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  1. What devastating news!! MSNBC said that it's possible that he was off-center while going down, but of course.. it's way too early to know just yet and a meeting is underway. Hugs and prayers to the family, friends and fellow teammates of Nodar Kumaritashvili.
  2. For hockey and curling anyway. But according to some news articles, NBC is threatening to yank Justin.tv for other sports. Here's one news story about NBC v Justin.tv, but there's quite a few stories out there--> http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/olympics/2011023126_olycanadiantv09.html NBC should provide their own streaming if they're going to try and stop everyone else from doing it!
  3. Ok.. I passed your predictions onto Kikkan Randall last night and she said you are in the penalty box! Seriously. That's what she said to tell you fineshot!
  4. ~~~ Absolutely STUNNING !!!! ~~~~ = = Thank you for sharing those !!!!
  5. I'm guessing they'll be a series of animals such as moose, bears, etc. wearing RCMP style hats and toting hockey sticks. Ok.. I'm just tossing out guesses here, but hey.. .. I'm sure whatever they come up with will be AWESOME !!
  6. I'm sure the mascots have been on here several times before.. but the thread either drifted down the board, or I just can't find them. Those mascots ROCK! (The five main ones ---> ~~~ plus all the other ones representing various sports) http://en.beijing2008.com/37/03/column211990337.shtml
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