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  1. How old are you? 12? 13? After 6 or 7 pages of your garbage I couldn't even filter out ONE SINGLE VALID POINT. Sucks to be you.

    The funny thing is that Sochi DOES have its issues - but you did not actually identify any of the real issues facing this games, just regurgitated many Internet RUMOURS about the Games.

    What about the fact that badly designed courses have resulted in injuries to athletes, ruining there chances at meddling and causing serious injuries. I raised that point and that's not internet roumors.


  2. Again I would like to apologise for taking over this thread. I guess it's a problem you face on all open forms. I'm sure scotguy should be man enough to apologise also. As shown, he now has a place to direct his critisim at me (which has progressed to completely ungames related attacks) and although he has declined the offer I'm sure he will at some time. Thanks for bearing through that firery period and I hope you can continue with you're discussion. Which it is only 4 or 5 days to the CC. Excited.

  3. If you were reading on from the quote above it then it would make perfect sense. But obviously you weren't because you were just trying to bring up nonsense to make my points less credible. You need to get over this. Seriously.

    You're not gonna get any where trying to spoon feed me a perfect version of the world (where Russia and Scotland reign supreme)

    (Perfectly reign supreme)

  4. What was teh unforgivable similarity between the start of the Vancouver CC and Sochi OC?

    OMFG, you need to learn how to read. I do not say in that post that Vancouver's oc is comparable to Sochi's oc at all. Take a second look at things before you denounce them.

    I was talking about a skit based on the fauliure at Sochi's oc at the cc being too similar to what Vancouver did in there cc. You are just looking through my post and seeing where you can try and poke holes. It's not gonna happen.

    *(first Sochi oc) Sochi cc

  5. In regard to the photos, we are going to have to agree to disagree, because if I showed anyone i know who is not obsessed with the olympics like me, the two above photos, I know which one they would see the problem in first, the rings.

    Well the cauldron is already lit so it couldn't have been a delay but I agree that it is silly to compare accidents, mostly because they weren't planned.

    Well the cauldron is already lit so it couldn't have been a delay but I agree that it is silly to compare accidents, mostly because they weren't planned.

    And if you have not seen anything or know anything about either photo as you suggest then the same delayed theory works for both. ie you could assume the four leg is just delayed.

    Wrong quote sorry.

  6. Ok. I believe you there is nothing wrong with Sochi. All games in the past have run perfectly smoothly. I have trust in Olympic organising committees to fix any problems that do occur, there is no way to prevent terrorism and that things with no relation to a particular problem are more important, even when not judging importance, just because someone died. I just need to focus on the sport (which I'm not into anyway) and follow my life in the way of a ScotGuy.

  7. OMG, what is up with you, seriously. You are implying that injuries are more serious than a death because it wasn't the tracks fault. Ofcourse the Americans are going to critisise the Russian Government, that is a no brainer. You cant police everywhere 24/7 to ensure no one lets of a bomb, no country can ever do that.

    We could put your logic to a different scenario, RWC2011 opening night, Auckland Waterfront, too crowded, public transport in shambles - if we apply your logic, that shouldn't of happened because organisers should have expected record mass crowds to the event, but they didnt.

    Just take a few seconds at leat, to think about what you are writing.

    In not saying the death is not important in saying it doesn't compare. It wasn't vanoc's fault he died yet the injuries in Sochi are the organising committees responsibility.

    As for the RWC over crowding and public transport fails was because the organisers of that event were incompetent like most organisations in NZ. But the security in Sochi should have no room for incompetency.

  8. Why should something go wrong, The Commonwealth Games Federation has said that Glasow is one of the most prepared cities, plus if problems do arise, like they most probably will, like in all games, i am sure the organisers will try and fix it as best they can.

    You seem to be a very pessimistic person, stop wanting/expecting things to go wrong and just enjoy the sporting games.

    Of course something is going to go wrong, you can't plan an event if that scale without something going wrong but you are just going to brush it under the carpet like it doesn't matter.

    I have a rosy outlook on Sochi because i know that the games are going well despite constant jibes and nitpicking against them, because some people want them to fail.

    My mother is Russian and i have been there many times and lived there for many years and have friends and family still there, so just like the British members with London and Aussies with Sydney and Canadians with Vancouver, i feel a connection to these games and will defend them to the last, and if there is a major mistake or catastrphe, then i will be the first to condemn the organisers, but so far they, along with the volunteers, athletes and general Rusian people have put on a fantastic world class show.

    So get it right up ye!! (The Scot's in me there) :P

    I don't want them to fail. Let's stop this conversation and I accept your (rosy) world view and maybe you can accept my (somewhat cautious) world view.

  9. There is no comparison between the luger and the track in Sochi because the lugers death was not caused by a badly built track but all accidents to date in Sochi have been the result of the badly built track. and they haven't been working with int agencies because the Americans are critizing then for not doing so. And the reason the bombing should have been stopped is because they should have been expecting it unlike some of the other terrorist acts you have mentioned.

  10. So what is it, NONE or SOME of the hotels not finished? You say one thing then say another once you are proved wrong.

    Russia does not need to cooperate with other security agencies, its not a case of saying those bombings should never have happened, terror attacks happen almost everywhere, despite the best efforts of governments and agencies to prevent themAnd you seem to forget that a Luger died just before the Opening Ceremony of Vancouver 2010 = worse than Sochi

    Two people died and multiple injured in bombing in Centenial Park in Atlanta 1996 = Worse than Sochi

    Israeli athletes were kidnapped and murdered in Munich 1972 = Worse than Sochi

    Yet to you Sochi is the worst host fo the games

    I used the wrong word in my first post but yes I mean SOME of the hotels aren't finished and those that are finished aren't to an international standard. The luger who died in 2010 did not die as the result of a faulty track so there is no comparison. Both 1972 and 1996 were very different times, post 9/11 before the war on terror. Now days it is important for international organisations to cooperate and bombings before the games should not have happened if Sochi was running security properly at that point. I am not trying to say that Sochi is the worst games in history, that we can't evaluate until the end, but that it has proven to be quite unprepared for a games of this magnitude. We'll have to see if PeyongChang would have been a better host for this games.

  11. The venues are fine, you say NONE of the hotels are finished, well this is just pure lies, yeah some were unfinished but a small percentage

    Security was looked at and increased after the bombings a few weeks before, so how can you say that they are ignoring safety concerns.

    The track that was causing the injuries was remodeled and is now fine.

    So what you are saying is 'utter dribble'

    Yeah, some of the hotels aren't finished but those that are certainly aren't finished to an international standard. As to security they are not cooperating with other international agencies. Those bombings before the games shouldn't have happened and the track should have been working in the first place. Sochi is just unprepared for the games. It's not dribble it's serious concern both for athletes, game attendees and the IOC.

  12. But how is that an 'unforgivable' similarity? If they want to refer to the rings at the closing ceremony - then so be it. Let them. It's not like VANOC has some kind of intellectual copywrite - and how is that any different to any other cultural performance which has borrowed elements from other events. Some might say its copying Vancouver - but as it was a mistake in the first place, I don't see how that is so horrifying to laugh at it again down the track----- This is exactly what the Closing Ceremony is about, it is a light hearted review of the previous two weeks.

    Slack security and shabby venues - are you serious? What exactly are you referring to? I am one of these people who have been hard on Sochi for political reasons, but I don't exactly think the venues are shabby or there is slack security. I think the design elements of some of the venues leave a lot to be desired, but overall Sochi has spent big on all kinds of infrastructure - and it shows.

    Also baron, I really disagree with you.

    While vancouver glitch was more obvious than the sydney lighting because there were clearly four lighters, more obvious delay/music looping and only three legs to light, it was less impacting as a glitch because no one really knew what the cauldron was supposed to look like, it was not making a known shape or symbol, it just looked lobsided from certain camera angles and then we saw the main cauldron of how it was supposed to look. In Vancouver, the closing ceremony rounded out the honour for the fourth lighter very nicely and was in great taste.

    The sochi glitch while minor, was a glitch on the most recognised logo/symbol in world. Everyone and anyone knew it was wrong and it can be sent viral in images and animation and the error is clear. I could send as many photos of the three legged cauldron as I like, and people would just say, 'olympic cauldron' ok - some might pick it, others won't.

    The only way a cauldron glitch would be as universally obvious would be if a cauldron didn't light at all or went out. I say universally obvious though, I don't if it is the worst glitch, that could be vacouver.. but this snowflake unfortunately IMHO is the most obvious glitch.

    meant to read: 'it was less impacting as a glitch than the sochi rings because".....

    Slack security? if you wana mention slack security lets not forget Munich and Atlanta, now thats slack security - ive not heard of any security problems at Sochi, anyone?

    Shabby venues? Are you sure you are watching the winter olympics and not the queenstown schools winter champs lol - these venues are world class and visually stunningy

    You speak of Sochi bashing - yet here it is in these comments

    Baron, I would Like to think I am usually very measured in my posts, even if they are full of typos lately. Please re-read my post, I never said it was not obvious on the broadcast, I even said that the glitch in vancouver was more obvious compared to sydney because there were four lighters and three legs:

    While vancouver glitch was more obvious than the sydney lighting because there were clearly four lighters, more obvious delay/music looping and only three legs to light

    No one is suggesting that anyone who watched the ceremony did not notice the probelm, especially with gretsky's horrible poker face in comparison to cathy freeman's. I simply said that because it was not known what the cauldron should look like, seeing a photo of the three legged cauldron does not show an obvious problem in the same way a photo of 4 rings open on the most famous symbol in the world shows.

    I even qualified the glitch was probably worse in vancouver than sochi, but this error has more reach beyond those who watch ceremonies, as it can be immediately obvious that there was a massive problem. Clearly Vancouver is very obvious if you watch the footage, but not in the same prolific and symbolic way the sochi glitch is.

    For the record, I am not sochi bashing either, I have said before and again now that the sochi OC was very very well executed. I actually think the snow flake to ring is the most impressive rings since athens, it just didn't work. The olympic rings are the olympic rings anyone and everyone know when they are wrong.

    On athens, if one ring failed to light on the pool of water, or one ring failed to be forged in london there would be just as much glitch fallout as sochi.....

    OK, about the shabby venues, the bathrooms in some venues contain two toilets and a toilet paper only accessible when you stand up, there Olympic Park looks like a car park, Fisht looks unfinished and covered in corrugated iron, none of the hotels are finished and there were reports of one of the tracks for a new event being off and causing injury to athletes.

    Now for slack security, they have ramped up security now but before the games they were acting as if they were untouchable, not working with anyone and ignoring safety concerns.

    And honestly if we are judging (as you are sugesting) just by the impact of photo's you can't tell me this:


    which if we have no prior knowledge of (as you are suggesting) could just be a delay


    is worse than this which is so obviously lopsided it couldn't be design.

    And I do think any kind of skit would be too close to Vancouver to be passable. It would just make the list of things similar to past games even longer. What they need in the CC is something uniquely Russian that also hasn't been done before. If they did a display of Russian music across the generation (i.e. London) I would literally rage.

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