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  1. In complete shock and scared, hate won today #imstillwithher #notmypresident

  2. Anyone know if Bach is planning to attend the super bowl like last year? Considering he's going to the Silicon Valley today

  3. Just thought of this....could this attack on Paris be a dry run for the Euro next summer, especially the bomb outside Stade de France?

    1. paul


      Yes, a test event. Hopefully the French president and people will now be willing to spearhead a necessary action to address Muslim extremists that the American president has been unwilling to orchestrate.

  4. jon stewarts last show tonight.....its been a good 18 seasons!

  5. No i swear last night that crazy topic was gone!!!! im not crazy

  6. imagine Tokyo 2020, Paris 2024, and NYC 2028.... but then again would de Blasio really go for an olympic bid?

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    2. Anthony


      There needs to be some beneficial urban development that will give it legacy

    3. Usa2024olympics


      Sunny side would make a great Olympic park as with the skyline in the back. Would be $$$$$ but worth it kn the long term.

    4. Roger87


      The point is presenting a good technical project and choose the right moment to do it.

  7. Ticker tape parade was awesome!!!!! Amazing job ladies!

  8. We want three stars!!!!! Let's go USA!

  9. 239 years ago...... Happy Independence Day!

  10. Love wins!!!! What a great day!

    1. ____


      Congrats USA!

    2. Durban Sandshark

      Durban Sandshark

      It is an incredible moment that we will look back like other Supreme Court civil rights rulings. Ignorance and fear, take a hike!

    3. Mainad


      Another defeat for prejudice and bigotry. What's not to like!

  11. Let's go USA, beat Mexico

  12. anyone know anything on when bid index is coming out???

  13. the news is confusing..... some say that rhe US have launched a bid for the 2026 WC and others say they are just expected to bid....

    1. Quaker2001


      That is confusing.. particularly on this site which tends not to distinguish between the 2.

  14. Anybody know when Tokyo is releasing their logo this year, at least i suspect its this year

    1. ____


      This year would make sense yep. But no, to answer your question ;)

    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      There was a timeline someone posted in the Tokyo thread a few days ago - logo launch looked about mid-year this year.

  15. really hoping american sniper gets picked!

  16. Anyone good at designing logo's want to make me a logo for NYC 2028, you will get all of the credit

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    2. krow


      You are always free to use ߷. It is everything and there is no copyright anymore than there is a copyright on the letter j.

    3. Usa2024olympics


      Woohoo can you clear your inbox.

    4. woohooitsme83
  17. Personally hate patriots and Seahawks

  18. We were supposed to get 2 feet of snow in NYC, we got 6 inches...dang meteorologists

  19. so lets say that there is a referendum in boston and boston fails, can the USOC replace boston with some other city? (this is before they submit boston to the ioc)

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    2. stir.ts


      Does not seem like a moral issue but would the 2nd choice have time and want to scramble to be ready, it would depend on how late i think.

    3. woohooitsme83
    4. woohooitsme83
  20. The announcers were just talking about Boston's bid during the Patriots and Ravens game

  21. Isn't the usoc having a public condense today in Boston?

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