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  1. He has done it before. I thought it had been accepted that he had copied it in that comp.



    From http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/22595-2026-commonwealth-games-vote/

    But in this comp it is certainly not acceptable. (and I gave it 10 points) <_<

    I thought it MAY have been accepted, I didn't read the whole forum at the time.

  2. I made it similar to the old British commonwealth and earlier commonwealth games logo styles revolving around red and blue and the union jack, such as Christchurch 1974 or Edmonton 1978. I do understand what you're talking about though. I might experiment with some new options tomorrow. :)

    And about the thread being dead it just looked like it had hit a wall but hopefully it picks back up again.


  3. This is something I put together for Wellington


    It symbolises many aspects of Wellington.

    Firstly, the predominate colours, yellow and black are the (un/official?) colours of Wellington annd Wellington Sport.

    Wellington Phoenix (Football Club)


    Wellington Hurricanes (Rugby Union)


    Wellington Lions (Rygby Union)


    Wellington Go Bus


    Secondly you have the rings and centre circle. This is The Beehive, the executive wing of the New Zealand Parliament buildings and an icon of Wellington, viewed from above.


    This aspect can also be viewed as symbolising Wellington's position in the centre of New Zealand.


    The cut out in the bottom left symbolises a silver fern, a popular symbol of NZ and NZ sports.




    Finally there in the font of the titling. It represents the Wellington sign, located near the Airport.


    Originally intended to be a Wellywood sign, celebrating Wellington's famous movie scene.


    The idea was met with opposition so ideas for the sign where put up to public vote. The Wellington being blown away design won and that is what is there today. It commemorates Wellington's portrayal as an immensely windy city.

    This is the logo in other colours.









    I would much appreciate to hear your feedback.

  4. I would like to have seen E with a solid white background as most logos are in the real world (hope that doesn't offend anyone here on the forums). The only other place I have seen logos with that style of background is on other logo comps. The reason is because if it didn't work on any other background it would be very hard to put it with sponsors logos or in other circumstances if you know what I mean. I know it's a bit late for constructive criticism but I just thought I would let you know my opinion.


  5. Then it would become biased and subjective. The way Rols did it is right because then it becomes anonymous to a certain degree; and the entries are judged on their merit rather than on their authorship. The designers know their own work.

    I don't think it would make it biased. I think most people know who made each logo and if not they can go into the original forum or look at other peoples signatures or profile pics, putting it on the main page next to the logo would just make it easier.

  6. Although it doesn't look like I am going to get through this year I still think it is a great achievement to receive 8 votes thus far. Thank you to all those who voted for me (Q).

    Just a suggestion for next time, it might be helpful if in the montage of logos you also put the designers name. This would make it easier to see which logo is being referred to in instances such as yoshi's post above.

    NZL. :)

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