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  1. I actually think the judges got it right. Virtue and Moir were CLEARLY superior in 2010. The Mahler was absolutely extraordinary. I thought Davis and White's "Phantom" routine was superbly executed, but really quite gauche. However, I think Davis and White were really superior in 2014. Both "My Fair Lady" and "Scheherazade" were stunning. Virtue and Moir were very strong, but just did not have the same magic. I don't believe it was a "let's take turns" situation. I understand the history of problems with ice dancing, but I do agree with these results.
  2. I don't agree with that. It's beautiful to watch. Yes, there are adjudacating problems, but the world is better thanks to the contributions of Torvill and Dean, Klimova and Ponomarenko, Virtue and Moir, Davis and White. They have all done amazing things and created truly magical moments. If ice dancing doesn't belong in the Olympics, where does it belong? Could those incredible performances have happened in any other way? I doubt it.
  3. If that's the intention, it's stupid. Why bother with music or costumes then? Why not go back to figures? Why not just have them do jumps?
  4. The United States invaded Iraq in search of non-existent weapons of mass-destruction in an ill-conceived attempt to avenge 9/11, despite the fact that almost the entire international community opposed the action. The US became seen as a rogue, out-of-control superpower that needed to be put in its place. Add to that the fact that Atlanta hosted the shoddiest Olympics in recent memory and that Salt Lake City played dirty to win 2002 and nobody in the IOC wanted to touch the US with a 10-foot pole. Instead of the land of the free and home of the brave, the US looked like a might-is-right bully without a sense of right and wrong. That bully was also clearly vulnerable to attack. In the meantime, the global economic picture changed. The US frittered TRILLIONS away on a fruitless war and then found itself caught off guard by the housing crisis and major economic downturn of 2008. Instead of being king of the hill, the US appeared very vulnerable and the rest if the world realized they had a chance to alter the global balance of power -- particularly the BRICS. Simultaneously, the IOC woke up to the fact that for a global event they had spent way too much time in North America and other traditional locales. The last few decades have seen a very strong reaction against the US on the part of the international community as well as an awakening to the reality that there is an increasingly global economy and global culture that allows many smaller parties more influence than they enjoyed in the past. The IOC wants to encourage that diversity. That's why it is highly unlikely that the US will ever host two Olympics close together. Or did you miss those events?
  5. I agree. It's rare to see a truly beautiful skate. The judges' anointing of Sotnikova makes it crystal clear that artistry isn't much of a priority. Very sad.
  6. No you are clueless for failing to recognize that the 80's were another era. The US hosted five Olympic Games between 1980 and 2002. That was a gross anomaly and will not happen again. It is foolhardy to expect that it will.
  7. I don't think there's any "maybe" about it. Absolutely nothing has changed apart from the volume of posts. Personally, I consider that reduction a mercy to the rest of us.
  8. I like Torino's. Boston's just feels very heavy and utilitarian. This sport is supposed to have some artistry. It's not the World Weightlifting Championships for crying out loud. Whatever. I'm sure no one really cares.
  9. I wasn't cherry-picking at all. I spent a few minutes searching and I didn't exclude any links because they took an alternate view. I actually didn't find any links that took an alternate view. Sure Wikipedia is a dubious source, but when they list "highlights" and there's only one moment from the OC, that counts for something. I was 6 in 1984. My memories are what they are. More significantly, my father coordinated his company's corporate sponsorship of the Games. He worked very closely with the organizing committee and had an inside track on the Games. That's my primary source of information and I know it's reliable. The '84 Olympics had a huge impact on me personally (despite my age, or perhaps because of it) and on my family history.
  10. That's specious reasoning and a gross misrepresentation. You know it. Do I know that 9/11 was the dominant moment in American history in the first decade of the new millenium? Yes. Do I know what everyone was thinking? No. Do I know the rocket man was the most talked about moment from the 84 OC? Yes. Do I know what everyone was thinking? No. This is not matter of opinion. The Wikipedia proves my point no matter how stupidly pedantic you want to get about it. This has deteriorated into a pissing contest. I'm over it. Facts are facts whether or not some of you want to acknowledge them.
  11. So either you do a spinning figure or you do a clunky toe pick? Those are the only two options? The logo is blocky and has zero poetry or artistry to recommend it. It's one thing to take the utilitarian approach with nationals, but the World Championships deserved more flair. This is bland and I'd even call it ugly.
  12. No. It is not "ridiculous" to say one moment dominated if you were there and actually lived through it. I was. Were you? I'm not saying that's true if every OC, but it WAS true of LA. Sure some individuals will have other memories. Some may remember the gospel choir or Pioneer Spirit better. That doesn't change the fact that the overall collective impression was clearly dominated by the rocket man. Everyone was buzzing about it. It was by far THE "wow moment" at the time. I haven't seen any articles that purport to present a representative summary of LA's OC and detail other entertainment portions, but skip the rocket man. I'd consider any account that did so to be an extremely dubious source. I repeat my claim about Wikipedia. There is a section detailing Highlights of the Games. Only one moment from the entertainment portion of the OC appears. Rocket man. Here is the exact text of that paragraph, unedited: "The opening ceremony featured the arrival of Bill Suitor by means of the Bell Aerosystems rocket pack (also known as a Jet Pack). As a result of an IOC agreement designating the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese Taipei, the People's Republic of China returned to the summer Olympics for the first time since Helsinki 1952 and won 15 gold medals. In weightlifting, athletes from the Chinese Taipei and China teams won medals at the same event. Eleven athletes failed drug tests at the Los Angeles Games. Local Los Angeles artist Rodolfo Escalera was commissioned to create nine paintings depicting the summer games that would later be turned into collectible plates and presented as "The Official Gift of the 1984 Olympics". This conversation is tedious and I'm tired of arguing something I KNOW to be true with people who weren't even there. I'm done. People left that CC saying the spaceship was a dud. Sorry, but they did. Sure it got points for originality, but it didn't get the buzz of rocket man. Period.
  13. There is ONE OC moment that is mentioned in the Wikipedia article on LA 84. Rocket man. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1984_Summer_Olympics A British article citing the top five OC moments of all time includes ONE from LA. Rocket man. http://metro.co.uk/2011/07/27/top-five-olympic-opening-ceremony-moments-rocketman-muhammad-ali-93319/ The Rocket man is the first moment from LA mentioned on Ric Birch's site (admittedly alongside others). http://spectak.com/los_angeles.html The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is currently staging an exhibition on LA 84. The review contains ONE photo of the entertainment from the OC. Rocket man. https://creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2014/september/la84-colorful-la-olympic-museum That's just after a very quick and dirty search. No other moment from 84 made a stronger impact or is better remembered than the rocket man. Sure the pianos were cool and the spaceship from the CC was different, but it was the rocket man that wowed everybody at the time. I experienced it firsthand and there's plenty of documentation to back it up. Bernham, you're a pompous, immature annoyance.
  14. The above links didn't work for me, but I found others. Obviously, I stand corrected -- to a degree. To me, the 84 flight was longer, higher and much more spectacular. But that's my opinion. What is NOT opinion is the fact that the rocket man was one of the most talked about moments -- if not THE most talked about moment from the 84 OC. Far more than those grand pianos, certainly. And the spaceship from the CC was not particularly impressive to those who saw it in person because it was very obvious how it was done. This is one area where I strongly recommend trusting people who were actually ALIVE and PRESENT for the event rather than the opinions of those who were born long after it was over.
  15. You don't know what you're talking about. You're wrong, plain and simple. The spaceship wasn't even in the OC, it was in the CC and it did not have anywhere near the same impact as the rocket man. Disney did NOT do the same thing in the 50's or 60's. You are voicing opinions about something you know NOTHING about. You were not even born at the time. You can comment on what you think is more interesting NOW, but you are clueless about how these things were received in 1984.
  16. The problem isn't whether or not "Americans would feel patriotic." The problem is negative international perception due to what you have quite rightly identified as "the huge political connotation." That is what I meant by "red, white and blue." Meh. It was nice, but it wasn't mind-blowing. At the time, the rocket man was mind-blowing. The card stunt and balloon release were the iconic visual images of those ceremonies. I'd rank all three ahead of the pianos / Rhapsody in Blue. Among other things, that segment was confined to the peristyle and wasn't terribly visible for most spectators. And despite the bedazzled "dancers" languishing over their pianos, it was static and inactive.
  17. I'm not talking about the logo. Who cares about the logo? The city itself is ultra-American and presents a strongly political bent. "Red, white and blue" was metaphorical. No city can work to build national support until it is officially named the candidate. So obviously none of them is doing that now.
  18. Yeah . It didn't sound very "rhetorical" when you asked it. It sounded like you were saying that there was no substantive difference between the bids when there was.
  19. I think DC is just too "red, white and blue." It screams "USA!!!" I don't think the IOC is going to go for that. It's just the wrong image. The IOC could do Sochi, but would they have gone to Moscow? I really don't think so. It's a similar situation.
  20. Preach it! Consider the source though, fellas. When you look at who's cheering "GO JOAN" at one of her lowest and most tasteless moments, it makes sense. It's par for the course where Bernham's concerned.
  21. I think it's too little too late. Looks desperate and ill-considered. Frankly, I think 5-6 billion sounds about right anyway. Less troubles me. I don't think the problem is 5-6 billion anyway. It's Sochi's 50 billion and the IOC's seemingly entitled, uncompromising posture.
  22. Show me evidence that suggests Africa is less desirable to the IOC now than it was in 2004 or 2008. 3 big differences from 2004 and 2012: 1.) 2007 PanAms 2.) Lula 3.) Favorable geopolitics (too soon for Europe and Asia and still too soon for the US).
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