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  1. Bode has been in the top 10 in some recent World Cup events, including a 5th place showing in the downhill in Switzerland this past weekened. He recently finished 2nd in a Giant Slalom event and 8th in a Super G event as well back in December. It would not be too surprising if he ended up somewhere on the podium in Sochi, just sayin'...
  2. Let's face it, U.S. has zero chance of getting a medal in curling in Sochi. The lone medal for the U.S. curling team is the bronze won by the men in Turin in 2006.
  3. Pretty much the opposite for the United States. U.S. has a strong long track team that could produce several medals but a seriously depleted Short-Track team with the retirement of Ohno and scandals that have ridden the U.S. Short Track program since 2010.
  4. Definitely a big blow for China. Her absence could pave the way to Italy's Fontana winning multiple medals and perhaps becoming a big star in the games.
  5. As an American, I tend to agree. I'd be shocked if we medaled in either the men's or women's single skate. However, the U.S. is balanced enough that it should challenge for gold in the team competition with no true weakness across all 4 major skating disciplines compared to other nations. I had to pick a few upsets here and there to keep it interesting, thus the U.S. edging out Canada in the team competition and Davis and White should cruise to gold in the Ice Dance. 2 medals tops for U.S. with Canada getting 4.
  6. I think Eric Guay has a very good chance in the Men's Downhill, but alas I don't have him picked for a medal in my official medal projections.
  7. I know I am in the minority, but I think the U.S. takes the gold over Canada in the Team event. U.S. may not be very strong but have the depth to beat Canada.
  8. Hello all, first time poster here, really excited for the Winter Games which'll commence in 3 weeks. I'm seriously bored today...I'd figure I'd have some fun and create a list of my medal picks for the Sochi Olympics, sport by sport. These picks are based on my research, recent performances in world cups, world championships, etc, and my general knowledge of these winter sports which I follow religiously. It'll be interesting to compare my picks to Sports Illustrated's if and when they come out. Now time let the fun begin.. Alpine Skiing-Men's Downhill (G) Askel Svindal-Norway (S) Hans Reichelt-Austria ( Dominik Paris-Italy Men's Super G (G) Askel Svindal-Norway (S) Adrien Theaux-France ( Matthias Miller-Austria Men's Combined (G) Marcel Hirscher-Austria (S) Ted Ligety-United States ( Peter Fill-Italy Men's Giant Slalom (G) Marcel Hirscher-Austria (S) Ted Ligety-United States ( Felix Neureuther-Germany Men's Slalom (G) Marcel Hirscher-Austria (S) Ivica Kostelic-Croatia ( Mattias Hargin-Sweden Women's Downhill (G) Maria Hofl-Reisch-Germany (S) Anna Fenninger-Austria ( Tina Weirather-Liechtenstein Women's Super G (G) Lara Gut-Switzerland (S) Tina Weirather-Liechtenstein ( Anna Fenninger-Austria Women's Combined (G) Maria Hofl-Reisch-Germany (S) Tina Maze-Slovenia ( Anna Fenninger-Austria Women's Giant Slalom (G) Tina Maze-Slovenia (S) Jessica Lindell-Vikarby-Sweden ( Viktoria Rebensburg-Germany Women's Slalom (G) Mikaela Shiffrin-United States (S) Tina Maze-Slovenia ( Maria Hofl-Reisch-Germany Biathlon-Men 20km Individual (G) Martin Fourcade-France (S) Fredrick Lindstrom-Sweden ( Emil Hegle Svendsen-Norway Men 10km Sprint (G) Martin Fourcade-France (S) Emil Hegle Svendsen-Norway ( Ole Einar Bjørndalen-Norway Men 12.5km Pursuit (G) Emil Hegle Svendsen-Norway (S) Martin Fourcade-France ( Anton Shipulin-Russia Men 15km Mass Start (G) Anton Shipulin-Russia (S) Emil Hegle Svendsen-Norway ( Tarjei Bø-Norway Men 4 x 7.5km Relay (G) Norway (S) Russia ( France Women 15km Individual (G) Tora Berger-Norway (S) Valj Semerenko-Ukraine ( Anastasia Kuzmina-Slovakia Women 7.5km Sprint (G) Olena Pidhrushna-Ukraine (S) Tora Berger-Norway ( Darya Domracheva-Belarus Women 10km Pursuit (G) Tora Berger-Norway (S) Olga Zaitseva-Russia ( Kaisa Mäkäräinen-Finland Women 12.5km Mass Start (G) Tora Berger-Norway (S) Monika Hojnisz-Poland ( Darya Domracheva-Belarus Women 4 x 6km Relay (G) Norway (S) Ukraine ( Germany Mixed Relay (G) Norway (S) Czech Republic ( Russia Bobsleigh-2-Man (G) Russia (S) Switzerland ( Germany 4-Man (G) Germany (S) Russia ( United States 2-Woman (G) Canada (S) United States ( Germany Cross Country Skiing-Men 15km Classical (G) Alexander Legkov-Russia (S) Alexey Poltoranin-Kazakhstan ( Dario Colonga-Switzerland Men 30km Skiathlon (G) Dario Colonga-Switzerland (S) Sjur Røthe-Norway ( Martin Johnsrud Sundby-Norway Men 50km Freestyle (G) Petter Northug-Norway (S) Alexander Legkov-Russia ( Dario Colonga-Switzerland Men 4 x 10km Relay (G) Norway (S) Russia ( Sweden Men Sprint (G) Emil Jönsson-Sweden (S) Federico Pellegrino-Italy ( Anders Gløersen-Norway Men Team Sprint (G) Sweden (S) Norway ( Russia Women 10km Classical (G) Marit Bjørgen-Norway (S) Therese Johaug-Norway ( Justyna Kowalczyk-Poland Women 15km Skiathlon (G) Marit Bjørgen-Norway (S) Kristin Størmer Steira-Norway ( Justyna Kowalczyk-Poland Women 30km Freestyle (G) Justyna Kowalczyk-Poland (S) Therese Johaug-Norway ( Marit Bjørgen-Norway Women 4 x 5km Relay (G) Norway (S) Finland ( Sweden Women Sprint (G) Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg-Norway (S) Kikkan Randall-United States ( Marit Bjørgen-Norway Women Team Sprint (G) Norway (S) Finland ( United States Curling-Men (G) Sweden (S) Canada ( Great Britain Women (G) Canada (S) Great Britain ( China Figure Skating-Men (G) Patrick Chan-Canada (S) Yuzuru Hanyu-Japan ( Daisuke Takahashi-Japan Ladies (G) Carolina Kostner-Italy (S) Mao Asada-Japan ( Kim Yuna-South Korea Pairs (G) Volosozhar/Trankov-Russia (S) Savchenko/Szolkowy-Germany ( Duhamel/Radford-Canada Ice Dance (G) Davis/White-United States (S) Virtue/Moir-Canada ( Bobrova/Soloviev-Russia Team (G) United States (S) Canada ( Japan Freestyle Skiing-Men Moguls (G) Mikael Kingsbury-Canada (S) Patrick Deneen-United States ( Alexandre Bilodeau-Canada Men Aerials (G) Guangpu Qi-China (S) Travis Gerrits-Canada ( Jia Zongyang-China Men Halfpipe (G) David Wise-United States (S) Mike Riddle-Canada ( Thomas Krief-France Men Skicross (G) Alex Fiva-Switzerland (S) Christopher Del Bosco-Canada ( ean Frédéric Chapuis-France Men Slopestyle (G) Tom Wallasch-United States (S) Nick Goepper-United States ( James Woods-Great Britain Women Moguls (G) Hannah Kearney-United States (S) Aiko Uemura-Japan ( Chloé Dufour-Lapointe-Canada Women Aerials (G) Xu Mengtao-China (S) Lydia Lassila-Australia ( Daniel Scott-Australia Women Halfpipe (G) Virginie Faivre-Switzerland (S) Maddie Bowman-United States ( Rosalind Groenewoud-Canada Women Skicross (G) Marielle Thompson-Canada (S) Fanny Smith-Switzerland ( Anna Wörner-Germany Women Slopestyle (G) Dara Howell-Canada (S) Kaya Turski-Canada ( Julia Marino-Paraguay Ice Hockey-Men (G) Russia (S) Sweden ( Canada Women (G) Canada (S) United States ( Finland Luge-Men (G) Felix Loch-Germany (S) Armin Zöggeler-Italy ( David Möller-Germany Women (G) Natalie Geisenberger-Germany (S) Tatjana Hüfner-Germany ( Anke Wischnewski-Germany Doubles (G) Wendl/Arlt-Germany (S) Eggert/Benecken-Germany ( Penz/Fischler-Austria Team (G) Germany (S) Austria ( Canada Nordic Combined-Nordic Combined-Team Large Hill (G) Germany (S) Norway ( France Gunderson Large Hill (G) Eric Frenzel-Germany (S) Akito Watabe-Japan ( Mikko Kokslien-Norway Gundersen Normal Hill (G) Eric Frenzel-Germany (S) Björn Kircheisen-Germany ( Jason Lamy Chappuis-France Skeleton-Men (G) Martin Dukurs-Latvia (S) Thomass Dukurs-Latvia ( Alexander Tretiakov-Russia (G) Elizabeth Yarnold-Great Britain (S) Noelle Pikus Pace-United States ( Sarah Reid-Canada Short Track Speedskating-Men's 500m (G) Viktor Ahn-Russia (S) Charles Hamelin-Canada ( Lee Han Bin-South Korea Men's 1000m (G) Charles Hamelin-Canada (S) Viktor Ahn-Russia ( J.R. Celski-United States Men's 1500m (G) Charles Hamelin-Canada (S) Lee Han Bin-South Korea ( Viktor Ahn-Russa Men's Relay (G) Canada (S) Russia ( South Korea Women's 500m (G) Fan Kexin-China (S) Arianna Fontana-Italy ( Shim Suk Hee-South Korea Women's 1000m (G) Shim Suk Hee-South Korea (S) Kim A-Lang-South Korea ( Arianna Fontana-Italy Women's 1500m (G) Shim Suk Hee-South Korea (S) Zhou Yang-China ( Kim A-Lang-South Korea Women's Relay (G) South Korea (S) China ( Canada Snowboarding-Men's Parallel Slalom (G) Benjamin Karl-Austria (S) Rok Marguč-Slovenia ( Roland Fischnaller-Italy Men Parallel Giant Slalom (G) Lukas Mathies-Austria (S) Andreas Prommegger-Austria ( Rok Marguč-Slovenia Men Halfpipe (G) Ayumu Hirano-Japan (S) Yuri Podladchikov-Switzerland ( Shawn White-United States Men Slopestyle (G) Mark McMorris-Canada (S) Sébastien Toutant-Canada ( Roope Tonteri-Finland Men Snowboardcross (G) Alex Pullin-Australia (S) Stian Sivertzen-Norway ( Nick Baumgartner-United States Women Parallel Slalom (G) Ekaterina Tudegesheva-Russia (S) Julia Dujmovits-Austria ( Amelie Kober-Germany Women Parallel Giant Slalom (G) Amelie Kober-Germany (S) Isabella Laböck-Germany ( Ester Ledecka-Czech Republic Women Halfpipe (G) Kelly Clark-United States (S) Arielle Gold-United States ( Holly Crawford-Australia Women Slopestyle (G) Spencer O'Brien-Canada (S) Enni Rukajärvi-Finland ( Torah Bright-Australia Women Snowboardcross (G) Lindsey Jacobellis-United States (S) Dominique Maltais-Canada ( Maëlle Ricker-Canada Ski Jumping-Men Normal Hill (G) Anders Bardal-Norway (S) Simon Ammann-Switzerland ( Gregor Schlierenzauer-Austria Men Large Hill (G) Gregor Schlierenzauer-Austria (S) Thomas Morgenstern-Austria ( Anders Bardal-Norway Men Team (G) Austria (S) Germany ( Switzerland Women (G) Sara Takanashi-Japan (S) Carina Vogt-Germany ( Irina Avvakumova-Russia Speedskating-Men 500m (G) Mo Tae Bum-South Korea (S) Keiichiro Nagashima-Japan ( Joji Kato-Japan Men 1000m (G) Shani Davis-United States (S) Mo Tae Bum-South Korea ( Ronald Mulder-Netherlands Men 1500m (G) Koen Verweij-Netherlands (S) Denis Yuskov-Russia ( Shani Davis-United States Men 5000m (G) Sven Kramer-Netherlands (S) Bob De Jong-Netherlands ( Jorrit Bergsma-Netherlands Men 10000m (G) Jorrit Bergsma-Netherlands (S) Sven Kramer-Netherlands ( Alex Contin-France Men Team Pursuit (G) Netherlands (S) Russia ( South Korea Women 500m (G) Lee Sang-Hwa-South Korea (S) Jenny Wolf-Germany ( Wang Beixing-China Women 1000m (G) Olga Fatkulina-Russia (S) Heather Richardson-United States ( Brittany Bowe-United States Women 1500m (G) Brittany Bowe-United States (S) Ireen Wüst-Netherlands ( Lotte van Beek-Netherlands Women 3000m (G) Claudia Pechstein-Germany (S) Martina Sáblíková-Czech Republic ( Ireen Wüst-Netherlands Women 5000m (G) Martina Sáblíková-Czech Republic (S) Yvonne Nauta-Netherlands ( Claudia Pechstein-Germany Women Team Pursuit (G) Netherlands (S) Poland ( Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 5 medal producing nations, weighed by Golds won: (G / S / B / Total ) 1. Norway ( 17 / 10 / 8 / 35 ) 2. Canada ( 12 / 10 / 10 / 32 ) 3. Germany ( 12 / 8 / 11 / 31 ) 4. United States ( 10 / 11 / 7 / 28 ) 5. Russia ( 8 / 9 / 7 / 24 ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interesting tidbits: Norway sets a new record for golds won at a games with 17 golds and wins the most overall, with 35 medals. Liechtenstein wins its first medals since 1988 with 2 medals by Tina Weirather in alpine events. Paraguay becomes the first country from Latin America to win a medal at the winter games with Julia Marino's bronze in women's freestyle slopestyle. Marit Bjørgen from Norway will be the most decorated athlete at these games, picking up 6 medals in cross country skiing events. Shani Davis of the United States will win his 3rd consecutive title in the 1000m speedskating event, becoming the first American athlete to win the same event in 3 consecutive Olympics. Meanwhile, Shaun White fails to do the same. Italy's Carolina Kostner will shock many by winning the Ladies figure skating title, upsetting both Kim Yuna and Asado in the process. Russia beats Sweden in the men's gold medal hockey match with an overtime goal by Pavel Datsyuk, sending Russia into a frenzy a la '10 with Canada's OT win. A record 28 nations win medals at the Sochi games, up from 26 in Vancouver.
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