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  1. I was watching Portugal - Argentina at the olympic stadium. Maybe we can try another meeting.
  2. I managed to record the big moment! This woman is american. She said that Rio is her sixth olympics! I am not so sure but I think I saw her on TV in some past olympics. This was a great day. Now the ceremony. My plan is try to watch near the city's cauldron. Or maybe I will stay at home and follow the live chat here.
  3. Time to enter the Olympic Stadium. The volunteers will be there to help. They will even help you to take pictures if you are alone
  4. Now look at this! They are so big! They are so beautiful!
  5. So we reached the olympic stadium, but don't enter yet! Ticket holders can do a free visit to the olympic museum that is next to the stadium. It's a red building. The entrance is very discreet. From outside you have no idea of how this little museum can be so cool from inside. Your can take a picture and will be displayed at the entrance This VR is a nice flight over the Olympic Park and other Rio venues! I think it's the same the athletes have at the village. A little challenge Look who is there!
  6. Time to come back to the Presidente Vargas avenue and walk to the central station (the direction opposite the church). If you are too lazy to walk a kilometre so go back to the Uruguaiana to take the metro, but keep in mind that you must wait 30 minutes between each trip to use the olympic card. You can see some people inserting their cards in the slot near the gates. Don't do this. Hold it in the marked position until the light turns to green and save it with you. If you like to walk like me, it's easy to locate the central station. It's near this big building, the Duque de Caxias
  7. I'm posting this with a day of delay since yesterday was a fun busy day. But don't expect many things from me just because I'm in home. I just have this week free since I decided to take my vacations in october for my trip to Germany. To go to Olympic Stadium was very easy and fast. If you are in Copacabana region you can take the metro to the city centre direction and leave at the Central Station to take the train there to Estádio Olímpico. Or, if you have the olympic card you can do as me. Leave the hotel early. Take off at the Uruguaiana Station. Leave the station to the Presidente Var
  8. But why a false leg would increase his chance??
  9. The care is the same as you should have in any big metropolis. Keep the phone in your pocket, don't hold it on your hand all the time if you are not using it. Try to make friends (many of us will be there, you don't need to stay alone) and have a beer with them in Lapa. Try to not get drunk and don't go too late to the hotel!
  10. Weird name? Well, maybe for a brazilian. It's italian. Like pizza
  11. Some projects seesm to be worse than in the render and some other had improved. But these changes allways happened in past olympic games. And is occurring with Tokyo too. The first renders are just to try to convince the IOC during the bid.
  12. We have our problems but we must separate what is related to the games. The media assign things like zika to try to justify a possible failure of the games and this is what I say is wrong. Zika is a problem that Rio will have to deal with when the summer comes. Violence is a problem we will have to face when the army left the city. We need to ensure that the works to clean-up the bay will continue, to improve the quality of life of residents. The athletes and visitors will be fine during the olympics. But what happens after we will see.
  13. If Rio really wanted to hide the poor part of the city they should built all the venues in the south zone, but we have venues in Deodoro and everyone that will go from Maracanã and olympic stadium to Deodoro will see the poor part of the city. There are no walls. You can go there if you want. But what we should do? To make the entire olympics in the north just to show the world that Rio is poor? The rich part is also Rio, why hide this? Many cities of the world have their problems and I doubt that they will use the poor part in the games like Rio did.
  14. Globo TV and NHK will broadcast the OC live in 8K from the new museum at Praça Mauá that is near the place where is the cauldron. I was thinking to watch the OC there until the flame arrives the stadium and run to try to see the cauldron live. But I must know if the place will be open or closed to public.
  15. This is how the water looks next to saling venue:
  16. This kind of news annoys me, not because is bad news but they dig old news as zika and pre-made texts to tell false stories. People here said this photo is fake and was made in photoshop. Anyway, you can still sight some beggar in city centre but this is not so common as a decade ago. Rio officials are NOT trying to hide this. The favelas are there and the beggars are not disappearing because they are being kidnapped! About the broken promisses, I also disagree. It's true that not everything was possible to deliver as the complete cleaning of the bay that may take more 20 years (the bay i
  17. The app will work for cubebox but maybe not for CAF. The german accent makes almost impossible for us to understand. It's so funny to hear my girlfriend trying to speak portuguese
  18. People in the hotels are used to speak english. They can give you all info you need. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  19. So, the torch was not so simple and fragile as we thought
  20. Too soon after london or can we see another cauldron in the shape of a flower?
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