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  1. No. It looks like a series of circles. Looks like its going to be surrounded by water. There's one pipe in the very middle of the circles. could be water or gas. Guessing the pieces of the actual cauldron are under the tents waiting to be constructed. I can't make out whats in the section behind the tents and toilets. Enhanced it in photo shop and its still all dark.
  2. Been floating the idea of going down with my father for the Woman's Soccer Gold Medal match. Its cheaper for us to fly into San Paulo than Rio. Is there a good way to get between the two cities?
  3. Good question. If the articles I've read are accurate the two will be lit at the same time. So maybe Lighter A will be the next to last runner, meets Lighter B at the far end of the stadium and by the time Lighter A run/walks to the stadium cauldron, Lighter B will be transported (on the back of a Phoenix maybe!?!? ) to the Cauldron by the bay. Hopefully they don't put Pele on the back of a Toyota Tacoma and drive him down the boulevard.
  4. I'm guessing they're keeping the phoenix caged up under those tents?
  5. Great video. Anybody speak Portuguese and can translate what they're saying about the cauldron?
  6. The boxes look back lit to me, not LED. Maybe they'll have a difference cover for each scene? Also, that navy blue looks to dark to be projected upon clearly from behind.
  7. Yeah I think we've all come to the conclusion that the cauldron will be on the floor/stage and not the roof. This kinetic sculpture is intriguing me. Imagine a moving / "living" cauldron.
  8. Thank you JMarkSnow2012! It looks like a good location to me. Not in the middle of the walkway by the bay, not right next to the church. Looks like the scaffolding is about 30' tall. I'm sure Barron could tell us how that would compare to the heights of other cauldrons. Guessing they're going to go London's route and not have a tower/base.
  9. Dumb question but where in Rio is this? Is it like right next to the church? Has anybody floated the idea of the cauldron being in the shape of the Rio logo?
  10. We need to start a Go Fund Me for this person to get a better zoom on their camera. Lol.
  11. That white section looks elevated. You can see some black boxes or something stacked up. Its absolutely sloping down from the favellas.
  12. Do we have any spies on here? Like Rio locals that can go and check out the area around the church?
  13. I think it'll be something like Atlanta where dancers form the rings. That would be a very Rio/Brazillian thing to do I believe.
  14. I feel like the white is just a base for projections. I'm sure there's going to be lots of green and rio colors built up ontop of it.
  15. Google photo sphere of that area. https://www.google.com/maps/@-22.8953655,-43.1799602,3a,75y,96.24h,82.73t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-LGD5zxl0ROI%2FVzjwm_UMg8I%2FAAAAAAAGRLw%2F2s9j3xeloLAHvrVJko8qZEg6XD_9zgDVgCLIB!2e4!3e11!6s%2F%2Flh3.googleusercontent.com%2F-LGD5zxl0ROI%2FVzjwm_UMg8I%2FAAAAAAAGRLw%2F2s9j3xeloLAHvrVJko8qZEg6XD_9zgDVgCLIB%2Fw229-h100-n-k-no%2F!7i8704!8i3796!6m1!1e1
  16. Okay so what if they put the cauldron in the pool that's under the museum's overhang which sticks out into the bay?
  17. Actually, that wouldn't be crazy at all. A carnival float cauldron. Would explain why we haven't seen any construction going on for it. Also, there's been rumors of the cauldron going "green" or wood burning since London so that could be a possibility. Park the float in the park and/or drive it around to medal matches. Would be very cool and very unique to Rio, the only other city which could pull off a float cauldron would be New Orleans but they aren't getting an Olympics any time soon.
  18. To distract us all that Christ the Redeemer is being fitted with a new 75 foot tall model of the Olympic Torch?
  19. What's wrong with shorts and boat shoes? I wear shorts and boat shoes all the time. I'd probably go without the undershirt, but thats just me. We gonna look good!!
  20. But the planning org knew months before and if the mayor wanted to know something about it such as the location, he knew to ask them. This appears to be the case of a really bad communications manager or something. We knew Beijing about a week before.
  21. Uhhhh.... isn't it a little late for the Mayor to be making demands about the Cauldron? Like he should be able to figure out where it is by now. Politically stupid to come out making demands which are already set in stone.
  22. So my theory about the Cauldron being at the jetty of the Olympic Park seems to be busted. Maybe it'll be something portable?
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