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  1. http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/we...2e9&k=60123

    GREATER VANCOUVER - Coast Mountain Bus Co. pulled at least 39 new trolley buses off the road Tuesday because of problems with their power steering, TransLink said.

    A TransLink representative said the problem appears to be a software glitch affecting the buses' sophisticated electronics that should be quick and easy to repair.

    In the meantime, bus riders on trolley routes may find themselves waiting longer than usual for the next bus.

    Many of the New Flyer buses, which were delivered late last year, have problems when they pass couplings in the overhead wires, especially at intersections.

    There is a brief moment when the trolleys lose contact with one section of the coupling before they make contact with the next section.

    "They go on battery power for that one brief moment," said TransLink's Drew Snider.

    "What's happening with the new buses, it's been discovered, is that the power steering sometimes hardens up" after the momentary loss of power, making the buses difficult to steer, Snider said.

    "It's under warranty," he added. "New Flyer has sent somebody out here who's going to be in town tonight [Tuesday]and then [this] morning they'll be getting to work on getting this fixed."

    Snider said TransLink hopes to have the buses repaired within a day or two, and is looking for other buses that can plug the gaps in service.

    TransLink has few spare buses on hand because it hasn't been able to afford to buy enough to keep up with demand.

    "We're working on that," Snider said. "We've basically retired a lot of the old trolleys, and the ones that are retired are not fit for service.

    "We still have some older trolleys that can go into service, we're trying to pull some diesels in, we're just seeing where we can get some extra resources for this afternoon's rush hour. Right now we don't know, exactly."

    Jim Houlahan, a bus driver's union leader, later said Coast Mountain told him 49 buses were eventually taken out of service.

    Houlahan, vice-president of CAW Local 111, said Coast Mountain intended to take out only problem buses, but learned Tuesday morning there were many more incidents with the power steering than initially estimated.

    Houlahan said the last generation of New Flyer trolley buses had an analogous problem that turned out to be quite serious.

    "We would have the electronic brake kick out" after the trolleys passed a coupling. "That electrical change in the bus was causing a malfunction in the logic box that would kick out the electronic-dynamic brakes.

    "That took us years to sort out and it was particularly scary because then you were only left with air brakes halfway through a stop, and the electronic brake was intended to do about 80 per cent of your braking," Houlahan said.

    He said he hopes TransLink's optimism about a quick fix is well-founded.

    "I'm hoping they can fix it in a day or two," he said. "Do I think that's likely or realistic based on my experience? No."

    The problem buses were driven to the old Oakridge transit centre, which is still being used for maintenance and pre-delivery checks of newly arrived buses.


    - - -


    The trolley buses pulled out of service Tuesday make up nearly a quarter of the new buses TransLink is receiving last year and this year. Some are replacing older buses and some are additions to the fleet.

    The new vehicles include:

    - 50 compressed natural gas buses.

    - 57 diesel buses.

    - 53 trolley buses.

    - 12 community shuttles.

    - 40 HandyDART vehicles.

    Source: TransLink

  2. http://www.whitecapsnewstadium.com/media_k...l.cfm?newsid=24

    Jan 22, 2007


    VANCOUVER, B.C. – Today Vancouver city staff submitted a report to Council which recommends a process that could potentially resolve the proposed Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium’s five key requirements set out by City Council last July. In addition, the report outlines a procedure to integrate the stadium with the Waterfront Hub Study. The report will be presented at a City Council meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 1.

    “Since the last City Council meeting in July, we have been actively working to address the five key requirements,” said Whitecaps Director of Soccer Operations Bob Lenarduzzi. “Through our discussions with the Port Authority, we are now proposing a revised stadium site which has the potential to resolve or mitigate the five key issues.”

    The new proposed site is situated slightly west of the previously proposed site, just north of the CP Rail tracks, on the waterfront and near the SeaBus hub.

    The five key requirements the Whitecaps are working with the City and stakeholders to resolve are the following:

    Provision of an adequate street network

    Resolution of the risks and liability associated with dangerous goods in the rail lands

    Reconfiguration of the stadium structure to ensure a better fit with Gastown

    Resolution of impacts on the liveability of residential areas south of the rail lands

    Resolution of impacts on future Port Lands development

    As part of the process there will be a number of opportunities for the public to provide input on the proposal through one-on-one meetings, public open houses and workshops.

    “We look forward to continuing to work with the City, stakeholders and public to ensure that the stadium is an asset to the community,” added Lenarduzzi. “Although we are optimistic about the new proposed site, there is still a lot of work to be done between now and June in order to move forward to the rezoning process.”

    The recommended process is scheduled to be completed in June 2007, at that time Council will decide whether the five key requirements can be resolved sufficiently to proceed to a rezoning process. If approved, the stadium will follow a timeline which would see it ready in early 2010.

    The proposed Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium would be located adjacent to Vancouver’s transit hub making it easily accessible from the new Canada Line, SkyTrain, SeaBus, West Coast Express, Helijet and numerous bus routes. The multi-purpose venue would accommodate year-round events including more than 30 Whitecaps Men’s and Women’s games, Canadian national team soccer matches, international sporting events such as rugby and tennis, concerts, and community festivals.

    CLICK HERE for the Council's report.


    I still think it's highly doubtful it will be ready by 2010, but this is still really positive news that they're at least getting the ball rolling.

  3. yeah Quebec or anywhere out east would make a lot more sense than Ft St John. However the other three are necessary and will go ahead no matter what.

    UNBC doesn't have any sports facilities. They need to get something going to be able to have teams in the CIS. SFU doesn't have a stadium. They play at Swangard. And PacificSport is the kind of organization this country needs if we want to be successful in athletics. They're already a well established organization, they just need the facilities. http://www.pacificsport.com/

  4. A 2010 related presentation by former Swiss President, Adolf Ogi tomorrow.

    One is being presented by VANOC and the Board of Trade, but he is also giving the same presentation for FREE at UBC tomorrow from 9:45AM - 11:15AM in Scarfe 100 if anyone is out that way.



    Adolf Ogi, former president of Switzerland and UN Special Advisor on Sport for Development and Peace


    Achieving the Goals of the United Nations through Sport

    The Vancouver 2010 Winter Games are an extraordinary opportunity to promote peace and tolerance through the power and influence of sport. Adolf Ogi is widely recognised as a champion for peaceful participation and the right of all children to play.

    As Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace, Adolf Ogi will give an insight into the role that sport can play to improve health and education, create employment opportunities and promote tolerance and mutual understanding. He will speak to the opportunity that Canada has through the 2010 Winter Games to promote these powerful ideals. Sport and physical education are no longer considered by the international community as luxuries, but rather as essential tools to foster development and peace.

    Hosted by Vancouver 2010, this address will provide attendees with an insider’s perspective on the work of the UN in this area, the Olympic Truce and the opportunity we have to promote peace by hosting the 2010 Winter Games.




    Friday, November 17, 2006


    Registration: 11:45 a.m.

    Lunch & Program: 12:15 - 2:00 p.m.


    The Hyatt Regency Hotel - Regency Ballroom

    655 Burrard Street


    We are unable to offer online registration for this event at this time. If you are still interested in attending this event, please call our Reservations Line at 604-641-1248 to see if we can accommodate you.



    $62.00 + GST

    Table of 10

    $742.00 + GST



    $84.00 + GST

    Table of 10

    $1,048.00 + GST

  5. http://www.vancouver2010.com/en/Organizing..._0611161024-212

    Cypress Mountain freestyle venue competition-ready for 2010 Winter Games

    November 16, 2006

    More than three years before freestyle skiers dazzle spectators with their jumps, twists and turns at the aerials and moguls events in 2010, the freestyle site at Cypress Mountain is the first 2010 Winter Games venue to be competition-ready.

    This marks a significant achievement for the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games (VANOC) – an achievement celebrated by VANOC executives and numerous invited guests. Also taking part in commemorating this special occasion were distinguished freestyle athletes Kristi Richards (Canadian World Cup Mogul Team/Torino 2006 Games) and Steve Omischl (Canadian World Cup Aerial Team/2005 World Champion/Torino 2006 Games/Salt Lake City 2002 Games).

    "Early completion of our competition sites is a cornerstone of the Vancouver 2010 venue development program," said John Furlong, VANOC Chief Executive Officer. "The sooner our venues are ready, the sooner our athletes will have access to the sites to enhance their chances of podium success in 2010. We started our venue construction as early as possible and are delighted to recognize this milestone, marking the first in a series of completed venues that will offer both meaningful and lasting legacies to our community.”

    Cypress Mountain will serve as the venue for four freestyle skiing events, including men’s and women’s aerials and moguls, and six snowboard events: men’s and women’s parallel giant slalom, halfpipe and snowboard cross (provisional).

    VANOC’s budget for the freestyle and snowboard site is $14.6 million, jointly funded by both the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia as part of VANOC’s $580 million construction budget. The construction process began in May 2006 following a comprehensive environmental review.

    Key partners at the ceremony included Linda Swain, Cypress Mountain General Manager; District of West Vancouver Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones; James Moore, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Member of Parliament (Port Moody—Westwood—Port Coquitlam), representing the Government of Canada; Joan McIntyre, MLA West Vancouver—Garibaldi, representing the Government of British Columbia; and John Furlong, Vancouver 2010 CEO.

    As one of the most popular winter destination areas in BC, Cypress Mountain attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. The 2010 Winter Games upgrades will enhance the Cypress experience for both recreational and competitive users, providing a legacy for sport development while creating lasting benefits for communities for years to come.

    VANOC is responsible for the planning, organizing, financing and staging of the XXI Olympic Winter Games and the X Paralympic Winter Games in 2010. The 2010 Olympic Winter Games will be staged in Vancouver and Whistler from February 12 to 28, 2010. Vancouver and Whistler will host the Paralympic Winter Games from March 12 to 21, 2010.

  6. http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/spo...af-51eaffb8d541

    Ben Kuzma, The Province

    Published: Monday, October 30, 2006

    From his fourth-level perch in the Sports Action Lounge on Friday night, Patrick Huband of Chilliwack watched two games at GM Place.

    He liked the one on the ice. He loved the one in brilliant hues on the gigantic new $5-million scoreboard that debuted in the Vancouver Canucks' 3-2 shootout win over the Washington Capitals.

    "I can't take my eyes off it actually," said Huband, 40. "Considering how good that picture is, that's better than some peoples' media rooms. I love it. It's an exceptional piece of machinery."

    The 49,000-pound scoreboard -- technically referred to as a ProStar centre-hung video display system -- features four HD-ready light emitting diode (LED) screens that are a whopping 24 feet by 13.5 feet and display 4.4 trillion colours.

    In addition, four medium-sized stats screens (13.5 feet by 5.5 feet) anchor the corners and rings above and below the structure feature scores and advertising.

    Engineers say it's the best package and picture-screen quality of any North American arena.

    "I think it's amazing and with the huge TV screen I was actually watching that instead of the game," said Ian Kromm, 35, of Langley. "I didn't even know the top part lit up until the start of the game, so it's got everything you need.

    "It's awesome and I like it a lot."

    The scoreboard is a stark departure from the outdated Mark IV model that lasted more than 10 years. With technology rapidly changing -- the picture quality alone is like going from Betamax to DVD -- the old scoreboard can only be sold for scrap.

    That's because the cathode ray tube system is so outdated, finding extra light bulbs was a world-wide mission of futility for Orca Bay engineers.

    Here's a thought: With a province-wide zest for anything emblazoned with a Canucks logo or having any link to the rink, why not auction off chunks of the old beast with proceeds going to Canuck Place Children's Hospice?

    "I think that's a heck of an idea -- I'd buy a chunk of that," said Huband.

    Added Kromm: "They should probably auction it off. I'd love it for sure -- give me the whole thing."


  7. http://www.vancouver2010.com/resources/PDF...nnualReport.pdf

    Related Article:


    Vancouver 2010 Winter Games venue construction, revenues, planning, and operations on track

    October 25, 2006

    Revenues are up, expenditures are on target and venue construction is on schedule according to the 2005/06 Annual Report released today by the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC).

    The Annual Report includes the management discussion and analysis and financial statements for the fiscal year ending July 31, 2006. The VANOC Annual Report for the year ended July 31, 2006 is available at vancouver2010.com.

    The report highlights progress in key areas such as 2010 Winter Games venue construction, revenue generation through VANOC’s marketing and sponsorship program and development and updating of the Organizing Committee’s business plan.

    “We are confident that we are where we need to be at this stage of our program to deliver great Games in 2010. Our staff, government and First Nations partners, sponsors and pre-Games volunteers are all working together to build a project that will demonstrate our best to the world,” said John Furlong, VANOC chief executive officer. “Venue construction is advancing well. We are meeting our construction timelines with a solid venue development budget and a healthy contingency. Sponsorship dollars are coming in as companies from across Canada join our team and good progress is being made in the planning and development of all Games functions.”

    “We are well advanced in our planning, our costs are being tightly controlled and our financing strategy is proving effective,” said Rex McLennan, VANOC chief financial officer. “We have strengthened our operational capacity to host the Games. Our information and risk management systems will ensure continued sound decision making as we move into the next phase of Games operations planning.”


    The venue development budget for the 2010 Games is fully funded at $580 million including a healthy contingency of $66.8 million. Progress on venues continues on time and on budget and by the end of this construction season, the venue construction program will be more than halfway complete. VANOC plans to finish the venues well ahead of the Games to provide Canadian athletes with the maximum training advantage and is on schedule to deliver on this commitment.

    Revenues / Sponsorship

    VANOC has confirmed to date over $550 million in sponsorship revenue and the $100 million target set for sponsorship revenue in 2006 will have been achieved. The substantial sponsorship revenue raised to date reflects the successful conclusion of six National Partner agreements and multiple supporter and supplier agreements.

    “This support from corporate Canada is a testament to the significant marketing power of the Games and we fully expect more Canadian companies to join our team,” said Dave Cobb, Executive vice president, revenue, marketing and communications.

    Ongoing Activities and Focus

    Select highlights of VANOC’s major activities over the next year include:

    continued development of the VANOC business plan with a planned public release in early 2007,

    After the Torino 2006 Winter Games, VANOC undertook a comprehensive review of its entire operations and updated its draft business plan. This proposed plan will be reviewed by the VANOC Board of Directors at its regular meeting in mid-November. Concurrently with the Board review, VANOC will continue ongoing discussions on elements of the business plan with its government partners and the International Olympic Committee.

    The ongoing reviews and discussions of the business plan and its planned release in early 2007 are consistent with standard procedures for an Organizing Committee three years in advance of the Games.

    new private sector sponsorship agreements including several new agreements to be completed by the end of 2006;

    venue development – constructing and preparing the venues for the first test events in the winter 2007/08 season;

    finalization of the 2010 Winter Games Sport Program;

    selection of the design team and subsequent development of the Vancouver 2010 Games mascot (s);

    preparing for the launch of volunteer recruitment and ticketing sales in 2008;

    ongoing recruitment of staff, VANOC currently has 275 employees and anticipates a team of approximately 485 employees by the end of the 2007 fiscal year;

    further development of Games-time transportation and accommodation programs; and

    communicating the vision of the Games to all Canadians.

    VANOC is responsible for the planning, organizing, financing and staging of the XXI Olympic Winter Games and the X Paralympic Winter Games in 2010. The 2010 Olympic Winter Games will be staged in Vancouver and Whistler from February 12 to 28, 2010. Vancouver and Whistler will host the Paralympic Winter Games from March 12 to 21, 2010.

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