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  1. Portugal 2:

    20032714938_9055755b96_z.jpgLogo by NZLGamesBids, on Flickr

    Porto is the 2nd largest city in Portugal. The logo features a simplistic representation of the Dom Luís I Bridge that crosses the Douro River of the city. According to Wikipedia, Porto is often referred to as Cidade das Pontes (City of the Bridges) and this is represented in the logo. The Portuguese colours of Red and Green are also represented by the logo.

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  2. Again, delusional. Where did I say that? When Athens got 66 votes in 1997 to Rome's 41, 2/5ths of the IOC voting body did NOT see fit to go with Athens. Yes, 3/5ths of the voters went with A, but 2/5ths still did not. So 2 out of every 5 voters did not go with the winning city. And that's NOT a legit way of spinning it?? Again, I merely voiced my own opinion as OTHER have in all these contests. I did NOT presume to speak for others.

    No, what you were suggesting is that those who did not vote for my logo thought it was mediocre, arguing that you were not in the minority, that the majority must agree with you. That would be like you stating that you thought, for example, that Rome was too ugly for the games and then saying that 3/5ths of the IOC did not vote for Rome, implying this as proof you were the majority agrees with you. You cannot assume that the people who didn't vote did so for the same reason you did.

    Anyway, I think we've both misunderstood each other at some point and should just drop this. It was a cheap shot and I should've left it.

  3. I would think the majority disagree with you, but i guess that's how it usually is. I am sure you're used to it.

    Well, out of 24 votes cast at this hour, there are 15 votes for the rest, except for A. Just parsing the latest results.

    After I said that you were not with the majority of people thinkings, you gave me this response which implies that the 15 people not voting for me probably agreed with your opinion and that you weren't in the minority. You ended saying that you were just voicing the collective opinion, in regards to voting.

  4. Oh really? Sure could've fooled me. You call me "petty;" and what about you digging up my Youtube remarks so you could mock me -- and claim "you weren't digging dirt" if you didn't have the most deceitful of intentions? Then why else would you post it if not to mock the person? You are as much a liar as you claim I am. It's really best we just steer clear of each other. I really don't know what's wrong with people from NZ.

    And here goes the racism again. Why are the one contradicting yourself and pulling "facts" and "general opinions" out of your ass and posting them as truth. As for the youtube comments, your misbehavings there were handed to me on a silver platter when stumbled upon them accidentally, looking to see the video you created on your book, why not post them and let people know more about your character by showing them your comments in an arena where you don't have any kind of reputation to uphold. But, I think we know by now that all your opinions are misguided and incorrect. Just stop, I'm sick of your contradictory arguments.

    And about me starting this, I was done with you before you unnecessarily criticised my logo. Can you not stand to see me do well? I think you need to get a life.

  5. DId I ever say "everyone finds your logo mediocre"? DId I? I just expressed my own opinion -- which I am allowed to since this is an open forum. No, seriously, YOU grow up.

    No, you said that my logo was mediocre, I told you to grow up, you told me that you were "just parsing the latest results." You told me you were not voicing your own opinion, you were voicing the general opinion and then gave me your incredulously flawed view of how you gathered the opinion. Now you're trying to claim it back as your own opinion. What is wrong with you?

    And if you're talking about my reply to woohoo in the other thread, I realized afterwards that he mistook the emoticons as "jokes" whereas I just consider them as little punctation marks to lighten the comment. Which is why I was puzzled by his accusation -- and that's NOT the first time he did it. So again,as in most electronic communication, it's a matter of semantics. And I did NOT appreciate your jumping on me so rashly and the remarks that followed.

    And nothing I said had anything to do with this. You are so disillusioned.

  6. Actually if you want to be honest about it and if Rols corrects stir.ts'vote, A and D would then tie -- as of this hour. I don't have to lie.

    Yes, sorry for not counting someone who didn't vote correctly. I still find that the equal largest minority, as of this hour, disagree with you for sure, and you have no way of telling if anyone else agrees with your opinion. You are such a petty person, Baron. It's one thing to diss my logo because you have a personal difference with me, it takes another level of moron to pretend they are with the general consensus by misusing facts that are against their opinion. (It takes a Sarah Palin kind of person. Lol.) But seriously, grow up.

  7. Well, out of 24 votes cast at this hour, there are 15 votes for the rest, except for A. Just parsing the latest results.

    Except would all 15 of those people call my logo mediocre? The largest minority of voters obviously don't think it is mediocre. By your logic all the logos would be mediocre, mine the least so. I don't think you're paraphrasing the "latest" results very well.

    I must hurt to have to lie to yourself and others so often. You are very sad.

  8. Am flattered that you're taking more time learning about me than me caring about you. I guess that's how you lead your life. And who do I harm? Do I harm you?

    And yes, I am retired -- that is why I have all this time and a wide range of interests and opinions. That is why they are called 'social media' - so one can connect/be part of a larger world -- not just being stuck in a filler for "Middle Earth." :P God forbid you should live so long and have so many interests.

    Get your own fulfilling life, you empty soul.

    I was hardly dirt digging, I just was going to watch you video on your book, clicked on your channel and was presented with your comments on cat videos, a couple anti-islamic videos and a ****-ton of ceremony videos on which you suggested people but your but not owning up to being the author of it.

    And anyway, aren't I on block baron

  9. Because certain idiots and hypocrites (Mr. Bernham, zekelso, Victor Mata, LatinTX) were more interested in NOT hearing others' views, no matter how extreme, rather than feeling for the tragedy of the moment. It seemed highly ironic that here is the world reeling from another attempt at shutting down freedom of speech...yet right here in GamesBids, which is followed by quite a bit of people, with liberal leanings, were MORE INTENT in silencing me rather than condemning the REAL ACT of bloody MASS MURDER.

    What fellow-posters here on GB did, as most of the time with me and Tony, is EXACTLY what the Islamic extremists want to do -- shutting down freedom of expression which is neither slanderous or libelous. Yet, these self-righteous, sanctimonious posters here DON'T see the high irony of their actions. :rolleyes:

    Yup, least of all you. Look in the mirror, hypocrite! :lol: Such an ignorant twat!!

    Another presumptuous, toadie fool.

    So he "INVENTED" and "IMAGINED" the emoji in these post? I can't believe you...

  10. And from me:

    Melbourne A - 1 point

    Barcelona E - 2 points

    Harbin C - 3 points

    Harbin A - 4 points

    Salzburg D - 5 points

    Melbourne J - 6 points

    Melbourne J - 7 points

    And the big three:

    Salzburg B - 8 points

    Anchorage B - 10 points

    Santiago C - 12 points

    With that, voting is officially closed. results to come soon.

    Didn't know you could vote for a logo twice :P. Did you possibly mean Melbourne B which you mentioned alongside Melbourne J in your original post and marked down in your spreadsheet for 7 points?

    Okay, I've been pondering these for a few days now, and really want to give my two cents worth. So here's my top 10, but in no particular order. You can see the points I've assigned when the results are announced:

    Anchorage B - You can always count on Danny to come up with a good font and something colourful. I could see this working in real life.

    Barcelona E - Not the most polished, but thumbs-up for Mr Bernham for his most original design in this.

    Harbin A - You get a feel for particular members' styles after a while, and this is very much in nzl's house style. Probably my favourite of his ever - nice and cheerful and appealing and colourful.

    Harbin C - I know it's mostly a clip, but I like the look and feel of this submission by Barrack. And I'm a Year of the Tiger and like animals in logos. This is how clip art can be used successfully.

    Melbourne A - with a bit of polish, this could be a really good logo. Very clever concept, MissEurasia.

    Melbourne B - My second pick from nil's submissions. Lots of people made use of Melbourne's triangular promotional style, but few as cleverly as he did with the M and Port Philip Bay. Well done. Probably the only thing I'd change is to use some brighter colours.

    Melbourne J - Out of the battle of the twins this year, in the winter category I'd give it to Afiq. Just a nice logotype, and I really do like to see new fonts in these.

    Salzburg B - Out of all the attempts to marry Salzburg's musical heritage and a winter games, I think Rob was the most successful - a snowflake with curves reminiscent of musical notes, all nicely presented in a style that screams central Europe.

    Salzburg D - It's simple and I like the pastel colours. It looks a bit retro, would have been perfect for a 70s or 80s games, but it works. Nice one Anthony.

    Santiago C - I'd still make the rings and the name Santiago stand out a bit more, but otherwise I've loved this art-deco type design from the moment I saw it. I like woohoo's splatter style, but think it worked best for his Tokyo logo. In the winter section, this is the pick of his entries to me.

    Melbourne c was a typo on my part - it was Melb J as per my original (unplaced) post.

  11. Assuming I'm eligible to vote, I had been a bit scarce 'round here last year (though I was around long enough to get into a feud and open a combat thread :P), my votes go to...

    12 points - Harbin E

    10 points - Melbourne H

    08 points - Anchorage F

    07 points - Harbin C

    06 points - Salzburg D

    05 points - Anchorage E

    04 points - Borjomi C

    03 points - Melbourne D

    02 points - Borjomi B

    01 points - Salzburg G

    ... and thanks so much Rols for your kind words.

  12. It was still meant as a jab and meant to try and say that I illegally used clip art to make the Tokyo logo. Which for the record I did reconstruct...

    I was saying that I didn't believe your reconstruction story and that I believe you have the ability to hue shift or whatever. I was just pointing it out as the way you came about creating it definitely could affect peoples decisions on its legality.

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