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  1. You have an ENTITLEMENT ISSUE eternalcobi. You have no more right to "request" this thread to be closed than tony has to open it. You need to watch how you say things. No more requesting or demanding, you don't have anywhere near that amount of power on this forums.
  2. How exactly are you going to choose the member that is removed from the group(s) with the least points. Do you just choose a competitor you like the least, does the team goose l choose who it wants to through under the bus. It's not like you know who did the least/worst work if it's all done in private between a team. I really think the team concept is flawed, it's just doesn't work over the internet. I do like the staggered stages of entry process though. That (at least at first glance) makes it look a lot easier for the inexperienced game a bid a book a contestant, me. Let's see what the GB
  3. I'm sure rols and aisminago can talk to each other without you in the middle.
  4. And how exactly are you going to close it....?
  5. Dude, look up at the post just 2 above yours. Go on... Yes, Go On...
  6. Well done Davey! The announcement of the winner was a bit weak compared to what we usually see. Anyway, see you over Easter for yet another competition (which looks like it's going to involve so much work I don't think I can even contemplate entering, I'll have to work/research for a couple years before I'm ready to submit a full bid )
  7. Ok, Even though I don't like the fact it has been changed I still think that A is the best and it certainly gets my vote. Congrats to both of you.
  8. Is "A" different to the one in the last round on purpose?
  9. F was entered through the private message back door... between asim and afiq. At least that's my understanding.
  10. I wouldn't be OK with them extending the deadline, certainly not for each other. Guys, just so you know, I (and I'm sure many others here) would definitely loose confidence in you two being twins if you pulled something like this.
  11. Closing in two days, does voting start then as well? Dude, this isn't your comp, you can't tell him how to run it. Also did Afiq ever enter his torch coz all I can see is the ideation and his logo. Is he doing a last minute entry?
  12. Issues? It's exactly the same as lighting a flag to fire. It means you disaprove-of/hate that contry. you can't just set fire to something and call it a torch relay logo. If we are not designing logos then remove it.
  13. Calm down, I'm stating the facts. You should really reconsider the logo though, you cant just set fire to the paralympic logo and call it a torch relay logo. It's both insulting and unoriginal. Amazing, wish I could draw like that. =) Can't wait to see your final design, I don't object to you entering.
  14. At least in my view it shows the Olympic logo next to the lit torch and the paralympic logo next to the unlit torch. That's a bit harsh. Lol. (Just saying, we're keeping this friendly.)
  15. Okay here goes. Again please tell me if these images are too big or something. This is my torch from three angles, lit and not lit <iframe src="https://www.flickr.com/photos/118718947@N08/12784865283/player/ea2bfdec9e" height="241" width="500" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe> It is based on the moving, linked, human figures of the Rio 2016 logo. It is meant to look like the three arms holding up the flame. It is completely transparent so you can see the gas cannister and gas tubes inside. each
  16. I'm in. Should have an entry up be tomorrow. A little bit unsure about the image size so when I upload them please tell me so I can solve the problem. Thanks.
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