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  1. And none of this leftist editorial coverage will contain much facts. They will endlessly talk about how these three western leaders (Obama, Cameron, Hollande) are skipping it, without mentioning they all have approval rates in the toilet. While doing everything to cover up that Putin has an approval rate in the 60's. Do you think they will say that Pussy Riot are Soros funded propagandists who disrespected their most sacred church. Oh wait, establishment can't say that most Russians are Christian, that would put a human face on them. Do you think they will say that this law passed 436 votes to 0 and is supported by over 80% of Russians. And that in over 7 months only a few of these slap on the wrist fines have been handed out (some activists who were purposely get fined to make a story) While at the same time of endlessly demonizing Russia (a country where homosexuality is legal) for having a benign law that protects children from nontraditional sexual propaganda, they will continue to whitewash two of the top ten mos populated countries in the world in the last month (India and Nigeria) making homosexuality a crime that carries a prison sentence. They will run a bunch of human interest stories on gays there. Ignoring the reality that they are just using that as an angle to try to get citizenshp in other countires. The same type of false flags we see here such as the lesbian waitress writing a hate note on the receipt. Then they run stories about cost of Olympics. Doing an embarrassing acting job of acting like they actually care about what Russia paid (all they care about is demonizing Putin). Then in the next breath continually try to poison the games which would just hurt the poor there and the numerous Western companies that are invested into these games. Then will talk about security. Ignoring the Boston Marathon bombing, Atlanta Olympics bombing, Salt Lake Olympics happening 4 months after the biggest terrorist attack in history. Or that Chicago who was our last bid (which failed badly) has 35 murders a month. And their dream of having an Olympics in New York or Washington DC would be an absolute nightmare. Of course they will downplay that without Putin, Snowden would be in prison being waterboarded for telling the truth about how our government eliminated the 4th amendment. And that without Putin we would likely be in another illegal war on the side of Al Qaeda. NBC has on their team. The ultra leftist editor of the New Yorker as their "Russian expert". Thats so laughable its not even funny. And as their "Russian voice" a leftist atheist that hates Putin. This is not journalism. Its just a leftist infomercial, propaganda.
  2. When both factions of the establishment hate something you know they are doing something right. The leftist establishment hates Russia because they are pro Christian and standing up to the progressive agenda. The right establishment hates Russia because they crave war and need boogeymen to help justify lining the defense industries pockets. Many of these guys literally talk as if we are in a 1980's Hollywood movie. Look at the Syria thing. All of the establishment, including all the liberal heroes like Obama, etc lied through their teeth to try to get us into a war on the side of Al Qaeda and other Islamic radicals. All mostly because it is what Saudi Arabia wanted. Is it any coincidence that a Saudi made threats about terror attacks for Russia standing up to their plans. I can't think of anything positive to say about the Washington establishment. Our foreign policy is illogical and treasonous. Domestically we are being turned into a godless Socialist police state.
  3. I would feel much safer there than if the games were in Chicago. Sochi is tightly secured and bordered by mountains and sea. The Chicago venues would not be far from areas that are like warzones.
  4. Not really. Theres a ton of security and security measures in Sochi. And these terrorists are smart enough that if they did something at the Olympics the West could no longer turn a blind eye to Islamic radicals in the region. Russia has a clear foreign policy against terrorism. Sadly our government funds terrorism.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they take at least the front one off. The stadium looks so good lit up at night that it doesn't bother me much. Plus I think this opening ceremony is going to be the best ever.
  6. Full video of fountain show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1t5vgHl5HQ
  7. Article I read detailed the use. Jackets with blue shoulders is the podium outfit. For the opening ceremony the girls wear fur coats. And the guys wear the coats with sheepskin lapels.
  8. This president has a history of acting like a baby and is very un-presidential. Putin has schooled him numerous times this year on things like Snowden, Syria, Ukraine etc and Obama's big idea is to act like a high school girl having an argument and send a troupe of gays to a country where homosexuality isn't even illegal. Its just nothing but pandering to the far left to try to retain "cred" after they worked them up with propaganda. Most countries in the world do not agree with United States and Western Europes pro homosexual laws. Do they insult the country. Do they snub them. Of course not. If it was in the USA right now either Putin or Medledev would go.
  9. Video I saw on Instagram of a water and light display by the cauldron http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/detail/614534257929968371_367223669
  10. The design of everything has surpassed my expectations. dont think this one was posted yet
  11. The reality its just an insult to the millions of Conservatives and Christians in the USA who don't want to be represented on a world stage like this. Not only is homosexuality not illegal in Russia, that Obama and the political left think Putin would care shows how delusional they are.
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