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  1. The joy is gone from these boards. The newbie pollution is more than I can take. There's a real lack of intelligent, reasoned, respectful conversation and I'm over it.

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    2. krow


      i just don't know how you kids have all this gamesbids time. when i was a teen i had this thing called school they made me go to, but after school:

      -i had like an hour of homework

      -the simpsons came on at 6 & 6:30, couldn't miss that

      - HAD to call beth for 40 minutes because jenn was talking MAJORLY about erika cause she was out sick again for like the 80th time this year

      -an hour on MSN

      -primetime FOX (bootcamp anyone?)

    3. krow


      fascist messaging system cut off the complete reply and the funniest joke.

    4. markun


      Newbie pollution? That's a pretty vile turn of phrase. These forums are a joke and it's not only because of newbies.

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