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  1. Look at some of my earlier posts for pictures of the city. Reno's economy is driven by cheap casinos. A fresh coat of paint is never going to transform the fundamental core of a city. The image in Baron's signature is stunning, but it is not at all representative of Reno. It is a view from Lake Tahoe. Tahoe would host the alpine events while the ice events and ceremonies would be in the city. If you ever go to Reno, you will instantly see what I mean. Do not be fooled by a few carefully chosen photos that conveniently omit the ugly realities of the city.
  2. I agree. But Chicago's bid was not weak. As for Reno, as soon as the Evaluation Committee steps of the plane, Reno's bid will be sunk. It's an embarrassment of a town and I don't think anything other than total desperation would induce the IOC to go there.
  3. The biggest reason why memorabilia's point is invalid is that Albertville and Barcelona were both elected host cities at the same IOC Session in 1986 in Lausanne.
  4. Doesn't count because of Barcelona '92. Even so, 3 WOGS would be totally unprecedented.
  5. Just discovered something very interesting. Oddly enough there is only ONE TIME IN HISTORY that a continent has hosted two Winter Games without an intervening Summer Games: Salt Lake City 2002/Vancouver 2010. If I'm reading the charts correctly, that has NEVER happened any other time in the history of the Olympic Games. Why should North America have to host three Winter Olympics before getting a shot at Summer Games? This is totally unprecedented and seems extremely unbalanced.
  6. Confirmed interest from Denver this month: http://www.denverpost.com/olympics/ci_18418732 http://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2011/07/07/denver-cited-as-a-potential-site-for.html
  7. The context of my original comment had to do with why a Sochi bid could succeed without venues, where a Reno bid is unlikely to do so. The focus was not on "Sochi has done something never done before." The focus of that part of my post was on the fact that Sochi offered a concept that appealed to the IOC's imaginations. I do think there is a big difference between a summer beach town with ski slopes in the background and Vancouver. It does have a unique flavor. That's all I'm saying. Obviously other coastal cities have hosted before.
  8. I was under the impression that it was novel. Vancouver isn't a bikini town. Sochi is. If Las Vegas is crazy, Reno is even crazier. It's the cheap knock-off of Vegas.
  9. That's exactly my point. Sochi wasn't "ready." They won, but they weren't ready. The reasons Sochi won do not have parallels to Reno. 1.) Russia is a major Winter sports power that has never hosted Winter Games. 2.) The "snow to sea" concept of a Black Sea resort was appealing and novel. 3.) The Russian government pledged to throw tons of money at the Games to make them a spectacle of national pride. 4.) Russia hasn't hosted any Olympics since 1980. I don't see any of the above factors aiding Reno's bid. The U.S. has hosted Winter Games 3 times. There is nothing novel or appealing about Reno. The United States government isn't going to throw money at an Olympic Games. The United States just hosted Winter Olympics in 2002. In summary, Sochi could do it without any venues because they had a lot of other compensating factors. Reno is not in the same position. Either way, neither city could be described as "ready." Doesn't anybody think the fact that the area is dominated by gambling is a handicap for Reno? We're not talking about Monte Carlo either -- or even Las Vegas. We're talking about down on it's heels Reno. It's a city of slot machines. Why would the IOC choose that?
  10. The construction of new world class venues does seem to make a lot more sense in Denver because of the headquarters of the USOC, Olympic Training Center, etc.
  11. Is Boise really a legitimate option? Have they been making any noise about bidding at all? Have they hosted any major events? These are honest questions -- I'm genuinely unfamilar with their level of potential. I suppose the mascot could be a figure-skating potato....
  12. Yes. You are right. I was just thinking about that. I can't bear this for two more years. I'm just really afraid that the USOC will throw away all hope of Summer Games and hitch their wagon to Reno instead. That thought is so upsetting that I don't know how to let the Reno-lovers go unanswered. I'm sure it does make for tedious reading for everyone else. I'm sorry. I'll try to reign in my "But, but, but!!!!!!" I can't promise not to engage at all though.... Especially now that Baron has put "Reno is ready" in his signature. Nothing could be farther than the truth. How can they be ready without VENUES??!!
  13. Interesting the way you deleted the pic of the drab skyline and dull architecture flanked by a tent city of homeless people....
  14. I'm not sure that font size is an indicator of bid quality. It doesn't matter much if a city is ready if it has zero charisma or international appeal. Saying it doesn't make it so. Neither you nor I are in a position to know the personal feelings of IOC members on this issue. Let's leave it up to the USOC to determine the climate within the IOC.
  15. I'm sorry. I think it's a travesty. Absolutely horrific. I expected so much better from London.
  16. Yes, Tahoe is nice, but what about the Reno? Remember it would be Reno 2022...
  17. Baron, my post was about Winter candidates. I did not address the idea of a future Summer bid. Although I believe it is more important for the USOC to focus on Summer Games, that belief does not color everything I write. All of my posts are not underhanded attempts to scupper all Winter bids irrespective of quality in the crazed hope of securing Summer Olympics. You did not respond to the valid concerns I did mention. Instead you made an issue out of an argument I hadn't even brought up. I don't think there's any doubt that Denver could stage superior Games to Reno. I'm not convinced that Denver's historical blunder is any more of a hurdle than Reno's insipid, lackluster character. I do believe it is more important to stage magical, memorable Games than to win a bid. In the spectrum of Summer Games, Atlanta was comparatively mediocre. We don't need to add comparatively mediocre Winter Games to the American Olympic resume. If the USOC can come up with a candidate capable of delivering an outstanding Olympic experience -- ok. As I have said many times, despite my belief in the importance of American Summer Games, I would support a high-quality American Winter candidate. I think Denver could be such a candidate. I doubt Reno will make the grade. These are fair points. They are not contigent on my personal conviction that at this time hosting Summer Games is more important for American athletes and audiences.
  18. If the U.S. bids, we should put our best foot forward. Why pass over a superior alternative because someone deems it necessary for them to "sit in the corner for awhile?" Doesn't that seem like cutting off your nose to spite your face? If Reno seemed to be like a strong prospect, it would be a different story. So far I'm unconvinced that Reno can offer an internationally appealing and competitive bid. It is ludicrous to suggest that Atlanta somehow outshone Chicago and New York. You cannot equate the '96, '12 and '16 votes. If New York or Chicago had bid for '96 they would have won. If Atlanta had bid for '12 or '16 they would have lost. Judging by the fairly uniform belief that Atlanta staged the weakest Games in recent memory, I think the '96 Olympics harm your argument more than they help. Although many factors have contributed to the forseeable drought of U.S. Olympics -- Atlanta's mediocrity is certainly one of them. What matters more than winning the bid is staging excellent Games. I believe that Denver, if they so chose, could do that. I am not convinced Reno could. Rather than offering up another sub-par American Games, I think the USOC needs to evaluate all their options thoroughly -- including the possibility of not entering the race.
  19. If you imagine that '76 never happened, it's a no-brainer to pick Denver over Reno. There's absolutely no question that Denver offers a superior setting. Assuming the will is there and assuming the IOC is willing to let bygones be bygones, I believe a Denver bid would be much more competitive and credible internationally. The whole question is '76. Baron is convinced that the referendum is an eternal albatross. Perhaps he is right, but that doesn't make Reno an exciting alternative.
  20. Agreed. If Durban dives into the pool at the last second it will change everything.
  21. Madrid will give Rome a run for their money -- the problem is that neither Madrid nor Rome really has any money. I'd definitely take Madrid seriously and I don't expect the IOC to start paying attention to financial realities until they have no other choice.
  22. I really don't see Bach as a problem for Munich. If anything he's an asset. Considering Germany's sporting strength and economic power, they are dramatically under represented as Olympic host. Munich 2022 is the odd-on favorite in my book.
  23. I agree with Baron on this one. The financial impact of weirdly timed WOGs would be big. Plus, there's no way the IF's can structure their schedules to build up to Winter Games in July or August. The comparison to Sydney isn't really fair either. You can host all the summer events in the spring without any trouble. Winter events need snow and need to be held in the height of winter.
  24. The USOC has said repeatedly they are not bidding for 2020.
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