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  1. OK, about the shabby venues, the bathrooms in some venues contain two toilets and a toilet paper only accessible when you stand up, there Olympic Park looks like a car park, Fisht looks unfinished and covered in corrugated iron, none of the hotels are finished and there were reports of one of the tracks for a new event being off and causing injury to athletes. Now for slack security, they have ramped up security now but before the games they were acting as if they were untouchable, not working with anyone and ignoring safety concerns. And honestly if we are judging (as you are sugesting) just by the impact of photo's you can't tell me this: which if we have no prior knowledge of (as you are suggesting) could just be a delay is worse than this which is so obviously lopsided it couldn't be design. And I do think any kind of skit would be too close to Vancouver to be passable. It would just make the list of things similar to past games even longer. What they need in the CC is something uniquely Russian that also hasn't been done before. If they did a display of Russian music across the generation (i.e. London) I would literally rage.
  2. And I also agree with others that Vancouver cauldron fail was a far worse failure than the ring fail and that everyone just likes Sochi-bashing. They do deserve some stick for what they have done (Anti-Gay laws, slack security and shabby venues) but not the whole "this game it's gonna be a fail" mindset purely based on political views.
  3. It doesn't currently but if they did do a skit or anything about the oc failure in the cc then it would be unforgivingly similar to Vancouver. And that would just amplify the amount of copying they have done from previous games, London and Sydney in particular.
  4. Yeah and that it needs to copy everything from the rest of the world. The similarity to London and Sydney in the OC may have gone over the heads of the average viewer but anyone who saw the start of the Vancouver CC would instantly see the immense (unforgivable similarity).
  5. I think Vancouver was worse because it was just nothing, awkwardly staring at the cauldron for what seemed like ages. At Sochi though they were able to just get on with it and quickly get to the next event. There was no waiting to try and fix the problem at Sochi like there was at Vancouver (or Sydney).
  6. Baron, if you don't single out something then you wouldn't have you'll end up with nothing. NHS and GOSH were what they singled out so get with it.
  7. PC will be nothing like Sochi. Korea is a somewhat modern, advanced country.
  8. Luckily they didn't borrow the rock violin tap dancing from Vancouver, that was awful.
  9. I actually asked Paul92 at the start of the year if he would start another competition like he did a couple of years ago but I haven't gotten a response. He hasn't been active here since last year. Anyone know what happened to him?
  10. Just for those thinking the failed ring was a purposely done as a middle finger to the us this is how I view the rings. It's not accurate exactly to the continents but you get the idea. In it red equals asia (which by some accounts russia sits mostly in) so by this most logical definition its not a FU to the US.
  11. I think that is just design. UGLY DESIGN.
  12. They've fixed it. http://www.gamesbids.com/eng/winter_olympic_bids/2022_olympic_bid/1216136860.html
  13. There are only the five Olympic rings there. I think the sixth might have been to trick people into thinking they were something different. http://cdn.fansided.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/229/files/2014/02/8207440.jpg
  14. It is satirical news. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Daily_Currant
  15. Well done Davey! A well deserved win. Congrats to all logos that made it this far!
  16. Not really, the Fisht Stadium as they have completed now is just PLAIN UGLY! It looks good in the renders and I understand why they couldn't have an open roof but surely the was a nicer way to cover the top and especially cover the ends. Especially with all the money they seem to have.
  17. Do you know why gamesbids.com would have the wrong image? Or will I have to ask them directly
  18. It was funny that on the the video that showed all there buildings they showed nice glass pagodas or something covering the end of the stadium but we ended up with ugly barns at each end, for $50bn
  19. I said "propaganda", there is no propaganda at all, but if Russia was anti straight then they would remove that scene for being straight propaganda.
  20. there were pashing straight people in your opening ceremony, is that not "propaganda"?
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