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  1. The church cauldron seems much much smaller than the maracana version
  2. There's zero chance they axe the cauldron. We know what it looks like and how its going to work. I won't get into details because I know some people want to be surprised but there's going to be one and there's going to be real fire.
  3. "less carbon emitting ceremony" isn't exactly a high bar to beat as far as the flame is concerned. Think back at the last very cauldrons. London had one gas line for each country, Vancouver had 4 massive flames. Beijing's was huge!!! even only having 5 modest gas heads would be less carbon emitting than normal. Those 5 or 1 will be multiplilied by mirrors. Don't expect anything crazy like no flame.
  4. Wait I'm confused. I thought NBC was delaying their broadcast tonight in the US. Its starting at 7:30pm EST.
  5. Yes. Staging in the arena and then will be on the floor after the carnival of nations.
  6. It could work with gas pipes. You'd simply have to make the stems/branches/arms pipe lines. then fit a cool mirror at the end. totally would work.
  7. So how do we think the Parade of Nations is going to happen? With no natural track and the little white stages sitting so close to the stands I think they enter from the tunnel opposite of the box stage and go straight to the box stage instead of around and then to their respected side. This will give the illusion of the carnival once delegations start to fill in. I think this would also help with cutting the time of the segment because they would be going in a straight line instead of around.
  8. Maybe it'll be "The Hand of God" rising up from the box with the flame in the palm and the kinetic structure will rotate around it as the golden aura.
  9. I still don't think they'd put tunnels and holes in the middle of an expensive drainage system. Especially because this stadium has to be used for the football gold medal matches.
  10. That wouldn't be a tunnel there baron. That would require a hole the size of a shipping container which isn't there. Maracana has a top of the line drainage system under the turf which is what I think you saw and mistook it as tunnels. Big shiny spiny thing hanging from the roof is absolutely the cauldron. did the "tunnels" look something like this?
  11. OO Thats a good angle. Where did you find that? Looks like the structure is anchored from above in the stadium. If this is indeed the cauldron would they also anchor it from above at the church or just flip it?
  12. No. It looks like a series of circles. Looks like its going to be surrounded by water. There's one pipe in the very middle of the circles. could be water or gas. Guessing the pieces of the actual cauldron are under the tents waiting to be constructed. I can't make out whats in the section behind the tents and toilets. Enhanced it in photo shop and its still all dark.
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