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  1. You could also give points if someone get zika. A good athlete have no fear of mosquitos! Anyway, I'm in.
  2. More idiots to pass a few nights in jail. They don't even know that the torches can be lit again with the lantern. The only thing they achieved was to ashame their city. The event was canceled and the torch moves to the next city. I was expecting even more problems but I'm glad it's almost over now.
  3. Unfortunately it seems that the confusion was caused by our own press. And was no translation error, this was intentional! Estadão published a note in were the mayor said "Our village is better and more beautiful than Sydney." He never said that! And then someone from group Folha interviewing someone from Australia delegation said the mayor had proposed the kangaroo as a solution, omitting the rest of the statement. I don't know if you guys remember, but these two newspapers of São Paulo are the same that was publishing negative things of Rio during the bid in a clear campaign against the elec
  4. It seems that the speech of the mayor was misunderstood. I don't see as disrespect anymore: "We will make Australians feel at home . I'm almost putting a kangaroo here in front to jump in front of them here. But the complaints are legitimate. They made great Games in Sydney and we will return this reception to them"
  5. The statements of Kitty Chiller changed a little today: "Seeing the progress that has been made this morning, I am very confident that we will be ready to enter the Olympic Village on Wednesday." "Apart from these problems, the village, in my experience of previous years, is one of the best I've been." http://globoesporte.globo.com/olimpiadas/noticia/2016/07/apos-criticas-australia-ve-progresso-na-vila-e-preve-ocupar-predio-na-quarta.html @Paul, the problem is water leak, not sewage.
  6. I agree that was a unhappy comment but I also understand. It's normal if in some of the 3600 apartments a problem may occur. It's a new construction. The athletes have stated that these problems have occurred in other villages. It's a very simple problem. She could have just ordered the repairs and the problem would be solved, but instead she preferred to speak to the press that the village is uninhabitable and would refuse to stay there. This also does not seem very respectful.
  7. Thank you Stefan. I will arrive in Germany on September 30 but I'm planning to visit other cities before Munich. I wanted to see some castle. I just hope that people there can speak english. My knowledge of the german language is close to zero.
  8. Thanks Rols. Is that you in the picture? To tell the truth the main reason for my visit to Germany is the Oktoberfest. Anyway, the book "Meet me in Munich" says the following: "... the Crown Prince decided to hold a festival each year in October, but in the style of the ancient Olympic Games. Ludwig was a passionate devotee of Greek antiquity, and so he was immediately taken with the idea of presenting an Oktoberfest Olympics. He loved the tought of transforming Munich into Athens of the Isar..." It's not quite "olympic" today but will be fun
  9. The first city will be Munich. I know that the "olympia park" is still there and is beautiful. The second city will not be Berlin. On the way to the Alps I will visit Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I don't know if I will find some reference of the winter olympics there, since the city hosted in 1936 and there was no cauldron at that time.
  10. The south of Brazil seems like somewhere in Europe. Timber buildings, ghotic archtecture more present than baroque, and people wearing scarf because the cold.
  11. The beach volleyball arena should be awesome with orange or blue seats. White is the worst color they could chose for this arena
  12. Very Good. 77 Comes After 76. You Learn More After You Leave The Kindegarden
  13. How strange. I can see the low seating in that last picture. And with that vip/tv boxes above the arena in Rio seems even bigger than London
  14. It's better these guys never leave Canada. Some cases of Zika were reported in many other countries.
  15. Done recently? This wall is there since before Rio bid for the olympics lol
  16. I have football tickets for this day but 21:00 may be possible for me.
  17. Parabéns! A Europa é de vocês. Os campeões falam português.
  18. Lol. You guys are discussing if the olympics will be a success or a failure? We have to wait the handover to Tokyo to start to compare Rio with other olympics. The only thing I can say for sure now is: The sport arenas will be ready. No one will be sick of zika next month (golf players need a new excuse). No one will be sick because the waters in the competition areas. The bay will still be poluted in some areas. Some parts of the city that was degrated are now renovated. The transport system had a giant increase since the bid time. The state of Rio is bankrupt (because the loss o
  19. The largest urban forest is in Rio. (That's why I don't understand the criticism of the Olympic Park. We don't need camouflage in the arenas just to show that the city is not gray) You can see monkeys, lizards and other animals in places like Corcovado Mountain and Botanical Garden. I don't think they care about accuracy in the video since they put the Olympic Stadium in Botafogo beach. We don't have black panthers and the armadillo and tamanduá is not from tihis region, but even so I loved it.
  20. The olympic park is amazing. I don't even miss the olympic stadium there. I can't wait to see the decoration.
  21. 70% of the tickets were sold until now. Comparing with other olympics, is this number good, normal, bad or very bad?
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