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  1. I don't think that a cauldron lighter will actually climb it. Some sort of remote triggering a chai reaction
  2. They could do a "Vancouver" and fix it at the Closing Ceremony ... ?
  3. any rainbow protests or visuals might be after athletes have competed. would be very risky to their competition chances to do it at this stage
  4. It's the Russian alphabet they're following so some will be in different order.
  5. There was a short ceremonial presentation before the athletes parade but most of it still to come
  6. The Cauldron has been tested and tested and re-tested so hopefully it will work. Perhaps there was to enough testing of the snowflakes turning into Olympic Rings. Or too much testing to the point of equipment failure?
  7. Recovery from the Olympic Rings malfunction in the Closing Ceremony, as in Vancouver's Cauldron recovery? ... probably not as that moment has passed
  8. It's good the athletes get to see most of the OC, rather than waiting around
  9. It was a giant snow flake that didn't open to form the 5th Olympic Ring.
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