games Nice city and Hotels but the food sucks there is NO fresh food in Northern Vietnam
  22. Hmmm yeah I guess outside of North America
  23. Never heard of it but I never heard of Sochi so you never know
  24. I've been on here since the start of the WOG this year but it makes sense. We can say w're experts but at the end of the day it's up to the USOC and IOC
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