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  1. Well, that's not going to happen until the USOC chooses a candidate and that candidate has a chance to actually campaign. There's no reason for them to make big financial contributions now. Why put your name on a piece of paper if you have no intention of actually supporting the effort? Even if a few are flakes, they aren't ALL. I think you're borrowing trouble here.
  2. But Durban has the best sports infrastructure already in place and has a workable climate. That makes them the logical choice.
  3. And its really not much of an exception. I'm no fool. I can tell when you're responding to one of my posts, but pretending to aim it at someone else or a general audience. You ignore and make a big to-do about it by advertising the fact that you're ignoring people, but you end up reading everything anyway. Whatever.
  4. Yeah, I just don't believe you here. Sorry. It doesn't square with what I know (or what's obvious to common sense).
  5. This is part of why I'm never going to buy this book. My dad knew David Wolper and I can tell you that's just wrong. Acknowledging Hollywood musicals with Rhapsody in Blue and all those pianos was NOT the same as bringing the flavor of a blockbuster space movie to the Closing Ceremonies. There was absolutely zero concern about being redundant. They were TOTALLY different things. The theme of "Universality" (stretching it, if you ask me) wouldn't be violated by a Hollywood tinged segment anyway. I'm not saying the segment was supposed to be an overt ad for the film industry. I'm saying there was an undeniable resonance there that was purposeful. It had nothing to do with "need." A Hollywood tie-in was fun in the Closing and no matter what the self-proclaimed expert says on the subject, that tie-in was there and was most definitely intentional. It is true that the original plans were much more elaborate.
  6. The Games are not about "exploring new cultures." This is not National Geographic. There are only so many cultures to explore. Many are not capable of hosting. Plus, we're moving rapidly towards a global culture anyway. The Games are a global celebration of sport. Cultural variety is valued as a way of preserving and reinforcing the global character of the event. But valuing variety and diversity is not the same thing as saying that the purpose of the Games is exploring new cultures. If that were true, the Games would look totally different.
  7. Fair enough. Never say never. I still think that planning on and expecting to host Winter and Summer Games any less than 20 years apart is foolhardy. It was a good plan. That is not so far removed, particularly when you consider the high level of support from business, local government, etc.
  8. Look at the way the IOC is awarding Olympic Games. If the US hosted 2022, there would likely be AT LEAST a 20 year gap before American Summer Games -- meaning 2044. If you think they'd come any sooner, you're deluding yourself. A 48-year gap between Sumner Games in the US would have a huge negative impact on the popularity of the Games in this country and on the US' role in the Olympic Movement. The US must host Summer Games first. Then they can come back for the under contested Winter Games a few cycles later. Reverse that order and the US will be in for a VERY long wait that could be much more than 20 years. People who think the US could grab both 2022 and 2032 are really clueless, IMO.
  9. In this case, I think you're incorrect. Keep in mind, Star Wars, Alien, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET had all come out in the years leading up to the '84 Olympics. Hollywood and the international market were obsessed with blockbuster outer space movies. Sure the spaceship was unique for the Olympics, but it also tied in to Hollywood culture perfectly. It made sense that LA Games would feature that kind of moment and it wouldn't have made much sense in any other city. I still didn't think it was THAT great, but it was a ely and fitting scene for the entertainment capital of the world. Typo: ....it was a timely and fitting scene....
  10. I think they would've been just fine. Scaffolding is flexible, so it would move with the quake, plus all the pieces are interlocking. It's not like making a tower of toothpicks. Just because it looks lightweight doesn't mean it's rickety. I work with scaffolding quite a bit. It's held to a very high safety standard.
  11. Ok, that's your hypothesis. The reality is that we have no factual information explaining why the USOC shortlisted 4 cities rather than two or three. We also have no factual information explaining why they shortlisted the cities they did and not others. Any theories about this reasoning are 100% guesswork and probably will never be proved or disproved. Personally, I'm inclined to think that the four shortlisted cities gave the USOC reason to believe they could produce feasible, electable bids. Now those cities either rise to that challenge or falter. Since the USOC does not report to anyone, they can change their mind and shortlist four cities if they want to. I don't understand the rush to worst-case scenario explanations. I suspect the USOC is delighted by LA's plans and is simply doing their due diligence. Such a thorough process will add weight and legitimacy to whichever city ends up the candidate.
  12. That volunteer recruitment image with the colored "noodles" on the white background looks nothing like Athens. If you disagree, show me a side by side photo that says otherwise. If you're confused as usual and thinking we're talking about the overall look (which we weren't), I don't really see that argument either as Athens had a broader color palette and a much more refined and detailed design language (sun, waves, amphora patterns, ancient writing, etc.). The only similarity is that Athens and Rio are both fairly "sunny" looks, but IMO Athens was much more nuanced and polished. I've already said I think the overall look will make for very pleasant environments. It's not very original, but it will do the job just fine and is a big improvement over London.
  13. The photos and the "noodles" are terrible. Clearly those aren't the volunteer uniforms though.
  14. They're not veering "off course." They're consciously changing the course, which is a different thing. I'm not going to fault them for thinking through the best solution for each need. It's early and they have time to weigh options. If they can come up with a more feasible plan than the one presented in their bid and the IOC and IFs will sign off on it, then they shouldn't have any hesitation about alternative approaches. And, yes, London did have its share of changes, as most hosts do. Frankly, I'm encouraged that the Japanese are taking their time to plan thoroughly. I didn't expect any less of them, but I do believe this method will ultimately result in well-thought out Olympic Games.
  15. Exactly. If they're catering to anyone, it's local and regional tourists living in Asia.
  16. I didn't even notice the outfits. I just thought the graphic design was bad. If those are the volunteer uniforms, they'll be almost impossible to spot.
  17. Baron is right. Bernham is wrong. And to be honest, I didn't think the overall effect was that great. People loved it, but I thought the Welcome balloons from the OC made more impact.
  18. Too bad we missed the official 30 year anniversary on this one.
  19. Personally, I like the '84 look a whole lot more for several reasons -- one of the biggest being Sussman's distinctive color palette which really isn't anything like the standard 1960's golds in the Mary Blair pieces.
  20. I'm sorry to hear of Ms. Sussman's passing. Even though I was only six years old in 1984 and had no idea who she was, her work had a HUGE impact on me and has strongly influenced my own aesthetic as a designer. That Olympic color palette was stunning. This picture shows my family in Exposition Park, standing in front of one of her unforgettable Olympic creations.
  21. That is not the only difference. Atlanta was tacky, hyper-commercialized and badly organized. Athens was elegant, focused on sport and the operations ran beautifully. The cultural trappings had nothing to do with it. Personally, I think the history of the American South has quite a lot to recommend it anyway. Atlanta could've been much better than it was. I do agree that given the options, Atlanta was the best choice for 1996. It's just a shame that they under-delivered.
  22. I'm shuddering. The thought of PROGENY is more than I can bear.
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