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  1. I'm having a hard time seeing how Sochi had an unforgivable similarity to Vancouver? What was so unforgivable about it?

    It doesn't currently but if they did do a skit or anything about the oc failure in the cc then it would be unforgivingly similar to Vancouver. And that would just amplify the amount of copying they have done from previous games, London and Sydney in particular.

  2. But they really made up for it at the beginning of the closing ceremony.

    On that point, I would love if sochi repeated the rings segment in their closing, but inverting the issue, ie the one that didn't open opens and the other four stay closed.

    It would be a good way to convince the world that russia can be 'fun'

    Yeah and that it needs to copy everything from the rest of the world. The similarity to London and Sydney in the OC may have gone over the heads of the average viewer but anyone who saw the start of the Vancouver CC would instantly see the immense (unforgivable similarity).

  3. Having just re-watched the footage, I have to disagree. The trouble is, we don't know what was supposed to happen, but what actually did happen was that, after rising from the water to the foot of the ramp, the Cauldron stopped moving. Cathy walked out from under, to stand in front of the pool, so initially everything looked natural. However, after that, nothing much happened, axcept for Cathy first looking back over her sholder at the Cauldron, then turning fully back round to face it. Half a minute after the Cauldron had met the track, a close-up caught it wobbling violently- my guess is that this was caused by the technicians working on the basis that the problem might be purely mechanical. The shaking continued for about 15 seconds, then minutes of desperate filling-in ensued, fading between cameras every few seconds to give an illusion of action.

    Sochi was worse than Vancouver for the simple reason that the failure could easily be shown on a still image. Very sad.

    I think Vancouver was worse because it was just nothing, awkwardly staring at the cauldron for what seemed like ages. At Sochi though they were able to just get on with it and quickly get to the next event.

    There was no waiting to try and fix the problem at Sochi like there was at Vancouver (or Sydney).

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