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  1. I need to find the article, but I read a great analysis of Olympic City costs- and there have been 3 really çheap' Games - LA, Atlanta and Sydney.

    It is amazing how cheap Sydney was- but it was still the best. No hero architects or grand designs (but still the biggest venues), simple materials like corrugated steel, use if temporary stands etc. 

    The state fair ground that hosted a lot of venues and the print media cost only $200 million- the print media were housed in the cattle pavilions, the broadcast media a Dept Store warehouse etc etc..I think Brisbane will be just as thrifty!

  2. After having 2 'troublesome' games within 12 years (Athens and Rio), the IOC has gone SUPER safe- Japan, China, France, Italy, USA, Australia...I think that is a little sad, the occasional new territory helps connect the world and bring new excitement.

    Deserving countries like India, Indonesia, Turkey, all of Africa and even Hungary might be waiting a while..

  3. One of Brisbane's great assets is the Gold and Sunshine Coasts (Australia's Florida/ Holiday Getaway) ...... gives an enormous amount of available rental accommodation in addition to Brisbane.

    The tram/ train network between Brisbane and Gold Coast will be completed and fully interconnected by 2032, and is already working well with the Comm Games extensions.

    They have facilities galore - 2 Aquatic Centres, about 4 stadiums (none of them 'great' though), a new velodrome, miles of ocean front for swimming/triathlon/ walks/ cycling and marathons etc...

  4. I wouldnt call Brisbane a shithole...but its not a great city. It does have ambition though, and hosted a hugely successful World Expo in 1988..It would be very small by Olympic standards, at 2.3 million, the whole state just 5 million.

    Melbourne is the best equipped Australian city to host the Games- it really has a full range of facilities already built. But the timing would have been tricky so far South.

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