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  1. Congratulations Team GB! In Atlanta 96 you won just one gold and finished behind Brazil. Look where you are now! We have to learn from what you did and also try to improve.
  2. I was expecting a boring handover but was very cool. Can't wait for Tokyo now.
  3. I could not hold my tears when the flame was gone. The opening was fantastic, the closing was fantastic, the games was amazing. I know some people here on GB are still biased by the bad media but everyone will see after that we did a good job. No zika, no terrorism, no serious glitches that could stop any of the thousand of events. I am a proud brazilian this night.
  4. The ceremony is officialy over but the athletes are still there dancing. This is carnaval. Never stop.
  5. Now just come to my mind that the quality of the costumes used in closing are far better than opening.
  6. I ask myself why am I enjoying this more than opening? Is just me? Is this normal?
  7. People who is going home are leaving messages in a borad at the airport. Good bye everyone!
  8. Me too. And you can buy this thing for 20 Euro in any official shop lol
  9. This is not the fisrt time that USOC have to make a statement apologizing for some bad behavior in Brazil. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/10/sports/othersports/10panam.html?_r=0
  10. All players from Italy and US were very applauded during the ceremony. Unfortunately because of some isolated boo moments and few events with little public will be marked, which is not fair. Overall, the crowd was amazing. The atmosphere in the arena was exciting.
  11. Be true or not, I don't think Rio will be the next south american city to bid, not even in Brazil. São Paulo may want to bid again, now without a internal dispute with Rio. And Buenos Aires is already planning a bid. They were even worried about our organization to not disrupt a future bid. Rio will continue to host events like world championships, now with an improved infrastructure and experience.
  12. He is training javelin throw for tokyo now http://globoesporte.globo.com/ge/videos/v/bolt-lanca-dardos-e-tira-selfies-apos-ser-tricampeao-do-4x100m/5249019/
  13. One gold, one silver and one of the indoor teams in the semifinal. Is this a bad result? How many medals the us teams won in volleyball? Was amazing to hear the national anthem in copacabana.
  14. Thanks Rols. Yes people are wild in the Maracanã of beach volleyball (aka copacabana)
  15. Well the men are gold. Sorry Latin we won 2 golds today.
  16. Bolt carrying the Brazilian flag of Brazil after making history. Look the atmosphere of the Olympic Stadium! Amazing.
  17. I am still trying to understand the boos at that ceremony. We had many ceremonies here and this did not happened. Maybe because the french guy was the only one that did not congratulated the brazilian like the other athletes did? Anyway, this can't be a excuse. As a "brazilian" I feel ashamed about this. And you guys should not blame everyone in a country or continent because the behavior of a group of people. Stop calling "brazilians" are this way, and "europeans" act that way. I am very angry about the stupid liars from swiming but I cant say that "americans" are stupid. People can be stupid
  18. A very deserved gold for Germany. Ludwig played very well. I hope our boys can win tomorrow.
  19. I heard boos but also many applauses. It looks like he was still hurt by the loss of gold. The American girls from beach volleyball just defeated Brazil but reacted differently. They were booed during the game but in the interviews they said that the audience also applauded for the victory. Unlike Renaud, Walsh is used to play in Brazil. She know that Brazilians do not boo as disrespect, but as a way to cheer and try to help the players taking advantage of the home factor. It's up to the athlete to try to forget the audience or focus on applauses, not boos. This different reaction is not just
  20. I was in the stadium at night and when the wind was stronger the movement of the flags near the floodlights was creating disturbing shadows in the track.
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