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  1. I'll drop in and add a quick comment, then won't be a bother, I promise. When you log on and find that someone has sent you a nastygram.. it's pretty disheartening and I'm still trying to figure that one out.. In any event, in regards to the new arena being built on the UAA campus.. there won't be ice added in that sports venue. The basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, skiing, x-country and track & field will be located there - but anything that has to do with hockey will be stay at the Wells Fargo Center just down the road. The Wells Fargo Center does have a sheet of ice, but it's only used as a practice facility for the college hockey team. It's not a large enough venue for them to hold games there. I think it only seats 750? The new arena will be 196,00 SQ according to the Anchorage Daily News, which is probably small by most standards, but the Anchorage campus enrollment is only at 18K in most years. Speaking of ice.. We just went through a major mess at UAA over the topic of ice hockey with one of many of the complaints being that ice was not included in that new sports facility. Two of the larger hockey associations in town filed a "lack of confidence vote" against the college's athletic director because of his seeming lack of interest in hockey. The governor eventually got involved in the squabble and the athletic director was ultimately fired (approximately a month ago?).. With any luck, UAA's next AD will be a hockey fan! I'm only mentioning all of this.. because -IF- (and that's a huge if baron ) they ever did decide to try a bid, neither the UAA campus or the Sullivan Arena would be a factor. Neither would any of the other smaller arenas (Boeke, Dempsey, Dimond, McDonald, etc.) The Sullivan Arena is far too small for the Aces and is one of the older ones in D1 college hockey. All talks around town are that it needs to be demolished. Anyway.. thanks for letting me drop in here from time to time.. I'm having some problems logging off of here for some reason and am not sure if there's a glitch? I log off, and when I drop back a day or so later.. for some reason it shows that I'm already logged on. Strange.. Take care guys. xoxox Baron-PierreIV, I'll be pulling for you!!
  2. Yeah, really! They come up on the ballots every once in a while, but voters always shoot em down... O'well.. makes the trips to LV & Reno all the more fun!
  3. You're right olympicsfan97. Ah, but there's nothing better than watching Anchorage and say.. Gwinnett, GA competing against one another for the cup. Gotta love it! Hey Baron-Pierre, you're not so bad afterall. At least you maintain your composure while discussing all of these "wanna-be" locations. I'm at the tail end of a 20 year retirement position and will either be in my place in Avalon, or who the &^# knows where LONG before anyone hosts the 2026 games. Not sure if I'll sell my house up here (I'll never find a view like this one has again.. ) but I won't be living in it myself. Quaker, yes - 72 games. Had to kinda glaze over the whole history of the ECHL bit. I know the background all too well. It's a pretty crummy league when you compare it to the AHL, but when the NHL had their issues at the beginning of the season.. it was nice seeing 4 homegrown NHL'ers playing at home for the Aces. Nice while it lasted! Texas, where is that outdoor field you posted the photo at? I'm guessing one of the high schools, but I can't place it. But you're all correct that if this city is serious about bidding again (and who knows what will happen?) there would be some considerable building to be done. When I watched the local news this morning, former Anchorage mayor Rick Mystrom was standing in front of some mountains in Eagle River (just N. of Anchorage) pointing up to the area they selected eons ago for the luge run. I guess if you're going to dream, dream BIG!
  4. I can't believe some of the replies that have rolled across this thing since I posted this thing! (( )) "Baron P. Myles IV book writer extraordinaire", I really, really hope the Olympics are held in Reno/Tahoe in the near future for you. Seriously.. no one has the passion and desire you have. But don't drive yourself crazy worrying about other locations stealing Reno's thunder! And Quaker.. the location of Anchorage, Alaska had nothing to do with it not winning prior bids! Good grief.. I fly down to the lower-48 all the flippin' time. The way some of you are talking, it's like you're asking the visitors to all move up here. I mean =gasp= they'd have to endure a 3 hour flight from Seattle?! OMG!!!!! If the sports teams here (or the ones who come up to play) could hear how ridiculous that sounds, they'd be rolling on the ground laughing. And what's this nonsense about bringing in cruise ships for added motel rooms? = = Have you seen how many hotels/motels Anchorage has!?!?! There was a major building (((boom))) that started in the late 90's/early 2000's and it still hasn't stopped. Anchorage is NOT lacking in hotel space. If anything, there are way too many hotels! What the city is in dire need of is a new hockey arena. The current one is too small for the popular ECHL hockey team (Alaska Aces) and they are often at standing room only. Wait. What. Did I say ECHL? You mean they fly all the way to the east coast!?! 81 games a season!? OMG, isn't that way far away? LOL!!! No. The same arena is also home to a Division 1 hockey team (who also play teams as far away as Alabama).. again- piece of cake guys. No one minds the trips. But the new arena currently being built on campus will not include ice, so yes - Anchorage is sorely lacking a new hockey facility. If Anchorage does ever host the games, a major benefit for them (aside from how SNOWY it is here.. and we are talking SNOW) is that Alyeska Resort is such a close, easy drive (or train ride) from Anchorage. 30 minutes tops. And it has to be one of the most stunningly beautiful drives on the planet. Massive snow-capped mountains along the sea the entire way, and once in the Alyeska area, gorgeous glaciers everywhere. There are slopes and trails all over the city, but for the major downhill events - they'd go to Alyeska. I also read comments on here about how the Olympics needs to be in a major city, lest visitors will get bored. Whhaaaaa? So if you're under 400K, you're dullsville? When you travel to the Olympics, aren't you primarily going for the games? If not, they must've been bored to tears in Lillehammer. Hey.. At least in Anchorage, they'll get the added bonus of the northern lights swirling up above and the Iditarod sled dog race in the streets of downtown. As much as I travel between Anchorage and California, I'm just a little blown away at Baron and others comments. Anyway.. just wanted to add an update to the original post. Seems that the newly formed committee held their first meeting today: http://www.adn.com/2013/06/25/2953213/group-begins-exploring-another.html Good grief, some people here are a kick..
  5. ....according to the Anchorage Daily News: http://www.adn.com/2013/05/30/2921532/anchorage-to-explore-possible.html
  6. World clock -> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?month=2&year=2010&obj=sun&afl=-11&day=1&n=18
  7. Oooh. big correction. That should read: 2.2 BILLION with a "B" surplus. Good grief, did I ever short change the state!!
  8. I guess I just get a kick out of some of the comments that roll through here about potential U.S. cities that could bid some day for the winter games. I mean.. Bozeman, Montana? It makes me wonder if the person suggesting it has actually been there? In any event -- if you made a list of U.S. cities that surrounded by mountains, downhill and x-country ski trails, and more snow than we know what to do with - it boggles the mind that so many here think that Anchorage is the one place where it will "never happen". Alaska has a 2.2 million dollar SURPLUS due to oil revenues. How many other states are sitting on a surplus? Since 1976 the state has paid every single resident a fat check each October just for living here. (They've gotta spend the oil revenues some how!) So if they wanted to vie for the games again here, I'm not so sure money would be an issue. "FYI" here said that "Anchorage's chances on getting the Winter Games are probably just as bleak as Honolulu getting the Summer Games" and "CanisMinor" said "Anchorage is too far north". ~~~~ (( )) Then again.. I guess that's what makes this forum so entertaining!
  9. Fishing, mining or oil drilling perhaps.. but the Olympics? I've been listening to rumbles about another bid here for quite a while now, but haven't heard a peep from the environmental community. Why would they care? They didn't care last time and most of the ski areas have doubled in size since then. If anything, they'd be pushing for it. Alyeska ski resort is a half hour drive from the city (or you can take the train).. And Hillside, Kincaid, and other ski areas are right in the city. The largest hockey arena in Anchorage is already TOO small for this city, but there's several different groups with various plans on the table for a new one. I seriously wish they'd hurry up on this one since the Sullivan Arena is ready to be torn down! As far as U.S. cities vying for future Olympics though, I can't imagine why you'd think Anchorage would never be viable? We're surrounded by mountains, BURIED IN SNOW, and you won't find a more scenic winter city in the states. Besides.. Where else can you go to the Olympics, then watch the start of the Iditarod right smack downtown?
  10. What devastating news!! MSNBC said that it's possible that he was off-center while going down, but of course.. it's way too early to know just yet and a meeting is underway. Hugs and prayers to the family, friends and fellow teammates of Nodar Kumaritashvili.
  11. For hockey and curling anyway. But according to some news articles, NBC is threatening to yank Justin.tv for other sports. Here's one news story about NBC v Justin.tv, but there's quite a few stories out there--> http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/olympics/2011023126_olycanadiantv09.html NBC should provide their own streaming if they're going to try and stop everyone else from doing it!
  12. Ok.. I passed your predictions onto Kikkan Randall last night and she said you are in the penalty box! Seriously. That's what she said to tell you fineshot!
  13. ~~~ Absolutely STUNNING !!!! ~~~~ = = Thank you for sharing those !!!!
  14. I'm guessing they'll be a series of animals such as moose, bears, etc. wearing RCMP style hats and toting hockey sticks. Ok.. I'm just tossing out guesses here, but hey.. .. I'm sure whatever they come up with will be AWESOME !!
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