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  1. So Stupid 1.Not really I live in SF haven't felt one for at least a year to 2 I'm serious 2.Nope 3. Olympic Lanes Transport duh
  2. Easy get rid of London 2012 forum to archive if they want to continue legacy mode thread move it to general discussion Also why is Innsbruck 2012 still there remove that
  3. Preparations for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games will reach an important stage in August this year when the organising committee stages its first test event. The sailing competition Guanabara Bay will herald the start of the test event programme, which up to May 2016 will involve 45 sports events at Rio 2016 Games venues. These will provide the organising committee with a practical opportunity to assess all stages of the operations involved in delivering the main events two years from now. “Our priority during these events is to test the competition areas and results systems. These are fundamental parts of the venues which should perform flawlessly to allow athletes to produce their best. We will also have the opportunity to plan and assess the operation of venues and measure the impact of the events on the city,” said Agberto Guimarães, Rio 2016’s Executive Director of Sport and Paralympic Integration. Test events are a crucial part of any organising committee’s work. For example, the 2012 London Games organisers staged 42 test events, involving 8,000 athletes and 30,000 staff. Delphine Moulin, Rio 2016’s Test Events General Manager, said these events also represent a unique opportunity to bring together everyone who will be responsible for running the Olympic and Paralympic competitions. “The test events will provide the first opportunity to train those tasked with operating venues during the Games and to integrate the committee’s team with International Sports Federations and governments, who also have an important role to play in the delivery of the Games,” Moulin said. Between 2 and 9 August this year, some 400 sailors from the 10 Olympic classes will compete in Guanabara Bay in the first Rio 2016 test event. However, the majority of the test events will take place during the second half of 2015. From July to October next year, test events for open-air sports disciplines such as the marathon, triathlon and beach volleyball will take place. The idea is to hold them at the same time of year as the Games themselves, to replicate likely climatic conditions. Between November 2015 and January 2016, when the Rio summer is at its most intense, indoor sports will be the focus of the programme. The final period of competitions will run from March to late May 2016. These will include some of the biggest test events and will be an opportunity to practise and evaluate operations with a nearly full-strength team. Twenty-five of the 45 competitions will be operated by the Rio 2016 Organising Committee, with the remaining 20 under the responsibility of the respective sport's International Federation or Brazilian Federation, although Rio 2016 will test specific operations during these events. The detailed Test Event Calendar will be released later this year. While test events are fundamental to the organisation of the Games, they are no less important to the athletes themselves. Brazilian Emanuel Rego, a beach volleyball gold medallist at Athens 2004, took part in the preparation of the test event for his discipline at the 2012 London Games. A year before the main event, he and his then partner Alison Cerutti – who would go on to win silver at the London Games – were invited to scrutinise the venue by the event organisers. “It was fundamental to have prior knowledge of our logistics for the Games and to have a better understanding of the venue itself, the places we would have to go through and where we could rest between training sessions, for example,” said Rego, who has a full set of Olympic medals after participating in five consecutive summer Games. “In a sport like beach volleyball, where natural conditions affect the game, this initial contact is even more important, as we need to establish things such as the direction of the sun and the density of the sand. In London, I recall that we discovered during the test event that the wind was blowing diagonally across the court. During the Games themselves, once the arena had been built, this wind was blocked off, resolving the issue.”
  4. Michael Phelps won his 1st Prelim Race Today Looks like we might see him in Rio 2016

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    2. Team USA

      Team USA

      Every Night in Primetime 1 hr documentary on every stage of his life. Closing Ceremony cut to 5 min for a Phelps tribute from every olympic athlete ever

    3. Rob.


      Rio ceremony organisers just facepalmed.

    4. Quaker2001


      Did anyone really believe that he was done after London? He'll be 31 years old for Rio.. he was never gonna hang it up at age 27

  5. There really needs to be a Tokyo forum section no one replied to my request on Ask The Mod
  6. I would like to make a request only once and don't get mad at me but I think Innsbrook should be moved to Archive and replaced by Nanjing 2014 We're not making any new sections. My 2nd one is the one with the heat but other then the Legacy Mode Thread in London 2012 it's not used so why not move the thread to general olympic forum and make the Tokyo 2020 forum. Thank you for considering
  7. Easter isn't about religion or Jesus anymore it's mostly a pop culture holiday now in the USA like Christmas
  8. Is this the USA 2026 forum? LOL Opps never mind clicked on the wrong button but what I just read is really messed up
  9. How is LA the new flim capitol of the world it makes no sense to me
  10. I thought the food on my junk was the best on my whole trip but let's not drag this on simply put Hanoi is not a good place to hold the Asian Games
  11. Like I said before the North sucks no fresh food I'll only go back to go to Halong Bay everyone tells me the South is better Hanoi can't do it help the poor first
  12. I've just learned Krakow is a sister city for San Francisco! I guess I have to support them now
  13. So someone tell me give me a typical day of what they did in London just wondering Also How Bad Is Brazil's Crime? Watch This Mugging On Live TVhttp://www.npr.org/blogs/parallels/2014/04/10/301414958/live-on-brazilian-tv-woman-talking-about-crime-gets-attacked?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20140410
  14. Well you could go somewhere else in brazil and be able to watch a football match
  15. Well a ticket for 8/4/14 to 8/22/14 from SFO to Rio is just over a 1000 US dollars. So I should assume to will go up 500 to 1000
  16. RIO DE JANEIRO – More than 2,000 workers stayed away from venue construction sites for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics on Tuesday as a strike that began last week continued without an end in sight. A spokesperson for Rio Mais, the consortium building venues at the Olympic Park, confirmed the work stoppage. It began Thursday in a dispute over which union represents the construction workers, and also involves benefits and working conditions. "There's no possibility to keep working with the conditions we have here," said Carlos Alberto Oliveira, a leader of the Light Industry Workers Union. He spoke outside the gates of the Olympic Park -- located about 15 miles west of central Rio -- as workers milled around. He said the strike involved 3,500 people, although Rio Mais has put the number at 2,300. "People have been working under precarious conditions," Oliveira added. There was no hint of violence on Tuesday after random gunshots were fired Monday in a run-in between strikers and security guards. No injuries were reported. The Rio Olympics have been plagued by a late start and delays, and the games top the agenda of a meeting this week in the southern Turkish resort of Belek. On Tuesday, the head of Olympic summer sports federations called for "urgent action" to tackle delays. Francisco Ricci Bitti called the situation "very serious" and said "we are scared." Ricci Bitti heads the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations, which represents the 28 sports in the Rio Games. He also leads the International Tennis Federation and serves on the IOC coordination commission for Rio, which made its latest visit to Brazil three weeks ago. "We can't always hope in the fact that in the end we will solve the problem," he said. "This time we have the style and the habits of the South Americans. They are not used to managing big events like this. The Olympics is a very different problem from the World Cup. The World Cup in the end is one stadium, one hotel, in many cities. Rio has a lot of problems." Many of the delays are rooted in disputes among Brazil's three levels of government over who pays for what. Most estimates suggest Brazil will spend about $15 billion on the Olympics, a mix of public and private money.
  17. My dad was born there I don't really know the NY plan but I just don't feel the olympics there
  18. Agreed We have more venues in SF but we have the big venue problem amd traffic I would all be for an LA bid
  19. Well it looks like we have a new winner You should close this Thread now
  20. Would be up for a San Diego games it be easy for me to go too
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