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  1. Got busy living I guess, I've occasionally popped over during the Olympics just to read opinions and whatnot but never really felt the need to comment myself. About the deal though, I wasn't fully aware of that portion, but I would think that NBC/Comcast would want to recoup some of the money spent for broadcasting rights regardless of commission structures? Just a thought I guess, I'll allow others with more knowledge on the situation to explain. Just to further clarify on a point I made, the suggestion of Philly using (an obviously refurbished Franklin Field) is just that, a suggestion; and was only made because I read a few pages back about placing an athletics track within Lincoln Financial Field. Something that I think would be impossible from a political and engineering view. Using Franklin Field would provide the potential to build upon and expand what is already there. For those that don't know me from before, I'm from Philadelphia, lived in and around the area all my life. Went to Drexel U. and have been in the area many times after. There's a lot of potential here because both universities UPenn/Drexel continue to expand in all directions. I think placing the Olympics in this area would greatly enhance the neighborhood, the universities, and the City of Philadelphia as a whole because it would finally bridge everything West of the Schuykill River with Center City Philadelphia, a goal that has been long acknowledged by the city. The question of feasibility comes up, and I think that proper planning would make such an event more feasible. And if not, any potential bid from Philadelphia still has the South Philly Sports complex to fall back upon. All this of course is based on the notion that Chicago and New York are indifferent to hosting and that the USOC would really want to have the SOG in one of the largest metro regions in the world.
  2. So I used to post regularly in this sub-forum about a prospective US SOG bid, specifically about the distinct possibility of a 2024 SOG in Philadelphia. And I agree that a potential Philly bid would allow for a greater urban renewal project than what was seen in London, especially in North & West Philadelphia; but I disagree that it would be a completely random event. Out of the 12 American cities that claim a team in the four major sports leagues, only Chicago, Denver & Philadelphia can claim that all four of those major sports teams play within their city limits, which helps in building a compact bid if one such desires because of the readiness of these large venues. Add in additional venues from the Universities within the city limits (UPenn, Temple, Drexel, LaSalle) and just outside (Villanova, Rutgers/Rowan (S. Jersey)) and you begin to see the foundation of what a Philadelphia bid would build upon. And I'd like to focus on UPenn for a moment, specifically Franklin Field. It annually hosts the Penn Relays, a track & field event that is nationally renowned and internationally known and has had representatives that have gold-medaled in every single SOG (excluding '80). Somewhere in this thread there was a discussion placing an athletics track within Lincoln Financial Field. Being a resident of the area and having gone to the stadiums a bunch of times since it's opening I can honestly say this probably isn't feasible, on both engineering and political terms. In engineering terms, the stadium's lower bowl is built close to the field, i.e. there's not much room between the first rows and the boundary lines for football (American) and soccer. In political terms, the stadium while owned by the City of Philadelphia is operated by the Philadelphia Eagles. Seeing that the organization is one of the NFL's more prominent and wealthy, it would be hard pressed to convince both the league and the team to allow for partial demolition and reconstruction of the Linc for the purpose of a quadrennial sporting event where the venue itself would only be used for a little over a week, total. This is where I think Franklin Field and by proxy, UPenn comes in. The venue is capable of handling a track and field event on a national level and with some refurbishment could probably handle an international sporting event like the Olympics. The area (University City) in which the stadium and the university is located is one of the cities most vibrant, technically advance and re-developed. UPenn is constantly expanding from it's University City limits across the Schuykill River into Center City Philadelphia and would benefit greatly from an Olympic Park situated within or around University City along the banks of the Schuykill. In tandem with the sports complex situated in South Philly, which is a short distance via highway or alternate transporation (bus, train, etc) the majority of Olympic events could be handled within a matter of five miles distance. There's other things I could mention that would be a benefit to a Philly 2024 bid and for the sake of not running verbose, I won't do so now. What I do want to mention is the fact that the parent company (Comcast) to NBC's parent company (NBCUniversal) is located in Philadelphia (yay un-regulated capitalism). If a Philly bid was to win out the favor of the USOC and be considered by the IOC, one would think that the amount of money spent for the current broadcast rights by NBC (via Comcast) would be taken into consideration. Any American city hosting the 2024 games would help line NBC/Comcast's pockets but a Philly Olympics might just be a bigger boom for Comcast specifically. Anyway, this is all theoretical but if Philly was to be favored the ability and the potential exists for it to host the Olympics on the same level as previous SOGs.
  3. Only the best for the NFL and its players ... ::
  4. Rumor has it that one of the teams going to London for this NFL game would be the New York Giants. Some say this because of the "extra" home game they got last season v. the Saints. Whoever the teams are, they will be playing this game the week before their bye week. Which means that they go to England, play a game, then have a week to recover from the trip.
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