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  1. Ok what your current post limit and how many posts do you want now per day
  2. I guess being off topic about donuts and starbucks
  3. I don't know why your saying I have something against asians when I go to school with them. You still give no reason to saying Daly City has a place or resources to have venues instead saying I'm racist
  4. Um no because it's mostly Filipinos that live there
  5. Time to go on a long San Franciscan response to comments LOL Oakland with 131 murders last year Yeah Please no Very easy to navigate around bay area Perfect Comment What's so bad about Palo Alto Much better than Oakland Yes many towns and cities here should be hard to coordinate Different Police, Fire ETC Another LOL Daly City? Have you been there. What would be wrong with Poughkeepsie there's Metro North Another Smart Comment Response to 2nd quote- It's not going to be an Oakland olympics
  6. New EPIC ESPN Promo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIvGtnK5Xp8&feature=youtu.be
  7. Did you know there is more illegal immigration over the Canadian border than the Mexican
  8. I really think now if Beijing or Almaty host the games the IOC will surely give 2024 or maybe even 2026 or Both to USA to give the Olympic Movement new life
  9. Sorry to hear this Like I said I recently learned Krakow was a sister city to San Francisco and I wanted to visit to see the similarities. Keep the dream alive Poland
  10. It is a still more than two years before the start of the Rio 2016 Games but the race to qualify for the Olympicmountain bike competitions begins on 25 May. Henrique Avancini, who earlier this year won Brazil´s first mountain biking gold medal at the South American Games in Santiago, is fully focused on getting a flying start. The current world number 21 knows he is blessed to have the close support of Ruy Avancini, who is both technical director of the Brazilian national team and his father. “We work as a team, each person doing his bit. I train and take care of my results on the course while my father plays his role as director. We will certainly work hard to be at the Rio de Janeiro Games”, says Henrique during a visit with his father to the Rio 2016 Organising Committee’s head office in Cidade Nova. As host country, Brazil has two guaranteed places in mountain biking – one in the men’s event and one in the women’s. According to Ruy Avancini, however, the goal is for at least two men to qualify through merit. In order to do this, the national team must remain in the top 13 in the world rankings. Currently, Brazil lies in 10th position. Qualifying will be difficult but it is certainly well within reach. “It’s a complicated mission. Cycling is an unpredictable, very unstable sport. A single fall on the last bend by a single athlete can lose a country many points. But today, we’re within the range for two athletes to qualify. In other words, we’re on track. It’s hard, but it’s possible”, explains Ruy. Henrique is undeniably playing his part. The athlete, who is from Petrópolis in the state of Rio de Janeiro, achieved Brazil´s best ever result in mountain biking last year, when he came first in the Munsingen stage of the Bundesliga (the German championship). A place in the world´s top 20 followed, another first for a Brazilian. The 25 year old topped these achievements by becoming South American champion earlier this year. Thanks in large part to Henrique´s results, Brazil has risen to 10th place in the world rankings. All of which has given a significant boost to the confidence of the Brazilian delegation as they pursue their first Olympic mountain biking medal. “A year ago, I would have said it would be impossible for Brazil to reach the podium in cycling in 2016. But seeing Henrique’s development close-up as I am doing, I don’t think it’s that hard for us to reach the podium. It is indeed possible for us to fight for a medal”, says Ruy. From now until the start of the Rio 2016 Games, both father and son will continue to contribute to the development of mountain biking in Brazil, providing first-hand knowledge of how top competitions are organised. “Their visit to the Committee was great for Olympic cycling’s preparations. We tried to make the most of their time. It’s not every day that we have at our disposal the opinion and vision of the director of the Brazilian confederation and a leading cycling athlete”, says Ricardo Prado, president of the Rio 2016 Committee Sports Council. Regardless of his results on the course, Henrique is inspired by the coming two years and says the Rio 2016 Games will be unforgettable – for athletes, spectators and the host city itself. “Rio, the Marvellous City, is unique. There’s no other place in the world like it” he confirms.
  11. Tomorrow is the 2nd biggest game of this football year the UEFA Champions League Final from Lisbon Portugal Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid 20:45 Live Chat Here!
  13. Thanks for adding Nanjing Forum but isn't it a good idea to archive innsbruck now which hasn't been updated in months
  14. That Coke ad where all the people get their medals They've been showing that for years
  15. Last one Proud to be a member of the group featured The American Outlaws
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHrf5EBVlDs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHEzQ1ysfEo
  17. How do you post YouTube Videos I wanna post some ESPN Promo's
  18. What happened on February 27th 2011 that made the most people 1280 to be exact to come on the site?

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    2. Tony E Loves Architecture

      Tony E Loves Architecture

      Not funny. The past is the past, we Won the FA Cup!!!!!!

    3. Rob.


      Yeah, enjoy your victory; a good comeback. But losing to Brum WAS funny. Thanks for the reminder Team USA.

    4. Tony E Loves Architecture

      Tony E Loves Architecture

      Thanks for the first part of your post mate. :)

  19. Every time I see a new argument start on here
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