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  1. Considering your 2016 candidate, Chicago wen out first, I really can't buy yours & Athensfan's handicapping skills...not to mention how clouded your assessments are, by what seem 2 me 2 be purely subjective views, rather than cold, hard facts, I wouldn't consider Denver a shoo-in again. That I-70 corridor is going to be a complete f*ck-up.

    1. Athensfan


      You and I discussed the fact that we both privately expected Rio to win 2016. I arrived at that opinion as soon as I saw the Evaluation Report and told you so. If memory serves, you campaigned harder than I did for Chicago. You even tried to spearhead a letter-writing campaign to get Obama to go to Copenhagen. Now you say Chicago's loss is evidence of my poor handicapping skills? And you wonder why I accuse you of twisting facts and writing purposely inflammatory remarks....

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