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  1. You guys do know with the new NBC Olympics deal they also have rights to all the YOG now I care my friend is going to be there representing the USA. She does Judo
  2. NBC held a conference call on this today If you want to listen to the replay +1 631-982-4566; Passcode: 18225, followed by #.
  3. WOW That's all I can say The comments on Facebook are FUMING I can't stop laughing While I'm not fond of tape delays I enjoy NBC's coverage a lot Hopefully it will improve more and more
  4. Liverpool= You Will Never Choke Alone LOL

    1. Rob.


      Crystal Pulis gave them a good Rodgering

    2. deawebo


      I feel bad for them...

  5. The tape delay comment was a joke I really don't care but they take any NBC diss very seriously. Remember it as a joke and let's move on
  6. I don't have a problem I said I always Enjoy it and I never bitch I hate those people All I'm saying is if your going to Tape Delay which I have NO problem with at least Tell all NBC properties to Not mention it at all until it's aired. During 2012 on NBC Nightly News they would show spoilers and sometimes I missed closing my eyes and got the result. With Sochi when I came home all over everyone they spoiled it with the excuse I should watch it online or on NBCSN at 3 in the morning. Most of primetime was stuff I'd already seen or heard of results anyway I usually recorded most of it. They did a poll in 2012 did you like the coverage most people including me said YES (Ok disclaimer I missed the last week of the olympics as I was on a cruise Have never seen the Closing Ceremony that another reason why it was not special for me) but the also said there should be a CH where you can put ALL events live and then reshow them later I don't want to watch it on my computer I want to watch it in HD on my TV. In conclusion no one has a problem with tape delays the problem is how they handle it most of NBC's model is good
  7. Obviously I'm not one to ask on this topic but I really wish you the best on this It seems very interesting I hope you post your paper on here
  8. Of course but there own research shows people want to watch it again when it is lived streamed. Tape Delays Honestly ruined London 2012 for me I hated it. I know you defend NBC and I enjoy their coverage but 2012 was messed up
  9. Do you guys know of any place you can watch London 2012 replays or are they all gone
  10. I don't think SF is interested this time I rather throw my support to LA with maybe Prelim and Semifinal Football at ATT Park or Levi's Stadium. Pretty lucky to be a West Coast Olympic Fan you got 2 WOG within 1000 miles and now hopefully a SOG 400 miles away!
  11. Everyone is Lying All the people saying their taking breaks came back 8 hours later LOL

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    2. FYI
    3. BTHarner


      I'm restricting my comments to World Cup and soccer related topics. After 34 years I find myself re-evaluating my relationship with the Olympic Games and the movement in general.

    4. paul


      that's my question

  12. It was announced today the 2016 Copa America Cup will be held in the United States! It will be during Euro 2016. This possibly could lead to a single Super American Soccer Confederation combining North and South America. What are your Thoughts
  13. Well at least San Francisco gets some Football at the ballpark
  14. Shame on you How dare you leave out the two princesses from the number one grossing animated film of ALL TIME Princess Anna of Arendelle and Queen Elsa of Arendelle
  15. What the point of Banning anyone Pyro or Tony if they can just come back if they wanted to
  16. So Brits when I wake up will it be Liverpool or Chelsea with the win

    1. Rob.


      Hopefully Liverpool. Bored with Mourihno and the media circus around him; hope he falls flat on his face today and on Wednesday.

    2. Rob.
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