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  1. Hey, Baron. I'm wondering if you (or anyone else here) know anything about the creative team for the LA 28 OC. LA is my hometown and I'm a production designer. I'd love to get involved, but so far I haven't been able to come up with any leads. Would be grateful for any info!
  2. Well, 2030 may have been "quite simple to predict," but Rob's prediction speaks for itself now.... I think Sigh had the right idea regarding government guarantees. More than anything the IOC wants safe hands -- trustworthy, fully-committed partners. Finding a 2030 host has not been easy and they don't want to run the risk of anything even vaguely similar to the Commonwealth Games snafu. Paris 2024 may have its challenges, but clearly the IOC believes they can work best with the French in a compressed timeframe.
  3. I just came across this and thought it was hysterical. https://twitter.com/adjinntonic/status/1419456186651484166?s=21
  4. My final verdict: Not wonderful, but pleasant. The "gentle and welcoming" tone was achieved. The drones were magical. The pictographs were quirky. The cauldron was serene and beautiful. It is too bad there wasn't a more cohesive, mature artistic vision -- a la Papaioannou (my hero) -- but for pandemic Games delayed by a year, it's not a bad beginning.
  5. I have a feeling that the cauldron lighting may have been devised pre-pandemic. Seemed very cohesive and refined. The Mt. Fuji reference works. The sun flowering into that towering flame. Restrained, but beautiful. More successful than Nagano I think.
  6. Incidentally, my money is on Michael Phelps and Simone Biles together in 2028...
  7. Yeah. It's an odd choice. I mean, it is one big crescendo, so in that sense I get it.
  8. I hear you. At the same time, art isn't easy. Finding ways to represent character, theme and history (even on a smaller scale) when there's a chance the Games might not happen at all or might be entirely virtual, etc. -- it's not a cakewalk. I disagree about the pictograms. I don't think they're AMAZING, but they were quirky, memorable AND specifically Japanese, since they originated them.
  9. C'mon, Baron. You poo-hoo pretty much everybody's ceremonies except for Atlanta. (eyeroll emoji here)
  10. It was definitely unique! And since the pictograms were already designed it didn't take a ton of work.
  11. I don't know. It was a tough call either way. I mean, most of the expenditure had already happened. So cancelling the Games wasn't going to save them much money. It would've cost the IOC a boatload. I think it would've hurt the Olympic brand as well. And there are the athletes to think of.
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