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  1. Oh yes Suarez, Iniesta (Y) Not sure about Fred though.. Muller.. dont think so.. for germany Reus & Gotze will have greater impact It is basically about players above the age of 30.. so no Messi
  2. I read a post regarding the Brazil World Cup, 2014. The post was about 10 players above the age of 30 who could make great impact in winning the trophy. So it made me think, who all over would be the most important players in this World Cup. I can't see Ronaldo/Messi going all the way. It is just my opinion. But although I think Van Persie and his team seem to be promising this time around. Also, Neymar too has a big chance. The link to the article that kept me thinking - http://www.trcfootball.com/football-blogs?id=38
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