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  1. I would say a european games, if they succeed and take off a bit (and IOC is heavily behind them, so they might well) could serve several functions. for some cities it would line up both infrastructure and good will for a future OG bid, for other smaller cities, or cities in smaller countries, it would be a singular and important event in it's own right, on a scale they could cope with. Dublin will never cope with an OG, probably Lisbon either - but both would manage an EG - whereas amsterdam, St petersburg etc could see it as opening gambit for OG bid.
  2. Agree with this. Hosting CWG 2022 and then trying OG 2024 would be suicidal fopr RSA and won't happen - but CWG 2022, OG 2028 would be a copmpletely different story - would fit exceptionally well, 2024 would probably go to europe, and 2026 CWG back to singapore, plus stepping in to 'save' the CWG, if done in right way, could get a lot of OG voters onside for a 2028 bid - and it would be a slam dunk in terms of 'Africa's turn'. Personally would like a Nigeria CWG games, but country currently a little too volatile - but it really ought to go there at some point. Wish some cities saw continent
  3. As an Irishman myself (of the northern but south-looking variety) I think you'd be surprised. 2016 is going to be viewed here a bit like 2014 - a date to be commemorated rather than celebrated. Dublin-London relations, at least, as as good as they've ever been. It's the North that's still dicey. I agree the reality is the South would have to 'see out' the vartious anniversaries before considering the Commonwealth - but it's not as 'out there' as you might imagine - frankly, it ought to be in there, it is included as a 'guest' in a huge number of commonwealth cultural areas as it is - Ireland s
  4. Toronto might not be bad call, actually - infrastructure could well be there from next years PanAmericans. Wonder if it might be better going forward if there was some sort of 'understanding' on regional rotation and each 'area' kind of accepted it was their 'turn', I fear Delhi spooked some countries out of going back to Asia, but A singapore games could be fantastic if done properly. I think London would only come in as a VERY last resort - but if absolutely necessary to save the thing, they probably would. You need Ireland back in to get a Dublin bid going! ;-)
  5. Rmours have it that the three are Glasgow, Amsterdam and Kazan - with the first two, Western, cities as favourites. Glasgow coming off the back of this years Commonwealth Games would have infrastructure and expertise; Amsterdam would be a popular choice - both hit the sport of 'big, but not big enough for the Olympics themselves' and 'competent'
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