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  1. Bode has been in the top 10 in some recent World Cup events, including a 5th place showing in the downhill in Switzerland this past weekened. He recently finished 2nd in a Giant Slalom event and 8th in a Super G event as well back in December. It would not be too surprising if he ended up somewhere on the podium in Sochi, just sayin'...
  2. Let's face it, U.S. has zero chance of getting a medal in curling in Sochi. The lone medal for the U.S. curling team is the bronze won by the men in Turin in 2006.
  3. Pretty much the opposite for the United States. U.S. has a strong long track team that could produce several medals but a seriously depleted Short-Track team with the retirement of Ohno and scandals that have ridden the U.S. Short Track program since 2010.
  4. Definitely a big blow for China. Her absence could pave the way to Italy's Fontana winning multiple medals and perhaps becoming a big star in the games.
  5. As an American, I tend to agree. I'd be shocked if we medaled in either the men's or women's single skate. However, the U.S. is balanced enough that it should challenge for gold in the team competition with no true weakness across all 4 major skating disciplines compared to other nations. I had to pick a few upsets here and there to keep it interesting, thus the U.S. edging out Canada in the team competition and Davis and White should cruise to gold in the Ice Dance. 2 medals tops for U.S. with Canada getting 4.
  6. I think Eric Guay has a very good chance in the Men's Downhill, but alas I don't have him picked for a medal in my official medal projections.
  7. I know I am in the minority, but I think the U.S. takes the gold over Canada in the Team event. U.S. may not be very strong but have the depth to beat Canada.
  8. Hello all, first time poster here, really excited for the Winter Games which'll commence in 3 weeks. I'm seriously bored today...I'd figure I'd have some fun and create a list of my medal picks for the Sochi Olympics, sport by sport. These picks are based on my research, recent performances in world cups, world championships, etc, and my general knowledge of these winter sports which I follow religiously. It'll be interesting to compare my picks to Sports Illustrated's if and when they come out. Now time let the fun begin.. Alpine Skiing-Men's Downhill (G) Askel Svindal-Norway (S) Hans Rei
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