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  1. no, no one does. you can't use clip art unless you change more than the color, but if you change the color and put the clip art in a circle, that's ok?

    Yeah, because that shows that you have thought of a design and created that design, so it is your own work/vision. It is that simple!

    it's just funny watching you backpeddle.

    ... and back-pedalling? This was my stance from the beginning so...

  2. Okay, my first logo here for a long long time.


    It's the soaring elephant of Nigeria, in the rainbow colours to signify Nigeria's tolerance and national diversity.

    A disclaimer before I get hauled to the copyright police - both the elephants and the flagpole are clip art.

    This is the example, it has obviously been changed and is a new design, if you get what I'm trying to say.

  3. Quick question to people have an issue with using say a stencil. I wanted to try by best to draw a koala (spoiler) but free hand on paint sucks and i didn't want to get someone else's help.

    I think as long as you do something to it, as in put it into an environment or dosomething drastic to change the design and make it unique the clip art is ok, thats what Rols said he did in with an elephant clip art in his CWG logo a while back, IIRC. If it is just a copy paste, maybe change the colours and slap the rings on it, then it doesn't really show any design vision, its actually just using someone else's vision. At least that's my opinion.

  4. Here is my submission for anchorage 2022 http://www.pinterest.com/pin/365706432216194370/

    My logo represents the peace of Alaska. The lines represent the northern lights which are often seen in Alaska. The mountains resemble the nature and landscape of the state. The motto for my logo is Follow the Dream.

    16129463241_159e36d43d.jpgwide-mountain-range-s-md by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr


    Appropriate...? I really don't think so.

  5. keep the one I have already submitted.

    I don't think you should expect much support should you do so. I think most here object to your use of clip art.


    ... and I also see this as evidence of your ability to hue shift, given how this mock logo employs the exact same gradients as the Chicago 2016 bid logo it is based on, so I'm not buying your "reconstruction" story as to how you created your Tokyo logo.

  6. Here is my Melbourne entry,

    15381876233_496299b0e1.jpgLogo by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr

    Firstly, is the shape of an M, symbolising Melbourne obviously, with a cut out representing the top of Port Phillip where Melbourne is situated. Geometric shapes often feature in modern Melbourne architecture and design and this combined with the sandstone colours is a representation of iconic Melbourne attraction Federation Square on this logo. The aforementioned cut out also represents a mountain, bringing the logo back to the winter olympic games. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



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  7. I changed mine up, but I did use similar images to put the shapes in the right places, but Scotguy just copied one of those ribbon logos and then took the bottom half of Tokyo's current logo and put them together.

    I don't know how much you changed it because I managed to find this...

    15979855811_4f42ea8810.jpgFree_Colorful_Origami_Birds_PNG_Icons3 by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr

    http://www.designrazzi.com/origami-birds-png-icons/-scroll down a bit

    It has the same gradient and everything, just in a different colour, which may be on the web somewhere else.

    ... and same shape.

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  8. I'm not 100% on this but here is my submission for Harbin 2022

    15314324514_b5c896bf52_c.jpgLogo by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr

    It is based on the flower that appears on the cities flag and seal, which is morphed into a snowflake representing the Winter Games and the "Ice City" as Harbin is known.

    I'm open to any feedback and will probably enter this unless I can create anything better.


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  9. Here is my (at least preliminary outline) logo for Tokyo 2020:

    15903623206_99b84dc7e4_o.pngLogo by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr

    It is based on the sun of the Japanese flag. This is then overlaid with the Japanese symbol Kangxi Radical 9 which, if I have researched correctly, means person/people. It also is a representation of Tokyo Tower, an icon of Tokyo around the world. This presented alongside the rings symbolises people joining together for the games in this great country. The overall theme for the design is simplicity, something often seen in modern Japanese design.

    I am open to feedback and would like to hear your critique. Please tell me if I have misinterpreted the meaning of the symbol or have caused offence.



    *Sorry, didn't realise how big that logo was going to paste.

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  10. I just told you, Tony! keep it on the computer, and you may post it at Spring's end

    I am requesting that THIS THREAD must be locked for grabs

    You have an ENTITLEMENT ISSUE eternalcobi. You have no more right to "request" this thread to be closed than tony has to open it. You need to watch how you say things. No more requesting or demanding, you don't have anywhere near that amount of power on this forums.

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