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  1. Okay,  I have a question about the swimming venue in Montreal.  When I was in Montreal this past weekend I took a tour of the stadium (it actually ended up being a one on one tour since I was the only one taking the tour at that time)

    When we saw the swimming venue I noticed alot of people swimming in there.  Which leads me to my question - can the general public just go in and swim in that pool?  If so,  I think that is very cool!!!  I mean,  swimming in a pool that held an olympic event to me is just great!  Had I been in Montreal longer I would have gone back there and went for a swim :).

    You can swim at the Atlanta 1996 aquatic center as long as GT has nothing going on there, and I think you have to be with someone for GT, I was at least.


    Montreal's stadium is amazing. It is such a wonderful piece of modern architecture. I love it. How many floors of office space are in the tower? Is it like a skyscraper size or how many stories?

  2. I think Atlanta Olympic Stadium is vastly under represented here! I think it is rather amazing to convert the oval shaped stadium into a baseball field and that it work nicly as both. Also the flow around it is much better than some stadiums. And then again I am biased....
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