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  1. Outdoor for Rio makes sense with its great climate! I wish Sydney had used the North Sydney Pool, right under the Harbour Bridge, as the 2nd Water Polo venue, it would have looked amzing on TV.
  2. Yes- I think they will show modern Russia too......
  3. I went to the Water Cube in September- and the Olympic overlay is still there too! I thought that was a little sad.
  4. I think the Winter Games have grown stronger, in size, identity and recognition since splitting with the SOG. This winter period (Jan-Feb) is also strangely a quiet one on the World Cup front; the qualifiers are finished, the draw is done, too early for warm up friendlies, the host nation is usually in a frenzy of final building works, so I actually don't think it clashes at all. I am sure the people of Qatar, a known powerhouse of football and winter sports, will be very concerned with the clash in 2022.
  5. The Games are only 2 years and 5 months away!!!!! We are nearly half way between London and Rio! The clock is ticking.
  6. I am worried for all the groups causing Putin embarrassment before his OTT Olympic showcase- gays, ethnic minorities, migrant workers etc.... I am afraid he will seek revenge on a huge scale when the Games are over for his loss of face.
  7. The ice hockey tounament could be held in cities around the country like football in the summer games. This would reduce the need for at least one venue in the host city and spread the excitement. Most big cities have one big venue that could be configured for ice hockey for 2 weeks.
  8. The cauldron and the wind-swept concrete plaza around it do not look very appealling for the distribution of medals each night.... it all looks a bit isolated from the city and city life. And usually a winter games would have this area covered in snow to 'clean up' the whole look and pretty it up. Will see what the atmosphere is like during the Games.
  9. From this insider, sounds more like a muddy airport......time is ticking FAST! http://www.news.com.au/sport/australian-worker-appalled-at-sochi-olympics-games-conditions/story-fnl6khi7-1226809230330
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