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  1. Copacabana is not just a incredible place for beach volleybal but it's the birth of the professional beach volleyball. Of course the americans will claim that they are the inventors but was in Copacabana in the 80's that the sport left the status of recreation to receive the big tournaments. If this is a olympic sport today is because the big international tournaments that was hosted here. Beach soccer will be the next.
  2. Yoshi almost won some extra points. The media here reported that the girls of the New Zealand Rugby were found in a 24-hour market late at night trying to buy drinks and someone helped them to buy a few bottles of vodka. Then they took soome "silver medals!" from bag and began to take pictures with the person who helped them. The photos can be found on the internet. Druken girls alone wearing medals late at night in Barra region! Can you believe? I thought they had recommendations about leave the village without security.
  3. Yes, we all know this. I even think that you celebrate when something goes wrong. But I don't care about your opinion. Keep searching the bad news while we (athletes and spectators) are here having fun.
  4. The first case is still being investigated but I believe it's true because a brazilian swimmer was with them and confirmed the story. On the second case, the athlete told this story to avoid problems as he was drunken and tried to invade a hotel chasind a prostitute. The police already know who attacked him. was a hotel security where the prostitute was staying. http://jornaltribunadonorte.net/noticias/medalhista-do-judo-arruma-confusao-e-apanha-de-seguranca/
  5. Hey Paul, may be better to post someting during the events. http://sportv.globo.com/olimpiadas/videos/v/dupla-de-alemaes-lidera-o-podio-no-arremesso-de-disco-polones-leva-a-medalha-de-prata/5233285/
  6. There is a samsung store in the first floor but i am not sure if they sell cameras.
  7. No matter the venue, while purchasing a ticket you must agree to the terms of conduct and protests are forbidden inside the venues. It is NOT repression! The guy violated the code of conduct and was asked gracefully by the national force agents to leave. They just had to use the force because he refused to leave.
  8. I am sorry that you lost your camera CAF. Was not your fault but avoid to take a expensive camera or phone in your hands to Deodoro. Even with all the security I don't feel this region so safe as Barra or Copacabana. Take care.
  9. Don't be shy Zeke. Take some pictures for us
  10. Brazil did not score but don't worry, we lost to germany by 7-1 in the world cup and no one destroyed a bus or did some stupid thing. Our girls are performing well anyway.
  11. No. She is not even carioca. She was born in Rio Grande do Sul State. She was just representing Helô Pinheiro, the true girl from Ipanema https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Girl_from_Ipanema
  12. There is no interruptions for comercials here on our free or paid TV. I would be furious if they do this during the show.
  13. Yes. WE poluted the bay. WE destroyed the Atlantic Forest. So the climate message fits in a ceremony that was made for us. And the seeds was a nice idea. This ceremony is still alive and when these trees grow everyone will remember how was born. I don't like carnaval but would not be a carioca ceremony without that, so it's ok for me. I was expecting more for the couldron design but I also can't say that is that bad. No visible glitches. Wonderful armosphere in the stadiums. A very brazilian ceremony. Perfect for us. I am proud. People here are proud. The comentors in TV was proud. This ceremo
  14. Before my visit to the Olympic Stadium I worked in the torch relay in the route from Rio Bonito to Niterói Amazing
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