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  1. This is the draw for the Euro 2016 Sweepstakes: Woohooitsme83 = Sweden. Sir Rols = Poland. Yoshi = Romania. Gotosy = Spain. Zigzag = Hungary. Bezzi = Czech Republic. MissEurasia = Republic Of Ireland. If anyone else wants to join, they can before 20:00 tonight, England Time (BST).
  2. Welcome to the Euro 2016 Sweepstakes - I'm your host if that's ok, come on England, here are the 24 Countries/Teams: You have until Thursday 9th June 2016 to announce that you want to participate, then I will do a random draw. Good Luck everyone: Group A: France (Hosts) Romania Albania Switzerland Group B: England Russia Wales Slovakia Group C: Germany Ukraine Poland Northern Ireland Group D: Spain Czech Republic Turkey Croatia Group E: Belgium Italy Republic Of Ireland Sweden Group F: Portugal Iceland Austria Hungary
  3. Europe will host 2024. Los Angeles has nearly no chance. Europe could also host 2026.
  4. Ok. If they aren't even America's first choice bidding City (Only because Boston didn't want to carry on with the bidding), what chance do they have hosting the 2024 Olympics. 2028 seems more realistic.
  5. It would be a good idea, it's all part of the Sweepstakes.
  6. Los Angeles are probably using this as a warm up bid for 2028.
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