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  1. Not many comments yesterday but many here aren't that interested in women's football so understandable 

    Men's Football 1st Round(In Local Time)

    1PM: Iraq vs Denmark

    3PM: Honduras vs Algeria

    4PM: Brazil vs South Africa

    5PM: Mexico vs Germany

    6PM: Portugal vs Argentina

    7PM: Sweden vs Columbia

    8PM: Fiji vs South Korea

    10PM:Nigeria vs Japan



  2. The action gets started today with Women's Football and since I made all the threads for 2014 I feel inclined to continue, I will make better ones in a few days but I'm out of the country and stuck to mobile till Friday

    Schedule(All in local time)

    Women's Football 1st Round

    1PM: Sweden vs South Africa

    3PM: Canada vs Australia

    4PM: Brazil vs China

    6PM: Zimbabwe vs Germany

    7PM: United States vs New Zealand

    10PM: France vs Columbia

    Hope anyone watching enjoys! 

  3. I just went to this amazing website called The Man in Seat 61 (Brits might know it) and there was a page on how it's possible to take trains from London to Singapore. Not really much High Speed Action outside of Eurostar and ICE but really wanted to share Looks like an amazing trip

    London - Moscow - Beijing - Hanoi - Saigon - Bangkok - Singapore (or vice versa)

    If you have the time (we're talking a minimum of 3½ weeks one-way), you can travel from London to Singapore overland, see the route map here. The links below cover travel in either direction, from London or to London:

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  4. I will definitivelly be there in 2016 for the 16 days.

    Can't wait to receive the Cosport tickets offer in few months.

    Will try to get an agenda similar of the one I got for Beijing :

    3 x swimming finals

    4 x gymnastic finals

    4 x athletics finals

    2 x rowing finals (medals for Canada ?)

    2 x canoe kayak finals (medals for Canada ?)

    1 x boxing finals

    1 x cycling track finals

    1 x beach volleyball final

    1 x tennis preliminaries

    2 x basketball preliminaries

    2 x volleyball preliminaries

    2 x beach volleyball preliminaries

    1 x badminton preliminaries

    2 x diving preliminaries

    Will try to see at least 65 finals so I will reach the 250 number.

    How much will that cost?

  5. Welcome right now we're not too focused on planning mostly because you can't buy air or events tickets. Danny can help you with planning but I can answer question 1

    1.There are many flights to Rio and Sao Paulo from Texas. I know there is United from Houston and American from Dallas. You could also go to Miami too.I think Danny said it's cheaper if you DON'T go non stop

    2.I don't know maybe you could work for OBS. Anyone know if he could

  6. But doesn't it matter that there's precious little following of football in China and despite being the most populous nation on earth, their team sucks. I don't doubt they'll host, but it would be nice to see a modicum of investment and excitement in the sport first.

    When the British Premier League was on Free TV 300 to 500 million people in China watched it over the whole season but then they sold the rights to Pay TV and viewership dropped

  7. The construction of Line 4 of Rio's metro service, a crucial project for the 2016 Games and the city's residents, has reached an important milestone with the installation of 400 metres of track in the first tunnel to be completed.

    The new line, scheduled to start operating in 2016, will link Barra da Tijuca - the large neighbourhood in the west of Rio that will host the Olympic Park - with Ipanema in the south zone, providing easy connections onwards to Copacabana, the city centre and north zone.

    The tracks have been laid in the tunel that links Barra with São Conrado - it is the largest tunnel in the world that has been dug through rock between two metro stations. Another 300 metres of track will be laid every week. More than 1,100 sections of track - each 18 metres long and weighing more than a tonne - will be used to complete the tracks, in both directions, in the Barra-São Conrado tunnel.

    “The Line 4 project employs nearly 8,000 workers and when finished it will serve 300,000 passengers per day,” said Rodrigo Vieira, from the state government's special projects department.

    Line 4, which will have a total length of 16km, is one of the transport projects that has been accelerated because of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is estimated that the new line will result in about 2,000 fewer vehicles per hour on the road during peak times.

    There will be six new stations - Jardim Oceânico, São Conrado, Gávea, Antero de Quental, Jardim de Alah and Nossa Senhora da Paz - that will integrate with the existing metro Lines 1 and 2. It will be possible to travel from Barra to Ipanema in 15 minutes and from Barra to the city centre in 34 minutes.

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  8. The first athletes have booked their places at the Rio 2016 Games! Three sittting volleyball teams – the Bosnia and Herzegovina men's side and the China and USA women's teams – confirmed their qualification on Friday (20 June) by winning their semi-final matches at the world championships in Elblag, Poland.
    Iran's men claimed the fourth Rio 2016 spot up for grabs in Poland by wining the bronze medal match against Egypt on Saturday (June 21). Brazil had defeated Iran in their semi-final on Friday, but as the host nation are already guaranteed a place at the Rio Games, it went down to the battle for third place at the world championships.
    It was the first qualifying event for the first Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in South America. Throughout 2014, athletes from at least 10 Olympic sports and 12 Paralympic sports will earn qualification spots for the greatest sporting event on the planet.
    In the men's semi-finals, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the gold medal winners at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, overcame Egypt in straight sets (25-11, 25-23, 25-23), before Brazil produced a shock by beating defending world champions Iran 3-2 (25-19, 25-20, 18-25, 15-25, 15-12).
    In the women's tournament, reigning Paralympic and world champions China were forced to work hard to beat Russia in five sets (25-12, 25-16, 16-25, 20-25, 15-11) in their semi-final. USA, the London silver medallists, assured their qualification by overcoming the Netherlands 3-0 (26-24, 25-15, 25-13).
    “The competition in Rio will be really top,” said USA's Nichole Millage after the match. “All teams play from their heart and show their best and it will be really good competition. I'm excited.”
    In Saturday's finals, Bosnia and Herzegovina beat Brazil (25-22, 20-25, 25-7, 28-26) to become men's world champions, while China held on to the women's world title by defeating USA in a fifth-set tie-break (23-25, 25-22, 19-25, 25-21, 17-15).
    Goalball will be the next sport in which teams confirm their qualification for the Rio 2016 Games. The top three men's and women's teams at the world championships, that will take place between 26 June and 6 July, in Espoo, Finalnd, will be on their way to Rio for the Paralympic Games.
  9. (This is list from the past few years, and the most notable films and shows)

    1. 12 Years a Slave
    2. Oblivion
    3. Fantastic Four
    4. Pitch Perfect
    5. Dallas Buyers Club
    6. Bonnie and Clyde
    7. 21 Jump Street
    8. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer
    9. Battle Los Angeles (more was shot in Louisiana than LA)
    10. Battleship
    11. Because of Winn Dixie
    12. Django Unchained
    13. Dukes of Hazard
    14. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
    15. Jurassic Park 4 (Jurassic World)
    16. Left Behind (2014 re-boot)
    17. Olympus Has Fallen
    18. Steel Magnolias
    19. Texas Chainsaw
    20. Vampires Suck
    21. Maze Runner
    22. Top Chef
    23. Who Do You Think You Are
    24. The Host
    25. Beautiful Creatures
    26. True Blood,

    There are more even more being filmed now and expected for next year, I felt this list was long enough though.

    and most of them suck

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