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  1. The Oslo logo that has been posted here looks good but for some reason this was posted on gamesbids.com http://www.gamesbids.com/eng/winter_olympic_bids/2022_olympic_bid/1216136860.html and that is just ugly. any idea why this one is different. (I'm talking about the greys being thinner than every thing else)
  2. Ok I get it, I just googled it and it made sense. I guess that areas too much work for russia. It's an olympic gift
  3. Yeah, it was a pretty efficient parade (apart from the Chinese stopping to salute there president) There was no stupid stuff and the athletes remained the full width of the circuit the whole time. This usually doesn't happen with the longer teams which end up as only two wide right up next to the crowd.
  4. I didn't like the constellation of athletes, it took way too long. It looked (they probably were) like they were gust playing on and on waiting for a delayed torch. *just
  5. On Prime TV (NZ) they had a small recap of the ceremony (It was pretty much a picture (video) slideshow that lasted a minute) after watching it and for some reason the showed the image of the failed ring, i was like this isn't something you want to highlight guys.
  6. I was more thinking of the international audience, but if it doesn't apply in Russia, it shouldn't apply anywhere. lol
  7. Also I hope no epileptic people were watching that. The amount of flashing lights. It looked at one point as if they were just turning on and off the camera while looking at white lights.
  8. I accidentally fell asleep (It was 5 am ) through some of the red scene, then I went to rewind it and accidentally changed channel and lost it. So I only got to see it going back quite fast.
  9. That whole dreaming little girl has been done before. It wasn't very original. Also 2x as good as London, I don't think so. It's not even 4x Vancover.
  10. I'm a little confused so I'm just going to say thank you!
  11. Unfortunately I did not make the top 3. I would like to thank all those who voted for me (especially with there high points). Now I can't wait, firstly to vote for a winner and secondly to enter in "the design a new commonwealth games thingy competition" though I don't know if I can wait 'til summer (winter here).
  12. I think he understands his (repeated) mistake and understands that it is not acceptable here. We need to stop attacking him and get back to the competition. Hopefully he has the courage to enter one of these competitions again (with his own work) because he obviously has an eye for what looks good.
  13. No one said that. I agree that we get back on track and help make this competition move on as smoothly as now possible for yoshi's sake. From my understanding this is his first time organising a competition like this.
  14. He entered someone else's work in the last comp as "My Toronto Logo"/"My revised Toronto Logo" and was caught out. I doubt that if this logo won without anyone finding out it wasn't his that he would have admitted it. And of course we have no way of finding out if what he submitted for Toronto '26 or Bangkok '28 was genuine or not (unless anyone's seen them somewhere else). So he's only hurting his own credibility by submitting other peoples work. It's unfortunate this wasn't averted earlier.
  15. But you voted for it. Not once did you ask for it to be removed. So don't act like it's yoshi fault for including it when you included it in a submission's forum.
  16. That's a good way to put someone into a position where they can't respond without feeling rude. I apologise for any offence. Lets hope we can get back to voting - for genuine entry's only - and put this behind us.
  17. Ok, I understand Athensfan. I think when dealing with situations like this we need to avoid making (or apearing to make) personal atacks. My final votes are: 12 Points N 10 Points P 8 Points C 6 Points E 4 Points G 2 Points F Please discount my former votes.
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