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  1. You can swim at the Atlanta 1996 aquatic center as long as GT has nothing going on there, and I think you have to be with someone for GT, I was at least. ------- Montreal's stadium is amazing. It is such a wonderful piece of modern architecture. I love it. How many floors of office space are in the tower? Is it like a skyscraper size or how many stories?
  2. I am using a mac, an emac, and cannot load picture to a post or my signature. Please help me. Also, how many Moderators are there?
  3. I'm glad someone agrees about Atlanta. I found a cool website all about the Atlanta venues, it has GT "Fly ins" of the venues which helped win the bid in 1990. enjoy. http://www.arch.gatech.edu/imagine....ues.htm
  4. I think Atlanta Olympic Stadium is vastly under represented here! I think it is rather amazing to convert the oval shaped stadium into a baseball field and that it work nicly as both. Also the flow around it is much better than some stadiums. And then again I am biased....
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