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  1. That was a waste of time if you wrote that out yourself. Unless you copied it of course.
  2. What about the fact that badly designed courses have resulted in injuries to athletes, ruining there chances at meddling and causing serious injuries. I raised that point and that's not internet roumors. *rumours
  3. Again I would like to apologise for taking over this thread. I guess it's a problem you face on all open forms. I'm sure scotguy should be man enough to apologise also. As shown, he now has a place to direct his critisim at me (which has progressed to completely ungames related attacks) and although he has declined the offer I'm sure he will at some time. Thanks for bearing through that firery period and I hope you can continue with you're discussion. Which it is only 4 or 5 days to the CC. Excited.
  4. Avoiding the question. I answered your question and beyond you must be extremely thick. And just in case you question my choice of words, no I could not speak when I was born.
  5. Yeah but do you believe like scotguy that they could do nothing better?
  6. Sochi if my Sochi is good but you can't ignore its downfalls message is dribble then what is your I love Sochi so much that there can't be anything they could do better banter? Profuse vomiting?
  7. Really because you are the one that just brought up a qoute from a couple days a ago when this argument was over. Just think deeply about what you are saying and if necessary then go back and have a look at exactly what you have done.
  8. If you were reading on from the quote above it then it would make perfect sense. But obviously you weren't because you were just trying to bring up nonsense to make my points less credible. You need to get over this. Seriously. You're not gonna get any where trying to spoon feed me a perfect version of the world (where Russia and Scotland reign supreme) (Perfectly reign supreme)
  9. OMFG, you need to learn how to read. I do not say in that post that Vancouver's oc is comparable to Sochi's oc at all. Take a second look at things before you denounce them. I was talking about a skit based on the fauliure at Sochi's oc at the cc being too similar to what Vancouver did in there cc. You are just looking through my post and seeing where you can try and poke holes. It's not gonna happen. *(first Sochi oc) Sochi cc
  10. Well the cauldron is already lit so it couldn't have been a delay but I agree that it is silly to compare accidents, mostly because they weren't planned. Wrong quote sorry.
  11. And that I trust that no organisers are incompetent or corrupt. Good night, Sir.
  12. Ok. I believe you there is nothing wrong with Sochi. All games in the past have run perfectly smoothly. I have trust in Olympic organising committees to fix any problems that do occur, there is no way to prevent terrorism and that things with no relation to a particular problem are more important, even when not judging importance, just because someone died. I just need to focus on the sport (which I'm not into anyway) and follow my life in the way of a ScotGuy.
  13. When has an event with 6000+ athletes alone to run smoothly. You've pointed out the issues of the past Olympic games and let's not forget Delhi 2010. Why should Glasgow be any different.
  14. In not saying the death is not important in saying it doesn't compare. It wasn't vanoc's fault he died yet the injuries in Sochi are the organising committees responsibility. As for the RWC over crowding and public transport fails was because the organisers of that event were incompetent like most organisations in NZ. But the security in Sochi should have no room for incompetency.
  15. I apologise for taking over this thread so please get back to your oc discussions.
  16. Of course something is going to go wrong, you can't plan an event if that scale without something going wrong but you are just going to brush it under the carpet like it doesn't matter. I don't want them to fail. Let's stop this conversation and I accept your (rosy) world view and maybe you can accept my (somewhat cautious) world view.
  17. There is no comparison between the luger and the track in Sochi because the lugers death was not caused by a badly built track but all accidents to date in Sochi have been the result of the badly built track. and they haven't been working with int agencies because the Americans are critizing then for not doing so. And the reason the bombing should have been stopped is because they should have been expecting it unlike some of the other terrorist acts you have mentioned.
  18. You seem to have a very rosy outlook on Sochi. can't wait to see how you react when something goes wrong in Glasgow.
  19. I used the wrong word in my first post but yes I mean SOME of the hotels aren't finished and those that are finished aren't to an international standard. The luger who died in 2010 did not die as the result of a faulty track so there is no comparison. Both 1972 and 1996 were very different times, post 9/11 before the war on terror. Now days it is important for international organisations to cooperate and bombings before the games should not have happened if Sochi was running security properly at that point. I am not trying to say that Sochi is the worst games in history, that we can't evaluate until the end, but that it has proven to be quite unprepared for a games of this magnitude. We'll have to see if PeyongChang would have been a better host for this games.
  20. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/winter-olympics/9704382/Snowboarder-survives-horror-crash-in-Sochi It is purely not up to standard. And it's actually putting athletes life's in danger.
  21. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/winter-olympics/9729883/Serious-injuries-continue-to-mount-in-Sochi http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/winter-olympics/9690789/Shaun-White-withdraws-from-Sochi-slopestyle The injuries are forced athletes to withdraw from the competition which is not fair on them.
  22. Yeah, some of the hotels aren't finished but those that are certainly aren't finished to an international standard. As to security they are not cooperating with other international agencies. Those bombings before the games shouldn't have happened and the track should have been working in the first place. Sochi is just unprepared for the games. It's not dribble it's serious concern both for athletes, game attendees and the IOC.
  23. BTW- The reason I am saying you have you have to be viewing the image with no prior knowledge is that if you knew the slightest about Vancouver's fail you would know about the fourth leg. But you are pretending that someone has only looked at both images and nothing more.
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