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  1. I agree that the problem is largely mental, but I don't think a psychologist is the sole answer. If the team's heads are not in a good place, that goes back to leadership and the team culture. A psychologist may help, but I suspect they really need to get rid of Kevin Mazeika.
  2. The way the gymnasts were talking it sounded like they were in denial about what happened in London. I don't think they really faced up to the fact that they had a total meltdown. I think they did everything the exact same way in Rio and got an identical result. Obviously poor preparation. The definition of insanity is doing everything the same way, but expecting a different outcome. There MUST be a leadership change in the men's program.
  3. It seems clear to me that serious changes need to be made in USA men's gymnastics -- particularly with regard to coaching. This is a repeat of London, but worse. Can't call it a fluke anymore. This is a pattern now.
  4. I'm irritated with the 2per rule too, btw. Doesn't the FIG want their medalists to be the top three competitors, irrespective of nationality? I guess not.
  5. This shows, however, that there's a problem with the FIG's system. Basically a coach just picked an all-around medalist.
  6. So here's my theory on Hernandez not doing bars: Marta believes Raisman is the stronger all-arounder right now. I think it's that simple. Despite a big error from Raisman on beam and no major mistakes from Hernandez, on floor, vault and beam combined, Raisman outscored Hernandez by .508. And that was WITH the big balance check on beam. So that brings us to bars where Raisman scored 14.733. Hernandez would have had to score better than 15.241 on bars to overtake her. That would've been a tall order, but not impossible. However, if Raisman had not bobbled on beam, Hernandez would've had an even bigger gap to close on bars., So there would appear to be a decent argument that Raisman is the stronger all-arounder at this moment in time. Perhaps Marta made the right call. She had to put up Douglas on bars and it's good she did after that sterling routine. That meant she was forced to split hairs and make a judgment call between Raisman and Hernandez who are both outstanding and are separated by the slimmest of margins. Somebody had to lose out. Maybe it was the right call after all.
  7. US has number one qualifier in every event final and qualified 2 athletes for every event final except vault. It really was SPECTACULAR domination.
  8. The US is nearly 10 POINTS ahead of China. Unbelievable. Biles, Raisman, Douglas 1,2,3 in AA. It would've been super close between Hernandez and Raisman if Hernandez had done bars. Raisman had huge balance check on beam and Hernandez qualified in 2nd for beam finals. Simone. Just astonishing.
  9. I'm watch through the NBC app. AWESOME bars from both Douglas and Kocian. Monster scores for both. Biles scored 15.0 even with error.
  10. I'm watching the live stream only of Team USA. Have seen every routine. Throwing out Gabby's scores on floor and vault. Still questioning Marta's choice, but Raisman is looking so good she might have beat Hernandez anyway. Simone's floor and both vaults -- AWESOME. Astronomical scores.
  11. I'm inclined to agree with you. And I think it's disgusting and totally unfair. Hernandez is stronger than Raisman on bars. Period. And she's clearly capable of out-performing both Raisman and Douglas in the AA. I watched the PT and I do not think it justified this decision. I also couldn't help noticing that Marta was very warm and smiley with Biles, Raisman and Douglas, but I didn't see a single cozy exchange between her and Hernandez. Looks very sketchy to me and I'm pissed.
  12. I am EXTREMELY disappointed that Hernandez isn't doing AA. Her bars scores have been consistently better than Raisman's by a WIDE margin. I honestly don't know what Marta is thinking. I accept that the training went poorly, but unless this is the continuation of a massive decline in her bars routine that has been going on since the trials, I don't understand it. I hate to say it, but I wonder if there's any favoritism and seniority playing in here. I think it's very possible Marta just threw away an AA medal. I also think she's also risking screwing with Laurie's head and potentially throwing her off her remaining events as well.
  13. Yes. I spotted the other thread a bit late. Sorry about that. And hey, the hotties are competing in the sporting events so I thought "why not?" Getting used to the new forum menu on my phone. Looks different. That's why I missed your thread.
  14. Sorry. I didn't see this thread before starting the other one. My apologies. Here's shot put world champion Joe Kovacs. He's the cutest hunk of man I've seen.
  15. I seem to remember a thread like these for previous Games. I just have to post some pics of my favorite stud muffin. I know he won't be to everyone's taste, but I've had a crush on shot put world champion Joe Kovacs for years. So freaking cute!!! I wish he weren't straight and married!
  16. I'm a bit shocked that these boards are still thriving when there has been next no no suspense in any of the recent bid races and when that appears unlikely to change any time soon.
  17. Except those negative factors you mentioned really wouldn't be part of an LA Games. LA Olympics would stand in stark relief to some of these other examples. LA has to see 2024 all the way through to the end, but if they lose, I think the USOC should think long and hard about how much sense it makes to keep bidding. If they do bid again, LA is the city that makes sense. It has the venues and the public support.
  18. The more I think about it, I expect Marta to go with the 4 best bar routines, which probably means Raisman is out. Catalina Ponor is lovely. I saw her in person in Athens. She's had a phenomenal career and amazing longevity. I hope this is a good ending for her. I'm expecting all the Russians to compete, but there might be a surprise there too.
  19. I can see Marta approaching it one of two ways: A.) Take the 4 best performers on bars and let the cards fall where they may. (Raisman probably out.) B.) Take Kocian, plus the three strongest all-arounders based on their most recent training. (No idea who loses out here because the judgment would be made behind closed doors.) Wish we could ask her how she decided!
  20. I made a brief return to ask a gymnastics question in another thread and I thought I'd poke my head in here to see what's up. You guys don't change! Here are my two cents: Either LA or Paris could host very competent, memorable Games that would pose a strong contrast to the build-up surrounding Rio and the string of Asian hosts awaiting their turn. I believe the Eurocentric IOC is going to favor Paris. The good ol' boys club gets their way. It's just how the world works. There's been a longer gap in hosting for France and after multiple unsuccessful bids they barely lost 2012. It won't be that the IOC doesn't like L.A. I just think they'll have a soft spot for Paris and I think that will be enough to deliver a French victory. In addition to a highly competent, achievable and reliable bid, plus local and national enthusiasm for the Games, the thing that keeps LA in the mix is financial and therefore political leverage. The IOC gets more money from the US by far than any other country. Politically, it will look bad for the IOC to shoot down the top three American cities -- particularly since the LA bid is arguably by far the strongest and most solid of the three. Basically it will look like the IOC is biting the hand that feeds them. It looks LESS bad if Paris wins by only one or two votes, but that will be difficult to engineer. In the IOC's dream world, I suspect they'd like to see Paris 2024 and LA 2028, but there's no guarantee LA would want to try again and there's no guarantee that the USOC would nominate them if they did. Of course if they only lose by one or two votes the odds are better. Despite the fact that I'm an Angeleno, I still believe the Games will be heading to Paris in 2024.
  21. Yes. Obviously Biles will do bars. My personal preference would be to see Raisman and Hernandez duke it out for the second all-around spot rather than Douglas, but she will likely have the second best bar score. I have to believe she'll do bars in the team final. I suppose it really depends on how she is training. Hernandez is EVERYWHERE in the media. They seem to be eating her up with a spoon. Would be a real shame for Raisman to miss out on a chance at the all-around considering her consistency and work ethic. Will be interesting to see what Marta decides. I don't have an all-around podium prediction. Anything can happen. Remember Jordyn Wieber.
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