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  1. Ok, I honestly don't understand why anyone thinks that matters to me in the least. If I hadn't started a USA 2024 thread, someone else would have and it would've ended up just as long. I take zero credit for it. It's not something to be proud of. I'd like to see the content back because I think it would be cool to trace the progress from the thread's first inception all the way through the race. That's it. If you think ego is involved in some way, you're projecting your own way of approaching these boards onto me. If you derive self worth from starting threads in anonymous chat rooms, well... I just don't even know where to begin.
  2. To me, that first image is not very representative of what I actually saw in Athens. I really didn't see beige anywhere. A little gray, but no beige. And for the most part the hues were not clustered analogously the way they are in that example. As for the juxtapositions and harsh contrasts it worked precisely because the backdrops were so consistently white and blue. If EVERYTHING had been equally colorful it would have been nauseating. That's why the look was so well suited to Athens. They knew their city, their venues, their environment and the look worked with it rather than against it.
  3. A more realistic view of Athens look: Note: colors do NOT all appear in equal proportions. The analogous color scheme was not used by itself during the Games. Note: even for Athens the emphasis tends to be on the cool colors -- in this case blue -- just not to the same extent I'm suggesting for Rio. More emphasis on cool: Even on the ribbons for the medals: The cover of the official look book for Athens (cool dominates again): Cool emphasized in the banners:
  4. Jeez, Danny, come on. For starters, that one image in my signature is taken out of context of the overall look. Athens had a varied palette at every venue. I'm not saying EVERY look has to have that same balance of cool and hot. That would be stupid. I'm saying that Rio will look best if the hot colors are an accent and I stand by that. Equal parts blue, green, orange yellow is not going to work well. Look at the pictures and you can see that the ones that are most effective just use the orange/yellow for spice. So far, the only place you've shown the blob in its entirety is on one souvenir pad of paper. If that's pretty much the most we see of it (and that appears likely), fine. None of the environmental applications use the whole blob, just excerpts. I do love the "guitar picks."
  5. Yes, but I don't think the blob is ever going to appear by itself. It seems to just be an image they put together as a way of unveiling the look. It's not as if we'll see the whole blob floating on fence fabric. They appear to only be using excerpts and close-ups of it.
  6. Out of curiosity, is there any chance we could bring back the 500+ pages of the old USA 2024 thread, edit out the obnoxious bits at the tail end and piece it together with the new USA 2024 thread? I noticed that's what appears to have happened with the Beijing/Zhangjiakou 2022 thread. It's really a shame to lose all of that content just because one individual ran off the rails for a period of time. I figured I'd just make the appeal in case. Hope you'll consider it.
  7. All of that is stunning. To be honest, I like it better that the Look of the Games.
  8. This situation is about more than Olympic Games. The real question is whether the government is going to listen to the people it claims to represent or ignore them. Yes, in time (I'm thinking YEARS) the Norwegians could warm up to the idea of hosting again. But if they feel the government is brazenly violating their wishes, that's something that they won't get over and it will be a big mess. They will be so angry at being ignored that it will poison the notion of Olympic Games.
  9. The place where we part company is that I don't think the government can justify supporting this bid. I think the pressure is too great and I don't see them staying in the race. If they ignore popular opinion on this, I think the outcry will be tremendous. Unless there's a miraculous surge of public support, I don't see Oslo making it to the final vote. Either the numbers change or they are toast.
  10. If Oslo is going to withdraw, I think they'll do it this winter. I don't see them winning and then giving the Games back.
  11. I do see restraint in this look. It isn't splashing "every color" everywhere. There's a heavy reliance on the cool hues -- green and blue dominate. The hot hues -- yellow and orange --are just accents (at least they ought to be). Although there's a tiny but of red, magenta and purple in the "blob" so far those colors have not made any appearance in the renderings. The palette is actually quite limited: green and blue plus orange and yellow. That seems very retrained to me and it certainly doesn't qualify as "every color everywhere." They just have to keep the orange in check. It needs to be almost 3/4 cool and just 1/4 hot.
  12. What you're imagining and what I'm imagining are clearly not the same thing. The bid logo was inspired by a monstera leaf, but it didn't scream "leaf." Plus, frankly there comes a time when everything is geometric and abstract and it all feels derivative. There's room to go a different way. However, I see zero value in arguing about the merits of hypothetical concepts locked in our heads. I don't get the sense of foliage from the current look at all unless you're alluding to the mere prevalence of green which isn't enough to do it for me. Take the green away and there's nothing that even remotely suggests foliage. Well, you have to consider the audience. They're not playing to graphic designers. I think this look will have popular appeal and will support the idea of Rio as a sunny, happy party paradise. That's ultimately what they're selling. They're not trying to market themselves a a design capital or major hub of style and visual innovation. If they were, the look would be a disaster. As such, it will be a pleasant, if incredibly safe and predictable backdrop for their two-week party. All in all, I think it gives a nice overall impression and has more to recommend it than London did.
  13. It is basic. It's not original. But it does make for pleasant environments. I disagree with Rob about it being too busy. The only picture whereI felt that was a danger was the boxing venue. But then, to my taste London was too plain and there was no "there there" -- hence the excessive reliance on the word mark to compensate for the nearly non-existent design. I admit I hoped for more from Rio, especially after the brilliant bid logo. I would've loved to see something with more of an Amazon influence, giant leaves, etc. That said, I don't think this is bad. It's just very predictable. As near as I can tell the blob is merely the source from which they mine graphic excerpts and isn't likely to be used much on its own.
  14. This green looks much better than the lurid lime from some if the earlier posts. It needs the orange to add some spice to the cool colors. I do love the blue and green at the aquatics venue.
  15. As far as I can tell there is no mention anywhere of Olympic Games. Page 12 of the report shows 4 possible scenarios: New stadium, ballpark, arena New stadium, ballpark, existing arena. New stadium OR ballpark, existing arena. Existing arena, no stadium or ballpark. Depending on which plan actually gets implemented, the suitability of the site for an Olympic Games changes significantly.
  16. Brother. Do you hear yourself? That's gobbledygook.
  17. If LA is merely "nice" and you do not "support any of the bids" then why did you just call LA's bid "genius?" The above statement looks quite a bit like support to me. Then again, you say this. Bernham, the reality is that you try desperately to sound smart and elevate yourself above the other newbies, but you are just as confused and immature as any of them.
  18. It's a very cohesive and appealing look. It would be nice to see somebody experiment with non-traditional applications. I loved LA's sonotubes, scaffolding monuments, giant floating stars, atypical tent shapes, etc. It's getting to the point where all the hosts are using basically the same canvas and just putting a different graphic on it. I don't mean to take anything away from Rio's look because I quite like it, but it would be nice to see somebody think a bit more out of the box.
  19. Regardless of the circumstances under which the plans were revealed, we've seen LA's preliminary proposal. It was compelling, extremely well thought out, responsibly civic-minded and boasted impressive support. Bernham in his immature enthusiasm obviously went way too far in calling the plan "genius." However, it was exciting to see something fresh and engaging come from a city that some had written off as "been there done that." If nothing else, we can be sure LA will propose a feasible, energetic bid that certainly will not be the "same old, same old." Because we have no standard of comparison, I think it is incorrect to say "LA is the best bid." I agree with Quaker that it is unlikely Boston (much less SF or DC) will be able to meet or surpass what LA is offering. That said, the IOC has given them an opportunity to try. We'll have to wait and see.
  20. No. They didn't screw up. They posted it on their homepage very intentionally. It clearly wasn't an accident. Someone decided it ought to be removed and it was. That's not quite the same thing.
  21. The operations of Athens went fine (apart from that security problem during the marathon). It was the lead-up to the Games that was worrying. The infrastructure and organization during the Games themselves were humming along.
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