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  1. Friends, it's been fun, but the chapter has come to a close. I enjoyed GB, but it's time to move on. Aloha.

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    2. Palette86


      What a loss to this forum.

      Relax for a while and please come back.You should start next chapter.

    3. woohooitsme83


      will the sequel be in development? :(

    4. mr.bernham


      Very sad. Take care AF, I apologize if I am one who drove you away. Your insight was some of the most valuable here and I wish you the best.

  2. Honestly, if IOC members every visited these boards in the past, they sure as heck don't anymore. There's virtually nothing worth reading.

    1. Mainad


      There probably wouldn't be too much for them to get interested in until a major Olympic bid gets under way! That's the only real time when the boards come to life!

    2. Rob2012


      Well, if you didn't declare independence and become a republic you could be watching the CWGs with the rest of us.

  3. The joy is gone from these boards. The newbie pollution is more than I can take. There's a real lack of intelligent, reasoned, respectful conversation and I'm over it.

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    2. krow


      i just don't know how you kids have all this gamesbids time. when i was a teen i had this thing called school they made me go to, but after school:

      -i had like an hour of homework

      -the simpsons came on at 6 & 6:30, couldn't miss that

      - HAD to call beth for 40 minutes because jenn was talking MAJORLY about erika cause she was out sick again for like the 80th time this year

      -an hour on MSN

      -primetime FOX (bootcamp anyone?)

    3. krow


      fascist messaging system cut off the complete reply and the funniest joke.

    4. markun


      Newbie pollution? That's a pretty vile turn of phrase. These forums are a joke and it's not only because of newbies.

  4. There is no such thing as a "shoe in." It is spelled "shoo-in."

    1. Rob2012


      +1. Not the first time you've pointed that out either is it?!

  5. I'm starting to wonder if my Olympic love is waning because I've OD'd on Gamesbids.

    1. intoronto


      I had the same thought in the lead up to London. I never really followed anything Olympics unless it was in the news so it very rare when a mention came up. After joining the forums its an everyday thing.

  6. I just have to ask, "why?" I really don't get it.

  7. Anyone notice how a certain "newbie" suddenly thought better of his profile pic (the word "deleted") and interests ("banned members")?

    1. gromit


      Are you a stalker? You behave and act like a stalker. FYI, I had 'Deleted Account' in the interests space which is why people did not notice :)

  8. He's baaa-aaaaaaaack........

    1. gromit


      Reported twice for Spamming USA2024 and US Cities in contravention of the T&C as laid down by GBModerator

    2. intoronto


      Why do you respond to Athensfan's status. Clearly you are guilty!!

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