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  1. So I have a technical question. In team qualifying, I believe a country can only put up 4 athletes on a given apparatus, with the low score being thrown out. But team qualifying ALSO serves as qualifying for the all-around and event finals. So. Presumably the U.S. will want Kocian to do team qualifying on bars (since she is one of the gaggle of world champions on the apparatus and likely to qualify for the event final). BUT! The U.S. has FOUR legitimate all-around contenders (Biles, Raisman, Douglas, Hernandez). However only THREE of those four will be able to do team qualifying on bars alongside Kocian. So. Which one of these three gymnasts will not have an opportunity to try to qualify for the all-around? I realize only 2 per country may qualify, but I'd like to see an honest battle between these gymnasts and it seems like that is flat out impossible because of the qualifying procedure. Thoughts?
  2. Just wondering if anyone has good quality MP3s of the medal ceremony music for either Athens or Beijing. Would love to have both.
  3. I'm coming out of retirement to say one thing: The USOC were idiots for choosing Boston. They've shot themselves in the foot and it would be foolhardy to try again with another city (presumably LA). They will lose. Even if they had chosen LA from the outset they would've lost. 2024 is going to Paris. This is not a race no matter how much GB or the IOC wants it to be. That is all,
  4. Friends, it's been fun, but the chapter has come to a close. I enjoyed GB, but it's time to move on. Aloha.

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    2. Palette86


      What a loss to this forum.

      Relax for a while and please come back.You should start next chapter.

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      will the sequel be in development? :(

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      Very sad. Take care AF, I apologize if I am one who drove you away. Your insight was some of the most valuable here and I wish you the best.

  5. Wow. Great find! Truly staggering data. Every potential bid city should read this.
  6. I actually think that this whole mess with 2022 sets up the US extremely well for 2024. The IOC needs to go west. They need a democracy. They need a total contrast and a host that will stage fun and exciting Games. They need a blockbuster. And they need it to feel fiscally responsible. If you ask me, 2024 has the US written all over it. The IOC needs the US to bid now and I think they need them to win. Their public image is tanking. The brand will start flagging with three straight Games in Asia and a big American splash is just what they need to restore confidence and popularity.
  7. But the US has some leverage now. American Games would be the very best antidote to this mess and I think the IOC will figure that out. I can see the US being the Norway of 2024, but perhaps staying in the race and forcing the IOC to make some changes. We'll see.
  8. It will FEEL big -- like 84 felt big. There's a difference. The PR, the atmosphere, the marketing -- all of that would sing. But you're not going to see LA gilding the lily with unnecessary Olympics-only glamour projects. Major legacy works? Probably. But I think the rest would be tightly reined in. I'm more concerned about the USOC than LA. They've already given the IOC the moon with the revenue deal. I hope they don't promise them the world in the 2024 bid process too.
  9. Since when can the IOC force countries to enact legislation?! NO WAY. This is out of control and totally lacking in perspective. The IOC WANTS the heads of state. That doesn't mean they can have them. They WANT Olympic laws. That doesn't mean they can have them. These people seriously need to be put in their place. Why would you sacrifice all that just to host two weeks of sports? It makes no sense. I'm out of positive votes, but I totally agree!
  10. I'm a little bit worried that the USOC will play ball with the IOC instead of forcing reform. In this current climate, I think the USOC has a lot of power. They better use it very carefully.
  11. It's time for the NOCs to start dictating policy to the IOC rather than the other way around. Norway wasn't willing to play the IOC's game. Why should anyone else? The IOC has been banking on the idea that bidders would be willing to do anything to win. Clearly that has changed. Now the IOC must either revise their approach or work exclusively with authoritarian countries.
  12. They need to develop relationships with the people they're ACTUALLY WORKING WITH. The organizers and the mayor. Heads of state aren't involved and it's pointless for them to be there unless you're buying this silly idea that IOC members deserve to travel in such circles. It sounds like you are.
  13. Thanks for the apology. I totally disagree with you on this issue. If the president meets with a sports team, it's because he chooses to. No one requires him to. And it only happens if he's already in the area (more often people come to HIM) or if it fits easily into his schedule. I think you regard the Olympics as being a lot more important than they actually are. I don't want the president of the US spending a moment of his time planning Olympic Games. I think it was silly that Putin did. Demanding that world leaders fly around the world to beg before the IOC is just idiotic IMO. Sure. The point is that LA staged successful Games using solely private funds and they weren't overly commercialized. In fact they were LESS commercialized than the Games we've become accustomed to.
  14. A wee bit of coke branding for Athens http://english.cri.cn/mmsource/image/2004-7-10/sport3-300.gif More for Sochi: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/cocacola2014/img/flame.jpg
  15. Favors handed out to spectators on London's torch relay route. Oops! Coke logos! http://static3.demotix.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/a_scale_large/1200-9/photos/1338745481-2012-olympic-torch-relay-crosses-the-mersey_1253229.jpg
  16. I'm sorry but REQUIRING heads of state to campaign for their Olympic bids at the IOC vote? That's really stupid and will only feed the IOC's self-importance. It doesn't make any sense and I think you're bright enough to see that. I expect stupidity from others.
  17. He called Lula and congratulated him. I'm sure he was surprised and pissed (who wouldn't be?!), but he didn't show it. I saw flaws with Chicago 2016, but arrogance wasn't one of them.
  18. Nice pin for London's torch relay. Everybody count the corporate logos! http://www2.lichfielddc.gov.uk/olympictorch/files/2012/01/Olympic-Torch-Relay-logo-small1.jpg
  19. Here's London's torch convoy: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/05/22/article-2148129-1332948C000005DC-585_468x300.jpg Doth mine eyes deceive me or is that a Coca-Cola truck?! LA did nothing over the top at all. It was new at the time, but it's been taken to much greater extremes since then and nobody gives it a second thought.
  20. Great. Where exactly is this commercialism run amok? I sure don't see it. You're the prick. I read one thread at a time. Just saw this. I haven't been proven wrong at all. Sorry. Look at pictures of more recent torch relays. Not so different. This is not corporate brands taking over the Olympic Games. Not by a long shot.
  21. That's really foolish and you know it. Chicago lost because: The revenue deal rankled the IOC. It was still too soon for more American Games. There was a revolving door of leadership at the USOC. The Olympic network proposal was bungled. Oprah was a huge hit, but there was NOTHING she or anyone else could do to overcome the above problems. I agree that the presentation was awful, but again, only because it was amateurish and bland.
  22. As it turned out he was in the neighborhood anyway on other business.
  23. That's honestly one of the stupidest things I've read on this site. The heads of state should be prohibited from attending. These are GAMES -- not Middle East peace summits. The IOC needs to get over itself and focus on bid leadership and the mayors of the bid cities. That's it. The rest is just a three-ring circus that achieves nothing more than stroking the already inflated egos of a bunch if self-important windbags. It was incredibly gracious of Obama to clear his schedule for the stupid IOC. He has MUCH more important things to do than wasting his time begging these clueless, entitled snobs for the chance to host two weeks of sports.
  24. No, it wasn't arrogant at all. You are totally clueless here. It would have been seen as arrogant if Obama had NOT gone. Every other country sends it's head of state, but the US is above all that? That would not have sat well. As for the scheduling, the guy is the leader of the free world and is a wee bit busy. I'm not at all surprised he couldn't commit to the schedule until the last minute. He wasn't even in Copenhagen 24 hours. Where security is concerned, he's the president of the United States in a post 911 world. You want the president to dignify your event with his presence? You're gonna have to deal with the security. The president of Brazil doesn't have anywhere near as many potential assassins lurking in the shadows as the president of the USA. Regarding Oprah, she was the hit of the delegation. She's a great communicator, internationally known and a great person to stump for Chicago. She absolutely should've been there. That wasn't arrogance, that was just smart. The IOC managed to get the president of the US to come to them, hat in hand, (totally unprecedented) AND they spat on his bid by booting it out first. So no, there was no arrogance at all on the part of the US in any of that. You, sir, are mistaken.
  25. I can't believe antigen is discussing Korea. We're about to have three Asian Games in a row. Asia is going to be on hold for a good long while after 2022.
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