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  1. The IOC clearly needs to become a more democratic and "honest" organization, and thinking a few more steps ahead. Of course, Europe has had a predominance of Olympics up until recent times, so it's not bad that cities in other parts of the world bids for and hosts the Olympics, even though this means awarding the Games to countries that are still in developing and to countries that are, well, "democratic", to say it in a more gentle way. However, the Olympics will return to more classical European hosts soon - I hope in Oslo 2022 - and if the IOC doesn't want to end up needing to award the Oly
  2. I can't find any information online on the Bergens Tidende poll, and the article on the Dagbladet poll is behind they're paywall. It seems like the numbers from Dagbladet are accurate, but the Oslo2022 poll from the same period showed a little better result (35,5 %) and had a larger "basis" in the poll (more people asked), and the question asked was a little different: Dagbladet asked "Do you wish that Oslo should bid to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2022?" while Oslo2022 asked "Are you positive or negative to Oslo applying for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2022?". Just a minor dif
  3. But let's just not hope that changes after tonight's match...
  4. Thanks for this reply, since I was borned a few months after the 1994 Olympics, I don't know that much about the process so it's helpful to read some about it. I think I'll go to the library some day soon and borrow some books about the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics and see if they say something about this, and maybe lists some of the polls from that period. And you're very true about the new "Internet democracy"; since the "no" side is in majority in every comment field at all the newspaper's websites, it's very hard to be the almost only Oslo2022 supporter, standing in the storm... Besides, it l
  5. The public support is precisely the same in the most recent Oslo2022 bid committee poll as the February poll by the bid committee (36 percent in favour, 49 percent against). It was hoped that the public support would increase after good results in Sochi. However, I assume that this effect was overshadowed by the mourning bond case, by some slightly unfortunate statements by persons within the IOC (both Gerhard Heiberg and Thomas Bach, I think - at least the statements were a bit misinterpreted by Norwegians), by a case about Heiberg using his position as IOC member to promote his family busine
  6. Thanks, it's good to see at least some support! Well, I guess it after all is the money that's the most used argument against the bid, in different forms (the money itself, the risk of cost overruns, the huge spending in Sochi etc.), as well as the "pampering factor" of the IOC. I do have some more "local" arguments for why Norway can afford having the Olympics, but to understand those, I guess you must understand local, Norwegian politics. Regarding the "pampering factor", it's easy to answer that the IOC members pay for all expences during their stay in Oslo except transport to and from th
  7. Well, as stated in the article: it could've been worse... But it just means that us in favour of the bid needs to do a better job convincing people about the opportunities an eventual Olympics will give, and of course pointing out all the fun and the "folk festival" an Olympics will bring to Norway
  8. Fewer are negative to the Olympic application - the youth clearly says yes Source: http://www.oslo2022.oslo.kommune.no/aktuelt/article280695-61809.html In a recent nationwide poll, conducted by TNS Gallup, now less than half of the population is negative to Oslo applying for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2022. - The "no" side seems to have gone down significantly after the Sochi Olympics, and we sense a movement in which more people are open to listen to the opportunities. And the youth wants an opportunity to create and participate in "their own" Olympics, says Eli Grimsby, Chief Ex
  9. The Oslo 2022 Bid Committee expects the government to send a bill regarding the application for government guarantee and subsidies to the Norwegian parliament around August/September, and that the Norwegian parliament will handle the application for government guarantee and subsidies some time during the fall of 2014. The Parliament must approve the government guarantee no later than January 2015, according to Bærum municipality's website https://www.baerum.kommune.no/Forsidenyheter/Barum-kommune-i-soknadskomite-for-OL-og-PL-til-Oslo-i-2022/ (Telenor Arena is located in Bærum, and after Oslo 2
  10. Well, the Labour Party and the Conservative Party makes a majority on their own (103 MPs, 85 needed for majority in the Norwegian Parliament), so if both parties go for Oslo 2022 (which I don't see as very unlikely), it's even possible to make a majority even if some of the MPs votes against the government guarantee (which I, again, don't see as very unlikely). Still, the best is of course to have a very large majority voting in favour of the government guarantee, especially since the descision will tie up several future national budgets. But after all, I hope it - in the end - is a majority v
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