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  1. Unfinished venues? Zika virus? Chaos? blah, this is just a comedy show. The picture they showed as sailing venue is really to laugh. This is how they see now: This is how they will see in a month: It seems that Chicago defeat still hurts
  2. Everything that was said in this video is true. This is the proof that they don't need to lie to make a good documentary.
  3. That is the problem. Watching the giant skiing athlete formed by people in Torino was much more impresive than the way the showed the same sport in Vancouver as a projection or Sochi, fomed by lights. Maybe it's just nostalgia. I was delighted with Barcelona, Sydney, Athens. The first ceremonies that I followed. I still have the moments of these ceremonies in my mind. Something is missing in recent ceremonies.
  4. To go to Copacabana take the metro again in General Osório Station and leave at Cardeal Arcoverde Station and take a short walk to the beach. To go to the Lake? You are in Ipanema. Take a 1 Km walk until the stadium. If you are lazy or the weather are not good, take the metro to the other direction to Jardim de Alah Station. Metro, metro, metro and metro. Our metro is very good. The stations are wide and clean, the cars are comfortable. Buy that olympic card. You wil save money and avoid queues at ticket offices. Learn the stations and you can enjoy most of Rio.
  5. I know that movies are useful sometimes like the arrival of the flame, but that thing with Mr Bean and the Queen in London was exaggerated. Still using London as an example, they started so well with the rings and the artistic part, but when used movies and projections in that house, I almost fell asleep on sofá.
  6. If less money means less technology so I feel more relieved than concerned. I am saturated with projected images. This was cool in the early 2000 but now is getting boring. I also don't like these small movies. It's ok on TV but not inside the stadium. The action must happen in the field. It's like going to a theatre and part of the story is shown in a screen next the stage. Why? I hope for ceremony with more human and artistic touch. If they can mix this with modern without lose creativity it's fine. Athens should be the reference, not london.
  7. To go to Maracanã from south zone or city centre I allways go by metro. I think is the best option. No transit and the station is near Maracanã.
  8. I think you will see a lot of references of your country if they tell the story of the discover. Maybe a big caravela?
  9. And no one knows the map of copacabana, not even brazilians. The best reference is the sidewalk pattern.
  10. It seems that you are using google translate. It's a good tool but sometimes it put everything out of context. I think I know what you wanted to say in the sentence above but you said:"Eu só acho que Dilma e o Partido do Governo de trabalhadores maus"
  11. In the render the venues were full of colored banners. I think will be better with the decoration since the look is very colorful.
  12. Ridiculous format. They put three good teams in a group of four and only one can qualify.
  13. Shame. And what is even more shameful is to see people defending this.
  14. Just because we can't take three teams for beach volleyball
  15. Warum sollte er etwas verstecken? Bitte zeig uns alles, CAF
  16. Thank you Dilma for taking the oil money from the state that produce it. ¬¬
  17. It's really a shame what happened but the torch relay is a circus everywhere. Going to outerspace, underwater, meeting indigenous people. Brazil is not different.
  18. Venezuela beat Uruguay, so anything can happen. Dunga was the coach during the world cup 2010 when we lost to netherlands and was fired for the first time. The coach of the 7x1 was Luis Felipe Scolari. Dunga got his second chance after the world cup in Brazil, but CBF should not give him this chance and called Tite at that time. Anyway, we still have time until 2018.
  19. Would be cool if they use different plants for the podium. Maybe with some flowers? This could make every medal ceremony unique.
  20. The medals are beautiful. I think our expectation that was too high after the innovative torch. But I believe the IOC has very strict rules now to prevent aberrations as Beijing and Rio 2007 medals.
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