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  1. LGA SUCKS (also not international)
  2. You are all fools Football in the Olympics is U21 with 3 over U21 players allowed. It's for young players that might never make the world cup team THIS is their world cup
  3. Why not I'll give it a try but I'll be gone during the group stage. Also I request no one from Group G please
  4. Exactly How is Portugal the 3rd best team in the world. Who else is good on this team? USA just needs to stop CR7 and it's likely there will be a tie. The team in 2002 was better than this 2014 tram for portugal *team
  5. I can't believe all my friends who are Portuguese tell me that Portugal has much more than Ronaldo. Anyone want to tell me who on that rosters makes them better than USA. How the heck is this the 3rd best team in the world
  6. Ronaldo>Messi not Neymar maybe biggest impact for diving award then somone from Italy, Spain(Torres), then Belgium or Brazil or England (Bale?)
  7. New official Restaurant of The Olympic Games= KFC
  8. Honestly all these Rio threads are ruined based on the constant arguments over Brazil A friendly suggestion Danny to maybe stop taking the bait from Brazil haters. I think Brazil will do a wonderful job and I can't wait to visit there someday maybe for the olympics
  9. Ugh Who cares about these rigged singing competitions. The Eurovision is over you can talk about it next year. Until then something else please
  10. But's it all about 'merica who cares about them Canadians ,Chinese, and Russians
  11. The bid is for Los Angeles county not the city of Los Angeles
  12. Stop debating whether media is biased for the country Of course it is Just like British Media says the WC will suck Brazil will say it's going to be the best ever. Pointless argument Just stop it
  13. Putin = Greatest Hockey Playa Ever
  14. Well this is the weekend The final games of the best league in the world the English Primer League It will come down to 2 games. This is the first year ever in the US when NBC will broadcast ALL 10 games on the network of channels (why not Olympics too???) SCENARIOS If Man City Beat West Ham on Sunday they will win the title If Manchester City draw against West Ham on Sunday, they are all but assured of winning the title because of far superior goal difference over Liverpool If Liverpool beat Newcastle and Manchester City lose against West Ham on Sunday, Liverpool will win the Premier League title Chelsea have been officially eliminated from title contention EUROPA LEAGUE Tottenham will qualify for Europa League unless Manchester United win and Tottenham lose on Sunday. RELEGATION Sunderland have clinched safety with win against West Brom Norwich City are all but assured of being relegated due to far inferior goal difference SCHEDULE with TV's (all games start at 14:00 GMT 10 AM EDT Manchester City Vs West Ham United: NBC Sky Sports 1 SN Fox Sports 1 Liverpool vs Newcastle United: NBCSN Sky Sports 2 TSN Fox Sports 2 Cardiff City vs Chelsea: CNBC TSN 2 Fox Sports Norwich City vs Arsenal: MSNBC Fox Sports Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa: USA Network Sky Sports 3 Fox Sports 3 Southampton vs Manchester United: Syfy SN World Fox Sports Hull City vs Everton: Bravo Sunderland Vs Swansea City: Esquire Fulham vs Crystal Place: E Network West Bromwich Albion vs Stoke City: Oxygen Fox Sports
  15. ^^ HOW DID YOU THAT THAT I mean how do you do that LOL
  16. Well This is only the 2nd SYOG. Also Today is the 100 day mark to the YOG
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